Travel Blogging Crushes – 2015 Edition

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10. Sabina Trojanova – Girl vs. Globe

Hi darling, indeed.
Hi darling, indeed.

There’s a lot of young, independent, and fearless female travelers out there – but only Sabina described herself to me as melodramatic.

If my dating history is anything to go by, I’m a sucker for melodrama.

She also flirts brazenly from the very first sentence of her site’s about me page, dubbing her readers darling and winning them over with a million dollar smile from the get go.

9. Kristin Addis – Be My Travel Muse

be my travel muse

Adventurous and talented Kristin is a Southern Cali girl who has been living large and traveling the world since 2012. She’s made a name for herself getting off the beaten track and searching for authentic experiences, and what could be a more authentic Aussie experience than snogging a bearded layabout going through a mid-life crisis while living on the beach?

About a million things, I’m sure.

Kristin is now making her way through Africa living the dream and sharing her stories with her ever-growing fan-base. Oh, and rocking rainbow gloves like a baus.

8. Cherise Vecchio – Four Seasons of Travel

What a view! City looks nice too.
What a view! City looks nice too.

An Australian Italian beauty with a love of travel and good food, just about the only thing keeping Cherise from the #1 spot is that I’d feel obliged to give up my sweet, sweet glutens out of solidarity.

I pretended to love polenta and quinoa for a whole year once, guys. I can do this.

7. Oksana Simakina – Drink Tea Travel

drink tea travel

A tea swilling Canadian with a name straight out of a Bond movie, the woman behind Drink Tea Travel seems to have been to almost every place I’ve been. She lived in China, trekked through South East Asia, and now she’s living in Oz.

Stalker, much? >_>

6. Anna Kate – The Legendary Adventures of Anna

Caution: Helmet required. The business of blogging is not for the thin skinned.
Caution: Helmet required. The business of blogging is not for the thin-skinned.

The talented girl behind The Legendary Adventures of Anna was a bit reluctant about being included in this list for good reason: She’s been copping hate from jealous readers who claim she only gets by because she’s pretty.

That’s like saying I only get trips to Dubai because of my amazing, luxuriant beard.

Anna’s not this high on the list ‘just’ because she’s pretty, and she’s certainly not kicking ass in the blogosphere because of her looks. She’s my #6 because she keeps on writing despite the envy she seems to draw.

Shake it off, girl!

5. Alice Nettleingham – Teacake Travels

Shake your tailfeather!
Shake your tailfeather!

A gal I had a legitimate, in person crush on long before she started up her very groovy new travel blog, I used to have Alice’s life in my hot little hands as I was her Dungeon Master in Busan.

Before you go rushing off to 50 Shades of Grey places, please bear in mind that a Dungeon Master is one of the least sexy things a man can be.

On the opposite end of the sexy scale is this vivacious bit of British biscuit, whose new blog is full of awesome adventures from around Asia.

4. Hilary Billings – The Nomad Grad

So gorgeous she made the banner.
So gorgeous she made the banner.

She’s handed in her Miss Nevada crown, but I’m still very much on the Nomad Grad bandwagon. This fiery, feisty redhead looks perfectly comfortable walking the red carpet on her own, but I like to think she could use a hirsute, broad-shouldered Aussie guy on her arm.

She recently bruised her ribs being adventurous in Colombia, and I think I’ve still got that nurse’s outfit my ex didn’t take when she left. I’m just sayin’.

My bucket list includes stealing a smooch from a celebrity, and this leggy starlet most definitely counts. Pucker up!

3. Laura Vaisman – Laura Vaisman

When you can effortlessly manage to emulate a classic beauty, you're something pretty special.
When you can effortlessly manage to emulate a classic beauty, you’re something pretty special.

Not a travel blogger in the purest sense of the term, Laura Vaisman nonetheless aims to inspire. Prior to being whisked off her feet by a manly man I couldn’t hope to match, she’d certainly inspired quite the crush in me.

Whether she’s being insufferably beautiful imitating Audrey Hepburn or looking cool and sexy in a bikini, she’s certainly an absolute stunner. In a pack of beautiful people, though, what makes her stand out is her irrepressibly upbeat personality and the way she strives to better both herself and those around her.

Lord knows, I could use some betterment…

2. Joy Hmielewski – Joyelan

There's sugar and spice and all things nice, but you've got to love a girl with some ink.
I want to go to there. I mean Machu Picchu, you perves!

Controversy! The runner up of my countdown isn’t even a travel blogger! Burn down the forum! Impeach the President!

She may be spoken for (don’t worry, I got her other half’s blessing), but this pixiesh Georgia peach (originally from Florida) splits her time between being an amazing photographer and rocking hand-stands and other such badassery as a yoga teacher.

After attending a yoga class in Dubai a few weeks ago and seeing how flexible those girls are, you can colour me intrigued.

1. Kaitlyn Burke – Where is Kait?

In the words of Wayne, "She will be mine. Oh yes".
In the words of Wayne, “She will be mine. Oh yes”.

Last year’s runner up captured my heart this past NFL season by completely emasculating me in fantasy football and ruining my cunningly conceived plan to beat her in the league and claim my prize: a date.

I’ve spent the post season trying to convince her that as league winner she could force me to buy her dinner, but thus far she’s rebuffed my advances.

She’s now fled my country of birth to return to the States, and the cruel temptress took my heart with her. Where is Kait? She’s eating Cheetos and playing exceptionally hard to get, dammit!

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