Travel Blogging Crushes – 2015 Edition

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30. Olga – The Russian Abroad

If Olga has a thing for bears, I'm pretty sure I'm her man.
If Olga has a thing for bears, I’m pretty sure I’m her man.

As the name of her site indicates, this one comes from Russia with love. Olga made a big splash when she published her 16 Least Visited Countries in the World, and I’d certainly be willing to volunteer to explore the likes of the Solomon Islands and Moldova with her.

There’s also the boundless excuses I’d have to wear my suit and pretend to be James Bond while she played the stern yet nubile Soviet spy.

For England, James.

29. Nikki Scott – South East Asia Backpacker

Mas mas indeed! Photo by Mike Alty.
Mas mas indeed! Photo by Mike Alty.

Nikki’s nomination came to me with the description, “Nikki is building a backpacking empire… and has a nice butt”. This covers my desire to both be a kept man and to date a woman with a nice butt, so she was a shoe in for my top five.

If a backpacking empire is anything like a Boardwalk Empire, I’ll gladly be the Margaret to her Nookie Thompson.

28. Kim Marie Evans – Luxury Travel Mom

Just on location in Dubai. No big deal.
Just on location in Dubai. No big deal.

I met Kim Marie while on location in Dubai, and the first impression I got is that the Luxury Travel Mom isn’t just about champagne and five star luxury. Far from it, the vivacious blonde gave as good as she got in the banter stakes, and seemed just as comfortable eating camel burgers at a hole in the wall cafe as she was posing up a storm for photographers.

While she’s most famous for luxury blogging now, she told us about her love of the backpacker existence. Can you blame a guy for dreaming that she’d like to slum it with a backpacking Aussie layabout whose idea of luxury is extra cheese on his cheese pizza?

Now, if only she’d stop telling me how much my sense of humour reminded me of her sons.

27. Trisha Velarmino – P.S. I’m On My Way

Daisy Dukes! Daisy Dukes sighting!
Daisy Dukes! Daisy Dukes sighting!

A football fanatic and a world traveler who is a writer first and a blogger second, the eye-catching Trisha studied fashion in Milan.

I’m a guy who operates a strict pants optional policy when he’s about the house, and who once wore jeans to a wedding.

Jeans! What were you thinking, you Philistine?

So, when we’re not watching El Clasico or tuning in for the latest World Cup fixture, we could be the only couple that spends their alone time dressing one another rather than the other way around.

Wait… what?

26. Amy – Generic Dreams

generic dreams

Anything but generic, this Vietnamese American stunner somehow managed to almost get herself kicked out of a ping pong show. I thought it would be a compliment to say “because she stealing attention from the girls on stage”, but decided that could be interpreted in two ways.

I meant it in the classy way that does not require ping pong skills.

She also played World of WarCraft, which is awesome. My Level 100 Blood Elf Hunter has been looking for love in all of the wrong places.

25. Robert Schrader – Leave Your Daily Hell

Oh my!
Oh my!

A rockstar of the travel blogging world and a guy who I list as one of my travel blogging inspirations, ridiculously good looking Robert is the master of the selfie and a God damned travel blogging God.

Speaking with him while cramped in a dusty and bumpy 4WD bouncing over the Serengeti was a big part of what inspired me to redesign the site and recommit to it, and his frank and honest posts are a breath of fresh air after reading a tenth or eleventh guide to travel hacking or ten things to do in… post.

24. Hannah & Adam – Getting Stamped

Wearing a bikini on a glacier. That's a paddling.
Wearing a bikini on a glacier. That’s a paddling.

Hannah looks entirely too excited to be atop a glacier in a bikini, but I admire her pep.

A criminally good-looking duo, Adam and Hannah from Getting Stamped would most assuredly take out Prom King and Prom Queen if travel bloggers got together to host some kind of dance.

Their bright and colourful blog reflects what an adventurous and dynamic duo they are. While Adam handles the bulk of the writing and photography, Hannah’s their planner and social media guru.

My ex and I couldn’t even collaborate on cooking dinner…

23. Sarah-Kate Larsen – Existential Travel Zazz


Pretty and pixiesh, the woman behind Existential Travel Zazz is also an intellectual crush. Her site is full of engaging, thought provoking posts not just about destinations – but about the feelings that these experiences conjure up.

Too often these get overlooked, but there’s no overlooking this American born girl with her vitality and flair – henceforth known as zazz.

22. Lizzy Barlow – Miss Barlow

miss barlow

With a focus on quirky travel destinations, what could be more quirky than for Miss Barlow to visit sleepy Ben Lomond in the New England region of NSW, Australia?


With what I can only imagine is an intoxicating British accent (they all are, to me), Lizzy managed to hit 22 countries by the time she was twenty two. I hadn’t even made it to third base by that stage in my life.

I’d console myself with the knowledge that her bucket list isn’t nearly as big as mine, but we all know I’m compensating…

21. Lisa Lubin – LL World Tour

Lovely Lisa from LL World Tour is just about the best thing in Chi Town.
Lovely Lisa from LL World Tour is just about the best thing in Chi Town.

Another gorgeous blogger I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with, Chicago based Lisa was one of the bloggers who trekked across the plains of Africa with me last November. When she wasn’t awakening a disturbing new trigger for me with her faux Long Island accent, Lisa was winning me over with her down to earth and genuine personality.

A gifted freelance writer who has a friggin’ Emmy to her name, Lisa is not just a stunner – but one of my blogging heroes as well.

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