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Over the years, Aussie on the Road has built a reputation for honesty, humour, and travel stories told well.

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Why Work With Aussie on the Road?

Aussie on the Road has been producing engaging and thought-provoking content for more than seven years. Emotional honesty, an irreverent sense of humour, and a daredevil attitude have helped to develop a loyal and engaged audience on both the site and on social media.

I’m a fantastic writer

It’s a bold claim to make, but I pride myself on my ability to tell stories in ways that others just can’t.

Published as a columnist, poet, essayist, and fiction writer, I’m adept at writing in a variety of styles and whatever tone the situation requires.

I’ve written everything from light-hearted and engaging destination pieces to heartbreaking confessions to descriptive narrative journeys, and more.

I’m a proven commodity

In the past seven years, I’ve worked with brands such as Yahoo, Emirates, Shangri-La hotels, Tarocash, Kensington, Ford, Contiki, Indonesian Tourism, Sabah Tourism, eHarmony, and many more.

I’ve been published in a number of prominent travel blogs (see below), been a featured contributor on sites such as Korea Bridge and Backpacking Travel, and contributed to countless articles on topics ranging from adventure travel to dream destinations to mental health and travel.

The brands and blogs I’ve worked with are a reflection of my ability to write in a variety of styles and work with a variety of brands.

I’m adventurous

I’m not content to relax in five-star accommodation and do ‘by the numbers’ tours.

I like to stay in hotels with a story, embark on adventures that get the heart racing, and eat the foods that others would flinch away from.

Why tell a story everybody has already heard?

I specialize in long term ambitious travel

I’ve been on the road almost non-stop since 2007.

I’ve lived in three countries China, South Korea, and Tanzania, visited more than twenty countries, and had more adventures than I could ever hope to document.

If your brand offers the kind of experience people daydream about, I’m the perfect spokesperson to represent the realisation of that dream.

I’m an Africa and Asia expert

I’ve lived and traveled in Asia for the better part of five years.

I’ve also lived and worked in East Africa as a safari expert with Shadows of Africa.

When it comes to writing about the Asian and African continents, I’ve got a wealth of experience, photos, and knowledge to bring to the table.

I’m a personality

As a trained actor, I’ve got an embarrassment of riches when it comes to standing in front of crowds and in front of the camera.

My ambassadorship with Yahoo, Emirates, and Dubai Tourism saw me as the face of adventure tourism for their Hidden Dubai campaign.

Confident and with a sense of humour, I’m also an everyman who others can relate to.

I’m an industry insider

My work as a safari expert with Shadows of Africa gives me unique insight into the wants and needs of travel brands.

I’m not just a mercenary blogger in it for my own benefit – I know full well what brands are looking for when they approach me.

I do this for a living

While many bloggers have ‘day jobs’ that pay the bills, Aussie on the Road is my full-time job.

I can work with any deadline, travel at a moment’s notice, and produce content of high quality without unnecessary delays.

How Can We Collaborate?

Aussie on the Road can work with your brand in a number of ways including:

  • Editorial Content and Sponsored posts;
  • Brand Ambassadorships;
  • Press Trips;
  • Social Media Promotion;
  • Affiliate Programs;
  • On-screen personality;
  • Product reviews.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

My audience is comprised predominantly from the 25-34 demographic.

The United States, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom are my top five markets.

  • Pageviews: 29,000+ per month;
  • Users: 22,000+ per month;
  • Facebook: 3,700;
  • Twitter: 30,000+;
  • Instagram: 16,000+;
  • Page Authority: 51
  • Domain Authority: 41.

Previous Publications

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Get in touch at or visit my Contact Me page.

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