Travel Blogging Crushes – 2015 Edition

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nomad grad
It’s here! It’s finally here!

A few years back, I was killing time at my boring desk job and came to the sudden and pants stirring realisation that there are a hell of a lot of attractive travel bloggers out there. No wonder I can’t find a beautiful girl for me here in Australia; they’re all out exploring the world and being awesome as far from me as humanly possible!

What resulted from this idle admiration was the Travel Blogging Crushes list. In 2011 and 2014, I published my Travel Blogging Crushes to mostly positive feedback. Those included felt a mixture of flattery, awkwardness, and amusement, those excluded bemoaned my poor taste, and a good time was had.

What better way to launch the sexy new look for the site than with a list of 40 of the sexiest bloggers out there?


I cannot stress enough that the comments below are meant as light-hearted fun. Consider me an actor playing the role of insufferable cad. I’m going to say some things that might offend your delicate sensibilities, but I’ll be back to self-loathing, introspection, and tales of excitement from all over the world soon enough. I’m not in love with you. I’m not going to write further entries about you.

Relax. As those bloggers who have met me can attest, Iโ€™m perfectly harmless.

Of course, they said that about Jeffrey Dahmer as wellโ€ฆ

Boyfriends (and fiances and husbands): calm down. If you’re that insecure that you think my comments are going to lure your lady fair away from you and into my hairy arms – you’ve got bigger fish to fry than my little ol’ list. If you think she needs you to defend her honour, you’re probably missing the point.

Dishonourable Mention

Meg Jerrard – Mapping Megan

When she's not excluding ginger bearded men from her count-downs, Megan is busy looking fabulous all over the world.
When she’s not excluding ginger bearded men from her count-downs, Megan is busy looking fabulous all over the world.

This is no slight against Megan’s globe conquering blog or the admittedly very beautiful woman behind it, but a political protest against her beardest Sexiest Male Travelers Alive count-down. While a number of the men on the list sport admirable stubble, there’s not a single full beard to be found. This is an outrage!

While we’re at it, I think there’s a bit of anti-ginger bias in there as well.

I’m sure some of you will make the argument that I’m just upset at being spurned, but I’m not. I swear!

Definitely not sour grapes. Definitely not.

Honourable Mentions

Clelia Mattana – Keep Calm and Travel

Those eyes! I feel like Simba when Nala turns her bedroom eyes on him. Stop watching, Timon & Pumba!
Those eyes! I feel like Simba when Nala turns her bedroom eyes on him. Stop watching, Timon & Pumba!

Last year’s runaway winner has politely requested to be removed from contention this year so as not to hurt the feelings of the other girls, but I’d be remiss to not at least mention the stunning Italian lass behind Keep Calm and Travel makes it bloody hard to keep calm when she’s looking ridiculously good in every photo she posts.

The irrepressible traveler has also been kind enough to help drum up nominees in between her brash flirtation with Ryan from Lost Boy Memoirs.

Ally Toulec – I’m a Finatic

C'est ouf!
Je vis d’amour et d’eau douce. Apparently that is romantic in French.

Ally would be a real contender for the top ten if it weren’t for the fact her blog technically doesn’t exist yet! She’s assured me that I Am a Finatic will be out in April for all of your sustainable travel and aquatic adventure needs.

I had a bunch of inappropriate scuba related sexual innuendo here, but I’m classier than that.

C’est ouf!

The Countdown

40. Agness Walewinder – eTramping

Starting off with a bang. Agness is the gorgeous pocket rocket behind eTramping.
Starting off with a bang. Agness is the gorgeous pocket rocket behind eTramping.

When she isn’t stirring up entire nations complaining about their food, Agness is being a budget conscious Polish beauty who travels the world on $25 a day. Given I spent $25 today on my (admittedly delicious) savoury waffles at brunch, I think I could use her budgeting advice.

I think every guy out there got excited when they found out she wasn’t dating Cez (the other half of her site), but she’s (sadly) spoken for, so I guess I’ll have to continue my search for a woman whose last name is bad-ass enough that I’d totally take it on after marriage.

39. Valeri – Valeri Downunder

That looks like a refreshing and tasty drink she's holding.
That looks like a refreshing and tasty drink she’s holding.

Last year, my (admittedly inappropriate) comments stirred the ire of this American beauty’s boyfriend, so I’m going to play it safe in 2015.

Valeri seems like a very nice, intelligent, and objectively attractive woman. I am sure she has many admirable traits. She also used an Adventure Time image on her site, and so gets 10 times the awesome points.

38. Mimsie Ladner – Seoul Searching

seoul searching

It’s a rare woman who shares my love of South Korea, and my folks seem to love the place even more. With her site dedicated to all things Korean, Mimsie seems like one I should quickly introduce to my parents as soon as humanly possible.

This pretty southern gal has fallen head over heels in love with the country that gave me my start in travel, and I can only imagine her excellent taste will extend to appreciating a good beard.

37. Seattle Dredge – Seattle’s Travels

It's not the fiery red I usually fall for, but auburn is pretty awesome.
It’s not the fiery red I usually fall for, but auburn is pretty awesome.

It’s a crying shame there aren’t more stunningly gorgeous ginger travel bloggers out there, but Seattle from the evergreen Seattle’s Travels more than compensates for their rarity.

She appeared once before as a shared entry with another red headed writer, but gets her own spot this time

36. Melissa Shearer – The Mellyboo Project

Not my usual kind of girl on girl action, but I'll make do.
Not my usual kind of girl on girl action, but I’ll make do.

My favourite Canadian is a three time former Diva Cup winner and just about the only girl I know who would even contemplate letting me use poutine in foreplay, and is also the woman who introduced me to the term ‘top sheet’.

She wasn’t kind enough to demonstrate it, mind; but she gets points for expanding my vocabulary and inspiring me to put item #249 on my bucket list.

Of course, she’s since coupled up and moved on to bigger and better things, but I sure am glad I kept in touch with this brilliant (and buxom) brunette.

35. Audrey Bergner – That Backpacker

Audrey already has herself some ginger arm candy, but as a theatre student I've played understudy before.
Audrey already has herself some ginger arm candy, but as a theatre student I’ve played understudy before.

I’ve got a lot of time for any girl who can acknowledge the greatness of a bit of ginger, and Audrey committed fully to the ginger cause when she married Nomadic Samuel. Together, the two world travelers and ESL teachers are forging something of a travel blogging empire.

I know which way the winds blowing. I’d rather be with them than against them.

34. Lyndsay Anne – Discount Travel Blogger

The lovely Lyndsay Anne
The lovely Lyndsay Anne

I am absolutely dire when it comes to budgeting, so I’m hoping that I can get the self-professed discount travel blogger to teach me a few things about how to travel without running up my credit card for the fourth time.

She’s taken mahout training in the past as well, so I’m hoping that the transition from one large, unpleasant smelling mammal to another won’t be too difficult. Just as long as she doesn’t use the bamboo stick too often.

P.S. My safe word is pineapple.

33. Ashley Kern – Travel with Castle

travel with castle

The lady behind Travel with Castle has plenty of experience working with portly, bearded gentlemen in her role as a Travelocity correspondent, so I’m quietly hopeful that she’ll find me charming in spite of the rampant gingerness I’ve got going on.

Based out of the city that never sleeps (when she’s not jetting around the world in hunt of mythical creatures), the talented writer and photographer certainly has me wanting to storm the castle.

32. Lebawit Lily Girma – Sunshine and Stilettos

A Lily by any other name…

A beauty out of Africa who went from solving legal problems to traveling the world, the multitalented Lily is a gifted photographer whose work has been seen in such publications as the Guardian and Lonely Planet, as well as being the official photographer from a number of Caribbean tourism boards. This is a girl who is going places, and there’s nothing quite as attractive as talent and passion.

31. Christina Ka’aloa – Grrrl Traveler

Putting the grrr in Grrrl Traveler.
Putting the grrr in Grrrl Traveler.

As if being a stunningly talented solo female traveler and video blogger wasn’t inspiration enough, Christine from Grrrl Traveler is also a fellow thespian.

I’m not going to go into who is the more successful actor (I’ll have you know I was in an unproduced Chinese sitcom, young lady), but can you imagine the raw talent our (hopefully in no way resembling their father) babies would have? They’d take the world by storm!

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    • You’re most welcome! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’re able to return the favour when you do your next Sexiest Male Bloggers post ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • For sure! I’m fascinated with gingers too and my feet were swept away by one. That should be your ticket aside from me being hotlisted on yours!

  1. I too have a travel blogging crush on most of this list. Though I’m more creep in shadows about it vs. shout it from the mountains. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fun list and new discoveries to add to my girl crushes.

  2. I’m gonna vote that Kim-Marie gets moved up because in real life she’s a bonafide, certified, double-tough cutie! But so are Chelsea and Kinsey…and Oksana…and Hillary…Joy being from Georgia is major cool points, too. Good god, man, you know how to pick ’em!

    I think we need more travel bloggers to come experience Western Montana!

    • PS Ladies, I’ve been a guide and manager in the mountain adventure/ranch travel world for years, so I may know someone to show you the ropes in the Rockies…

    • Kim-Marie only lost points because she reminded me how much I reminded her of her sons so often. It’s hard to have a crush when somebody keeps saying that, haha.

  3. Thanks so much for including me. So much hottness is going on in this post I can barely handle it.

  4. You’re the bestest! I can’t believe we’ve been virtual friends FOREVER but haven’t met yet in person! This year perhaps! Bangkok in October!

    • For sure! I really want to make that work out, even if I don’t attend the somewhat pricey travel event and just hit the area in time to catch up with cool people.

  5. For someone who started with a disclaimer and bite at the first girl it appears all these girls are size 12 or under. I wouldn’t have had any problems with your list if the first dig wasn’t there. Practice what you preach or don’t preach at all.

    • I don’t think you even read the disclaimer. It didn’t say anything at all about sizes, plus or otherwise. Nor did my ‘dig’ (written with her approval) at the first girl.

      But, y’know, be snarky from behind the veil of anonymity.

  6. I am using this post forever to prove to my children that mom is still hot. And I can’t help it if you and my boys both love Southpark ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Whoa. #2?! I better keep up those hand-stands lol – Thank you so much!!! What an amazing group of hottness!

  8. Thanks for the honorable mention! But I’m Very disappointed as you didn’t specify that behind those eyes there is someone who works her ass off on her blog, and because of her (supposedly) good looks she now has a growing collection of penises from stalkers (if anyone wants them, I’m more than glad to send them your way!). Why in hell don’t I just post bikini/semi-naked pictures instead of writing 5000 words per post?! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just kidding my dear, great list by the way, very happy to see that you included the other Italian Hottie Giulia! well done Italy!

  9. Well hello beardy! Thank you so much for adding me to the list, being such a baby blogger and all! >< Consider yourself getting a smacked bottom, with the absolute most thankful gratitude behind it of course ^^ Dungeons and dragons will never be the same again will it…! <3

    • You know, if you ever do feel like playing again, we run a game via Skype on a fortnightly basis. Much like me, it could use a woman’s touch :-p

  10. Hey! I’m a (half assed) travel blogger! I need more friends in the business since I have no idea what I’m doing… Maybe a mentor.
    Letterstomyfriendsbackhome – I’d LOVE some honest feedback from a pro.
    And, no lie, Aussies are my favorite!

    • Well hey, nice to meet you! A girl who can give a good massage gets some serious points!

      Shoot me an email at if you’d like to chat about the blogging business. I’m no expert, but happy to help out ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Lol thankyou for the dishonorable mention – honored!! It’s true, I am beard-ist, but shhhh don’t tell :D!

    • I knew it! The Travel Blogging Crush list isn’t just showcasing gorgeous girls, it’s revealing truthy truths as well haha.

      Loved your lists, even if they were sorely lacking Aussie on the Road :-p

      • Lol absolutely – though if you check the Male Travel Bloggers list again Drew Binsky is rocking some seriously red hair, so while you may have outed my beardist ways, the claims of anti-ginger bias are unfounded sir lol ๐Ÿ˜€

        • I can’t even claim anti ginger bias, as my actual hair colour is a rather unremarkable dark brown. It’s just my beard that has a tinge of ginge ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • Imagine how I felt after three straight (pun not intended) days of visiting their sites, reading about their adventures, and trying to choose the perfect picture!

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