Travel Blogging Crushes – 2015 Edition

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20. Mica Ivealis – Travel This Earth

Dat ass!
Dat ass!

Hawaii based blogger with a booty, Mica is somebody I’ve enjoyed chatting with for a few years now. After lighting up the pages of the 2012 Travel Blogging Calendar with her sizzling topless pic, she’s backed it up (booty pun intended) this year with another scorching pic.

She’s hinted that she might be due another photography session with the photographer responsible for these pictures when she gets back to Miami this year, so I think it’s only fair we get a Kickstarter going. Who’s with me?

19. Kate McCulley – Adventurous Kate

She came for two things, but I'm all out of tortillas.
She came for two things specifically, but I’m all out of tortillas.

Adventurous Kate makes the list for the second year in a row, and this time – she’s single! Maybe I can win her over with ill-considered sexual puns!

She’s survived ship-wrecks and covered herself in chocolate, but is Adventurous Kate really adventurous enough to brave the beard? The look on her face says it all.

18. Becki Enright – Borders of Adventure

The artist formerly known as Backpacker Becki is now crossing Borders of Adventure.
The artist formerly known as Backpacker Becki is now crossing Borders of Adventure.

The British bombshell behind Borders of Adventure is currently residing in Greece. I wish there was some kind of sexual pun relating to Greece or Greeks, but I’m as pure as the driven snow and couldn’t possibly imagine one. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Becki crashed on my couch while I was based in China, and when she wasn’t dealing with medical emergencies or getting hopelessly lost in the pouring rain, we shared a few cocktails and told tales. We crossed paths again in Cambodia, but I was spoken for. She then set me up with this sweet new design through her friend at Ready to Blog Designs, so she’s just about my favourite person in the world.

All of that history and yet the most exotic tale I have to tell is that I let her use my beard shampoo. I’m a terrible closer.

17. Kristen Sarah – Hopscotch the Globe

Photo by Sarunia Photography

Actress, television host, and online personality. Kristen daunts with her expertise before you even take into account her stunning looks, but I’m going to forge on in the hopes that a video blogger might be best equipped to help me with item #179 on my bucket list.

I meant with framing tips, you perves.

Besides, she’s already got a co-starring role lined up. She’ll be appearing on an upcoming episode of Angry Planet.

16. Larissa – The Blonde Gypsy

The Blonde Gypsy

Last year, Larissa thanked me for not using one of the topless photos of her floating around out there.

I’m not going to lie, I spent an inordinate amount of time looking and came up empty handed.

Well, one hand empty, anyway.

Puerile comments aside, The Blonde Gypsy is a talented iPhone photographer is pretty hot and heavy with the Balkans these days; as if I didn’t already have enough reasons to want to visit the region.

15. Lainie Liberti – Raising Miro

That smile. Hold me back!
That smile. Hold me back!

The highest placed yummy mummy on this year’s countdown, evergreen and ever gorgeous Lainie from Raising Miro recently usurped Machu Picchu as the #1 reason why I want to visit Peru.

And yes, Lainie, I realise you’re in Ecuador now – but I had no good Ecuador puns.

Lainie’s not just a gorgeous world traveler who is single-handedly raising the very cool Miro, she’s also an unschooling pioneer and educator. That means I can make a hot for teacher joke, right?

14. Giulia Cimarosti – Travel Reportage

Rockstar! Is it still flattering if I throw my underpants on stage?
Rockstar! Is it still flattering if I throw my underpants on stage?

My favourite Italian export, this gorgeous redhead has recently been taken off the market and broken my heart.

The first line of her about page describes her as “a very lazy person”, and that’s a woman after my own heart. I might just have to steal her ‘put your year of birth so you don’t have to update your age every year’ idea, because damned if that’s not the most annoying 5 second job of each calendar year.

13. Chelsea & Kinsey Osborn – Travelin’ Chicks

What's better than one beautiful girl? Two of them!
What’s better than one beautiful girl? Two of them!

Not only are Chelsea and Kinsey beautiful and inspirational women living the dream and travelling the world, but they’re probably as close as I’ll come to a blogging pair who could help me check off item #183 from my bucket list. Irish twins count, right?

As for the rest, I think they’ve said it best:

We’re The Travelin’ Chicks and we travel this kick ass planet together filming each other all along the way. Don’t get it twisted, we’re 100% blood related, sisters actually. So join in for a laugh and our escapades! Can you guess which of us is older? Bet ya can’t!

Hit us up when the piece is up and we will share the goods!

Rock On, Rock Hard, Chelsea & Kinsey

I never try to guess a lady’s age.


12. Toni White – Reclaiming Your Future

She's certainly reclaiming my future cold winter nights...
She’s certainly reclaiming my future cold winter nights…

The inspirational woman behind both Reclaiming My Future and Reclaiming Your Future sent in a nude photo for this countdown. The only three time appearance on the Travel Blogging Crushes gets there not just for being a blonde bombshell with the balls to go starkers on an Aussie beach, but for being a truly inspirational person whose love of travel has slowly transitioned into a love of telling true tales and inspiring people to overcome their fears.

Toni’s a dear friend and her blog is full of inspiration. She’s also single, so I’d better get my ass back to Sydney before she jets off again…

11. Kiersten Rich – The Blonde Abroad

No comment.
No comment.

Being a beautiful former model wasn’t enough for The Blonde Abroad, who has transitioned seamlessly from the glitz and glamour to being one of the biggest and best travel bloggers going.

Far more than just a pretty face, Kiersten’s site is one of the three or four I sent to my web developer when I was in showing her the site’s I’d most like mine to emulate in terms of look and feel.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind a look and fe –

Come on Chris, you’re better than this!

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