Top 15 Travel Blogging Crushes, 2011 Edition

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I woke this morning to a strange stirring in my pants. I’m no stranger to the occasional morning glory – but this was something a little different. There was a certain prescience involving in this turgid twitching. Something had triggered it.

Some flirtatious text from a certain beautiful girl I’ve been talking to? A message on OK Cupid?

Much to my surprise, it was something much, much more personal. You see, Will Peach (of Gap Daemon, TravelSexLife, and My Spanish Adventure fame) had included me in an illustrious list of 10 Travel Bloggers I’d Go Gay For.

And this was not just some shopping list. It was a catalogue of homoerotic fantasy inspired by some of the most handsome, charismatic, and (ahem) well endowed travel bloggers out there.

Need a taste?

“The thought of a sweat-drenched, bearded, Aussie man lugging his hefty backpack on the road as he inches towards me? Phwoar. I think I just blew my load a little. However since Chris showed his more sensitive side, in his revelations over the black dog, I’ve suddenly begun seeing him a new light. Mainly as that of a little puppy dog that I could wantonly care for.”

I’ve had girlfriends who haven’t had such lovely (albeit wildly inappropriate) things to say about me. Marry me, Will?

Once my ego boner had subsided, I began to contemplate who might make my own list of lusty daydreams. Not being quite as secure in my heterosexualtiy as Will, I’ve instead decided to make my list a little more conventional.

No more beating about the bush (pun definitely intended) – here’s my Top 15 Travel Blogging Crushes.

And yes, I’m sure I’m going to get in trouble for objectifying women here, but I bet the angriest ones are the ones not on the list. It’s all in good fun girls.

(I should say that, having been raised to be a gentleman, I found it really hard to be so blatantly sexual and inappropriate below)

#15 – Lindsay Hogg (Traveller World Guide)

Two people eating a banana
No! Don’t use teeth!

What better way to kick off my list of travel crushes/secret lusts with the woman behind such sites as Traveller World Guide and the deliciously inappropriate Chicken Chunk? With those pretty green eyes and that sardonic grin, I definitely wouldn’t kick Lindsay out of bed for farting.

And I’d imagine she’s not above letting one rip between the sheets for comedic value.

I like my girls just a little saucy, and they don’t come much more sarcastic and devil may care than this delicious bit of Canadian crumpet.

#14 – Anthony Middleton (Man vs Clock)

Man sleeping on a tiger
Two of God’s most beautiful creatures sharing a little cuddle time

Even as a red blooded heterosexual male, I’m hard pressed not to find this juicy bit of Geordie beef-cake just a wee bit attractive. Our mutual man crush is the stuff of legend – a pair of balding, teetotalist travel bloggers with a penchant for pretty girls and self improvement.

He came in at #1 on Will’s list and is the only man on mine, so you can imagine what a steaming hunk this guy must be. Don’t let that accent fool you guys, this man is as smooth as James Bond with a heart of gold.

#13 – Nicole McGrath (Hola! Chica Travels)

three girls in bikinis
Phwoar! Nicole is the cutie on the left.

The lovely Latina from Miami breezed into this Aussie’s life late last year and took me on a few (entirely platonic) adventures including the Great Nomads Chase and some beach shenanigans in celebration of Chilean Independence Day. She later returned to my life for one last tantalizing encounter (see our Bite with a Blogger for details) before she fled to Melbourne.

One of the prettiest and sweetest girls I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with. Sadly, her blog is no more. It’s a shame, because she’s currently wrapping up a trip through freaking Antarctica!

#12 – Seattle Dredge (Seattle’s Travels) & Heather Carson (Ginger Nomads)

Beautiful redhead on a fence
The lovely Seattle cuts a hauntingly beautiful figure in this shot
Absolute sucker for redheads. Heather from Ginger Nomads looking all casual and such.

Maybe it’s because I’m just a little bit ginger myself, but I’ve always had a thing for red-heads. Hell, I lost my virginity to one.

An otherwise plain girl in high school could win my heart (or, at the very least, my lust) with a simple dye job. But these two fiery headed beauties are anything but plain.

The idea of rocking up to a club with these two fair skinned Goddesses on my arms isn’t exactly unappealing. There’s an entirely inappropriate joke about the carpet matching the drapes I could make, but I’ll be the bigger man.

#11 – Maria Alexandra Laborde (Latin Abroad)

girl on the beach
What a great view! The beach looks nice too…

With her wild hair and her saucy smile, Maria from Latin Abroad isn’t afraid to talk about the sexier side of travel. Her recent sex and travel bucket list raised more than just eyebrows, I’m sure.

A Puerto Riccan party animal with a kinky streak? That’s the kind of girl pre-sober Chris would have been all over!

#10 – Ashley & Diolis (Nomadik Nation)

nomadik nation
Ashlea (left) and Diolis (right). Foxy ladies.

Another double entry and you can’t help but wonder if the creators of Nomadik Nation (and it’s recent 10 sexiest bloggers list) wouldn’t be a package deal outside of the blogging world as well.

One can hope…

If I was absolutely forced to choose, I’d give Summer Heights High loving Diolis the edge – but don’t discount Ashlea. There’s just a hint of feistiness in her smile…

These two lovely ladies aren’t afraid to write about more controversial stuff and clearly have the…uh…assets to fill those Nomadik Nation t-shirts they’re always pimping. Definitely a pair of bloggers on the rise in both the blogosphere and this list.

And who knows? Maybe including them here will earn me some stroke for their next list?

#9 – Rebecca Enright (Backpacker Becki)

pretty blonde drinking
Oh, to be that cup…

A relative newcomer to blogging, fair haired Rebecca is a classic beauty whose English accent would be sure to win me over as surely as the countless Greenpeace and Heart Foundation workers who harass me on my way to work each day. What is it about the accent that raises my ardor so?

While our Twitter conversations haven’t quite reached ribald levels yet, I’m quietly hoping this well traveled Belle comes to realize that bald and ginger is the new handsome and buff.

EDIT: We’ve since hung out twice and Becki is every bit as lovely in person as she is photogenic. What a catch!

#8 – Abby Tegnelia (Jungle Princess)

jungle princess
Haaaaave you met Abby?

A Vegas girl with the looks of a showgirl, Abby from Jungle Princess has left behind the ho hum of day to day life to pursue things just a tad more exotic.

Working in the glitz and glamor of celebrity news, I daresay a few paparazzi shots of this bronzed beauty wouldn’t be unwelcome on the hard drives of my male readers.

I’ll be Tarzan and this jungle princess can be Jane.

#7 – Nellie Huang (Wild Junket)

girl in cowboy hat
Yippie kay ay

Hot damn! With that cowboy hat, Nellie of Wild Junket is a travel blogging icon and a pretty damn foxy looking lady as well. Whether she’s scuba diving in glaciers or rocking the beach, Nellie is bound to be setting hearts aflutter and pants a-tentin’ wherever she goes.

There’s some kind of pun to be made about wild junk, but my brain’s a bit fried. Invent your own and post it below.

#6 – Toni White (Reclaiming my Future)

british girl bikini
Who says the British are all pale and pasty? Not I!

Toni won me over when she talked about how often her breasts spilled out of her top while in Africa. I was dismayed when she was unable to provide photographic proof.

My back-up visa bride, this delightful bit of British biscuit is more than welcome in my fair country and my messy bed should she ever get her sweet ass out of dreary England. And she can bring that lingerie she keeps mentioning on Facebook along too…

#5 – Mica Ivealis (Kaypacha Travels)

Beautiful girl in the ocean
My new desktop pic. Rwar!

Aye aye aye! Super sexy Mica from Kaypacha Travels has seen the world but she’s never been to me. Don’t get the reference? It’s an awful song. I don’t blame you.

The photo above isn’t even the sauciest one out there. This is a girl who is more than confident that her banging bod is going to turn heads. When she’s not sunbathing naked on swinger’s cruises, Mica is trekking around the world with her boyfriend (the lucky son of a bitch) and enduring my drunken advances over Skype.

#4 – Alexandra Kovacova (Crazy Sexy Fun Traveller)

crazy sexy fun traveler
It’s no wonder her blog has such a following. What a stunner!

With a blog title that includes ‘Crazy’, ‘Sexy’, and ‘Fun’ in the title – you can just bet that this sultry Slovak would be an absolute handful in every department that matters.

She doesn’t quite hail from Russia with love, but you get the feeling that the exotic Alexandra would be right at home as a Bond femme fatale. This is one lovely lady with a license to thrill.

#3 – Nicole Blaess-Smith (Bitten by the Travel Bug)

bitten by the travel bug
Girl next door? It’s all an act

If you’re bored of bikini bods (although I can’t imagine why you would be), here’s a ridiculously cute girl-next-door type who you’d be more than happy to have climbing through your bedroom window.

And yes, that was a Dawson’s Creek reference. I’m so old.

The first travel blogger I had the pleasure of sharing a bite with, Nicole was also the first travel blogger I ever drunk dialed. I still think Bitten by an Aussie on the Road has a real ring to it, but damned if this fresher cutie isn’t resisting my advances.

#2 – Lauren Juliff (Neverending Footsteps)

girl in coconut bra
Excuse me for a moment. I just need to be alone with this photo.

Dave of What’s Dave Doing (or should that be Who’s Dave Doing?) is a lucky man, because this saucy British minx is his arm candy.

While she calls me ‘poppet’, deep down I know this coconut bra wearing Goddess veils her lust for me with good natured insults and the occasional retweet. After all, our forbidden love can never hope to be while she’s living the dream in Thailand and I’m tied to a desk in Australia.

One of the worst offenders when it comes to vaguely sexual post titles that don’t feature a single bit of sex. Cruel torturer!

#1 – Melissa Grace (The Mellyboo Project)

mellyboo project
Those come hither eyes… Hold me back!

The only girl I know who would be down with me using poutine in foreplay, the voluptuous and vivacious Mel is my visa fiancee and one of my bestest buds in the whole wide world.

I never did get to consummate my barely veiled lust with this chesty Canadian cutie, but we had entirely too many inappropriate conversations during her six month stint on Australian shores. I have no doubts that there’s a whole world of kink hidden behind those big beautiful eyes and that smattering of freckles.

Mel remains the only travel blogger I’ve kissed. Poor strike rate, I know it.



Have I left anybody out? Which travel bloggers butter your biscuit? Who should I be adding to my reading/masturbatory fantasy list?



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  • contented traveller

    Great list; we have buckleys of making it onto this list :))

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  • Kind of funny

  • ahhh, I see now – being new to the travel blogging arena, I now see what I have to do…more coconut bras.

    • I’d be happy to review any photos you’d like to submit for future consideration :-p

  • Ashlea

    Omg, I seriously just saw this right now. How in the hell did I miss this?!!! Thanks for the love! A thousand kisses!

  • Pretty damn funny Chris! I love it

  • Anonymous

    LOL! What a great list 🙂 Looks like I need to post more pictures of myself to even make it to a B-list! 🙂 Love this post – I agree that the travel blogging community has some great ladies out there for sure!

  • I really need to get more photos up on my site of me in a bikini! – Cole

  • Not gonna lie.. kinda sad I didn’t make the list. lol. But daym those are some serious hotties! I don’t mind being on the B-list to them. Haha

  • OMG, this is hilarious 😀 Thanks for including me in the list 😀 Wondering why Anthony is here, I should ask him haha

  • I’m partial to Abby since she’s a good friend of mine (and seriously – GORGEOUS) but I daresay there are more than a few girls here that would make me consider jumping to the other side of the fence 😉 Lovely ladies all.

    • There were too many for one list! I originally had ten and expanded it to fifteen, but I could easily have done a top fifty. The travel blogging community is blessed with some beautiful girls – inside and out.

  • Guest

    Chris- I’m impressed you could keep it to 15. It could have easily been over 200 or so…

  • OMG the love banana! I cant believe you used that photo!

    PS. Girls don’t fart, I don’t know what you’re talking about!

    • I don’t know why, but I can’t look at that love banana photo without feeling a strange stirring in my…stomach.

      • because banana’s are delicious!
        wait.. that came out wrong… errr… uhhh…

  • Hahaha thanks for adding to my man-love from yesterday. Could be a gay calendar in the horizon, for sure. Mate, you are SO brave doing this!! I see you’ve already had some grief from women for missing them out. I think I’d rather “do a Will” (Oh he’d like that wouldn’t he) and admit to man-crushes, than to feel the wrath of a left-out woman!!!

    I defend you though, I’d only admit to a crush with people who I talk to already and am mates with. Braaaaaaaaave still 😛 I You have good taste mate, I share a couple of your crushes but your bravery surpasses mine, you Alpha bastard!!!!

    • Oh man, I copped quite a bit of flak (although none of it from girls on the list, haha). I’d do it all over again. It was a fun one to write, people have got a kick out of it, and it’s generated three very solid days of traffic when I’m running dangerously low on adventures to write about.

      I’d better make your list! :-p

      • Oh you KNOW it 😉 Just need to find a way to out-gay Mr Peach. Not an easy task, my friend!

  • Hahahaaaaaaaaa!! Like another blogger, quite surprised u didn’t use a raunchier photo of me 😉 oh, and wait ’til I publish my X-rated travel bucket list later today — u might like it!! 😉 humbled to be honored!

    • I clearly didn’t look hard enough. Care to point me in the right direction? >_>

      You’ll have to let me know when that X-Rated Bucket List goes up. I’m curious to see if I’ve ticked any off yet.

  • I’m totally surprised you didn’t use a raunchier picture of me, lord knows there are quite a few of them floating around out there! Honored to make your list, this one also being quite hilarious!
    See you soon, we’ll frolic on a beach together and I’ll let you take beach photos of me as long as you buy me rum and cokes yea? ahahaha  
    Lindsay is my girl crush cause I need a girl who can match me in a farting contest. Maria Alexandra a sweet second because she’s Puerto Rican like me. HOT!

    • I may hold you to that promise. I’ll keep the rum & cokes flowing :-p

    • NO! I don’t fart! haha… get out of here!

  • Awesome post Chris 🙂 I sense a new travel blogging meme coming on. 

    • Haha, I just pray I make at least one list compiled by a woman :-p

  • Hilarious… I feel honoured as a newcomer in this blogging world that this should be my first accolade! Best get a tan on before I start posting bikini pics though 😉

  • Guy

    Great list mate and some new faces as well! I have a secret crush on a mother of 3 right now. Have a look for snaps and blabs. She just put a new facebook profile picture up and I can’t stop checking up for updates. On her travels of course 😉

    • Just checked her out. Va va voom! 

      I’ve also added her blog to my Google reader. Looks like interesting stuff.

  • None of them are a patch on you mate 😉 Bloody great read though. Laughing my little “British biscuit” off. What have I started?

    • I toyed with giving you an honorable mention, but I didn’t want to detract from my man love for Anthony by having another man cloud things :-p

      • Jeez, what a riot this has created.  I’m loving it though.  Maybe I’ll create my own list sometime soon 🙂

  • It’s true… I’d totally be up for poutine-foreplay involvement.  I think I’ve been away from the motherland too long – my longing for my favorite Canadian delicacy is killin me!

    Thanks for including me.  I’m honoured to be your #1! 🙂

    • I just worry the gravy would be hard to get out of my chest hair…

      • Melissa Shearer

        The ORIGINAL #1 😉 Forever and ever!

  • Awwww lol thanks for the inclusion! How sweet to be “crushed” on!

  • Haaaaaa! I expected a comment about Who Dave’s Doing 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hot list, I’m glad to met number 4 Alexandra, (also a crush of mine) – I would love to meet them all someday on the road especially Miss Mica Ivealis 🙂

    • I’ve met Mel and both Nicoles. There are lots of other very pretty travel bloggers in Sydney, but I don’t have the same flirtatious relationship with them haha

    • Aww thank you! I’d love to meet you too…free drinks for me? Yea!

  • Aw thanks for the inclusion. You aren’t so bad yourself! It really is an honour to be included on a list of such fabulous and good looking people!

    • Aw shucks! You’re the only one to give me any handsome points at all so far :-p

  • Haha, why thank you good Sir for including me in your list but I didn’t need such graphic information on what is stirring in your loins in the mornings. 😛

    Great list – all girls (or guys) I love :)What was the other option for a joint name? Aussie on a Travel Bug? Naaaaah… definitely would have to be Bitten by an Aussie on the Road =P 

    • Haha, is this Nicole? What is Student Travelog?

      • Haha whoops! I was signed in with the STL account when I read this.

        Yes, it is Nicole.

        STL is a student travel magazine which is about to be launched in a few weeks. SHhhh… =P

  • Anonymous

    OK, I’m just a tad offended I didn’t even warrant an honorable gay mention.

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