Guest Post: Why Visit Hong Kong?

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This one comes from the lovely Kate at Holiday Extras, who wished to share some of her experiences traveling in Hong Kong. As Hong Kong is very much a place on my travel radar, I was eager to read her tips and tricks for making the most of a visit to one of the more fascinating corners of China. I’ve taken the liberty of adding links to the various sights and locations Kate has recommended.

Huddled up against China’s south coast and surrounded by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea, Hong Kong is renowned for its incredible cityscape and deep natural harbour. It makes for a memorable and unique holiday, with a never-ending list of things to see and do.

Family travel isn’t always as straightforward as we might wish, but there are simple extras that really made all the difference. Booking a hotel near Heathrow airport, and on-site Heathrow airport parking made life so much less stressful. I didn’t have to worry about getting our littlest out of her regular sleeping pattern, and driving to the airport was so much easier than using public transport. And, for the five of us, it was probably cheaper too. I did, however, manage to convince the hubby to splash out on a lounge at Heathrow. But the freebie drinks and the children’s area soon convinced him it was worthwhile, especially before our long flight.

Once in Hong Kong, if you’re looking for fun for all the family, Ocean Park is split over a rugged mountain and includes exciting rollercoasters and other rides, an aquatic zoo, and the Ocean Theatre. Rumour has it that Ocean Park is better than Disneyland. Even better, admission buys you a cable car journey right over the mountain.

dolphins jumping
Dolphins at play. Photo from

One of Hong Kong’s greatest assets, Victoria Harbour, is a wonderful place to visit with spectacular views. For additional ‘wow-factor’, take a ride on the Star Ferry to see the harbour in all its glory. Victoria Peak, or ‘The Peak’ as it is known, also offers outstanding views of Hong Kong Island and its surroundings.

victoria harbor symphony of lights
The Symphony of Lights over beautiful Victoria Harbor. Image from Fotopedia.

Although a refreshing and architecturally impressive scene at daytime, this area transforms at twilight to display a narrated, musical light show that serenades you through the evening. Called, ‘A Symphony of Lights‘, the free display happens every night. It’s an incredible and magical experience.

Culture abounds in Hong Kong, and the city’s best museum is the Hong Kong Museum of History. Here, you can learn about Hong Kong’s colourful history and attend a free guided tour of the installations. The Chi Lin Nunnery is also something of a retreat, with lotus pools, an island pagoda and tea house. Spend a lazy afternoon enjoying the gardens and taking leisurely walks.

Finally, Lantau Island is home to many attractions, the most popular of which is perhaps the 26 metre-high Giant Buddha, which sits atop the Ngong Ping Plateau. Furthermore, Tai O is a fishing town located in the north west of Lantau. Here you can see the famous stilted houses, and get a feel for the history of the area.

Overall, Hong Kong is a magical myriad of sensory experiences that are unique to its landscape, its people and their culture. For one of the most diverse areas you will ever encounter, add Hong Kong to your travel itinerary.  

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