A Few Reasons to Visit Adelaide

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Known by its fans as RADelaide and its detractors as SADelaide, the South Australian capital is an often overlooked gem on Australia’s tourist trail.

With Melbourne, Sydney, and the Queensland coast getting the lion’s share of love from tourists, South Australia’s ‘City of Churches’ is often forgotten.

A charming city that straddles the line between modern metropolis and quaint country town, the city of 1.2 million never feels quite as hectic as Sydney or Melbourne, but offers all of the conveniences one would expect from a modern city.

Picture yourself relaxing on a beach, sipping your favorite drink, and watching the waves splash as the day goes by perfectly the way you want it to go.

Now, think of a marketplace where there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Imagine yourself dining in the finest restaurants, with an environment that is at once distinctly Australian and reminiscent of Europe.

Imagine yourself enjoying some of the world’s finest wines while enjoying a sunset in beautiful parkland.

Conjure up an image of yourself cheering until your hoarse at a game of Aussie rules, cricket, or football (soccer).

What you’re picturing is Adelaide. It is home to a number of amazing beaches where fine sand, blue skies, and clear waters are found. The city is also popular for its shopping and dining locations, and tourists fall in love with the amazing art, rich cultural activities, and the opportunities to view Australia’s distinctive wildlife.

mitchell building adelaide
Image courtesy of Gemma Stiles.

Adelaide is one of Australia’s little-known gems and a city that warrants your attention.

Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider visiting Adelaide:

The beaches are stunning

Stunning is probably an understatement, as Adelaide has some of the best beaches that you will ever see. The white sand and crystal clear waters are so inviting, you wouldn’t mind spending your day basking in the sun and bathing in the waters.

If you are looking for a beach where you can just swim around and bask under Adelaide’s golden sun, then head on to Seacliff, where the water is calm enough to swim without fear of Australia’s often rough surf.

If you’re up for a good surf, then you must visit West Cape on the Yorke Peninsula.

If you’re up for socializing and meeting new people, then you should head on to Glenelg Beach. It has a wide array of pubs and restaurants, as well as shopping stalls that lend the beach a distinctly festive atmosphere. The beach comes alive during the night, so if you’re looking for somewhere to party, then this is the beach for you.

Last but definitely not the least, you should go ahead and visit Port Willunga, which is one of the region’s most photogenic stretches of beach. On most days during the wedding season, you will find brides and grooms having their pictures taken along this resplendent stretch of sand and surf.

port willunga
Port Willunga. Image courtesy of James Yu.

See what’s in store for you in Victoria Square

Located in the heart of Adelaide, Victoria Square usually holds a number of special events throughout the year. Seeing the iconic Victoria Square Fountain and Queen Victoria’s statue will definitely complete your trip to Australia.

They say that every day is an adventure in Victoria Square, and you can check out the Victoria Square site for an up to date run down of all of the events happening in and around the Adelaide parklands.

Take a walk on the wild side at Adelaide Zoo

Although the Adelaide Zoo is one of the smallest in Australia, it is home to a number of wild species that can rarely be seen anywhere. If you’re a fan of China’s giant pandas, then you’re definitely in for a treat. The zoo actually allows you to get up close and personal with these friendly animals, which are often referred to as “large teddy bears”.

Other highlights at the Adelaide Zoo include its variety of animal experiences, the opportunity to play zookeeper for a day, and the chance to overnight within the park.

wang wang panda adelaide zoo
Adelaide Zoo is home to Australia’s largest panda exhibit. Image courtesy of Stephen_AU

Shop and dine on Jetty Road

Jetty Road is known as the main dining and shopping area in all of Adelaide. It offers a wide range of restaurants – whether you are looking for a high-end brasserie or a budget-friendly dive, you’ll find a little of everything here.

If you are looking for memorabilia or stuff to take home to your loved ones, then Jetty Road is the perfect spot to shop for a bit of Australiana to call your own.


Adelaide is definitely growing fast and it wants you to experience the fun that it has to offer. If you’re ever looking to visit the city, it is best to get a car hire in Adelaide for a hassle-free trip. So go on and visit the city, it’ll surely be worth it!

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