A San Diego Surf Trip

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My time in San Diego earlier this year wasn’t quite enough for me to truly experience the beautiful city, with just enough time for a boozy San Diego wine tour and some Super Bowl party shenanigans.

If I ever make it back that way, you’d best believe I’ll be availing myself of their beaches. And after learning to surf in Sydney and trying my hand at surfing in Dubai, I’m super keen to see how I match up against the California coast.

A San Diego Surf Trip

There is nothing quite like the rush you can get from surfing. Standing somewhere between flight and walking on water, the feeling of riding a wave is entirely surreal.

And while my first forays into the pastime certainly weren’t the kind of stuff to set Kelly Slater turgid, I immediately saw the appeal as I felt that surge of raw power beneath me and saw the beach from an entirely new perspective.

My time atop the board can usually be measured in milliseconds, but damned if it isn’t a rush while it lasts.

san diego surfing
Image courtesy of Ocean Beach Surf & Skate.

Surfing in San Diego

You might think surfing would be the same no matter where you go, but this is simply not the case. Surfing in Dubai, for example, is substantially different from surfing in the waters off of San Diego. Wave size, wave frequency, water temperature, and air temperature are just a few of the things which can change drastically depending on where you decide to surf. Conditions continue to vary from beach to beach within a general area, as well as from season to season.

That’s why it can be beneficial to partner with someone who knows the area before going into the water for the first time.

In San Diego, that someone is a group: the people at oceanexperience.net.

ocean experience surf school san diego

When you choose local guides to show you the ins and outs of an area you learn more than technique. You are given access to local information like the best places to surf at different times of the day and those areas that should be avoided at all costs. Group lessons are a great way to meet others in the area that enjoy the same things but private lessons allow the individual attention necessary to take your surfing skills to the next level.

When to Go

There really isn’t a bad time to visit San Diego. It’s gorgeous, the food is amazing, and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to hit the water no matter when you go. However, there are times that are better suited to consistent waves than others.

If you are interested in exploring the depths of the waters in San Diego the best time to visit is between August and November. If you want to experience the big swells that roll in off storms, then December through February might be better. March through July can be amazing or completely flat; the unpredictability can make it difficult for those who are only going to have a short period of time to play.

san diego beaches
Image courtesy of Ocean Beach Surf & Skate.

Fun Out of the Water

Even though surfing is obviously the big draw, there will be times when the sun goes down or the weather isn’t cooperating and other diversions must be located. Let’s focus on an ocean theme for recommendations. SeaWorld San Diego, Birch Aquarium at Scripps, and the Maritime Museum of San Diego provide visitors with a different watery perspective.

For meals and snacks, there are some truly amazing seafood options in San Diego. Some of the most popular include Truluck’s Seafood Steak and Crab, Oceana Coastal Kitchen, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, and El Pescador Fish Market. Shopping and late night adventures can be found at the Gaslamp Quarter, Seaport Village, and Las Americas Premium Outlets.

No matter where you learned to surf, the oceans of the world have many new things to show you. This is especially true in the breathtaking area around San Diego. If you haven’t tried this venue yet, it is definitely worth exploring.

Looking for somewhere to stay in San Diego? I enjoyed my stay at King’s Inn.

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