The Queensland Odyssey: On the Road Again

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I woke up at 7am this morning.

Those of you who know me know what an odd thing this is. I’m only ever up at 7am because I stayed up all night or because I’m about to hit the road again.

Or, in this case, a Jetstar flight from Sydney to Brisbane.

Free Subway at my work
Free Subway last week at work. They spoil us.

Last Night…

I did have a big night though. The company I work for turned 18 yesterday and so drinks were on them at the Sanctuary Hotel on Kent Street. Platters of sliders, kebabs, chocolate cake, and sushi were whisked about the room as the tab graduated from ‘tap beer only’ to ‘whatever you want’ shortly after I’d arrived.

My evening picked up considerably as a result of the free Jaeger-bombs.

It’s a wonder I’m still standing.

As the bar tab dried up my co-workers began to filter out, but I managed to make a few new Korean friends when I randomly bumped into a girl attempting to steal balloons. Tapping my deep well of charm, I plucked a prime balloon down from the roof for her and soon we were chatting about Korean culture, life in Australia, and how funny our voices sounded when we sucked the helium out of the balloons.

As random chance would have it, the girl in question’s friend just happened to have been at a BBQ I was at a few weeks ago. A few more hits of helium and a few more Canadian Club and Dry later, and we were in the Shark Hotel surrounded by backpackers and students.

Along the way we picked up a Korean guy preparing to return home for his compulsory military service and a Japanese beatboxer. More Jaegar was had. Bad dance moves were put on display. Drunken backpackers had googly eyes made at them by a very drunk Aussie on the Road.

I stumbled out at 2, picked up McDonalds which I found uneaten on my floor this morning, and flagged a cab.


Which brings us to the current state of affairs. It’s 8.45 on a Saturday morning and I’m wide awake. I’ve finished packing, I’ve showered and cleaned the bathroom, done a load of laundry, and drowned last night’s alcohol with plenty of H20.

I find myself wishing that I hadn’t already moved all of my food over to the new apartment in Marrickville. I’m starving and the kimchi in the fridge doesn’t exactly fill my tender stomach with anticipation.

Now we play the waiting game.


I don’t need to ask if you get excited before you travel, but how do you deal with that excess pre-trip energy?

Beautiful Shelly Beach in Manly
This is not a beach I'm going to. I just needed a picture to close this off >_>

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