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The following entry is being typed by a more tanned, relaxed, and generally happier Aussie on the Road. My ten day Queensland Odyssey has come to a close and I’m sitting back in my air conditioned office listening to customer complaints and daydreaming about the next big trip.

Heeeeeeerrrreeeee's Aussie!

That’s not so far in my future, really. I’m off to Glen Innes in Northern NSW later this week for four days of ten year high school reunion fun and catching up with the family. Some good luck at work has seen me win $300 and a $200 Rebel Sport voucher as well, so those windfalls will go towards future travel as well.

What future travel?

Well, part of my Queensland trip (details to come in the following days) included a five day stay out at beautiful Tangalooma on Moreton Island. While there I got to know a lot of the staff and might just have myself a job lined up on the island come January. The idea of living full time on a tropical island and working in tourism (albeit as a porter) is a pretty tempting prospect. I’d be earning the same as I currently do in Sydney but paying less rent and with less temptations.

It’d make it super easy to save for next year’s Fiji trip and potential SE Asia & Pacific backpacking tour afterwards.

Coming Soon…

What did I do in Queensland? Well, lots! You can expect to read about the following over the next week or so:

  • Geeking out at Mana Bar
  • The 2011 Brisbane Zombie Walk (complete with gruesome photos)
  • Exploring Brisbane’s hippie side in West End
  • Plenty about stand-up paddle boarding, whale watching, snorkeling, and partying on Tangalooma
  • A day at Dream World
  • The first in a series of theme park reviews that will include Dream World, Everland, and Silverwood to start.
  • Celebrating Halloween at Movie World’s Fright Nights.

I’ve also got a guest post from Kimberley at Sleeping on Buses; a Bite with a Blogger interview with Annie from Wayward Traveller; and the return of my Recommended Reads feature this Friday.

Stay tuned!

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