Test Drive: An American Tries Vegemite for the First Time

By Aussie on the Road on  8 Comments
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It’s true what you hear about we Australians and Vegemite. We have it on our sandwiches, we lather it thickly upon cakes at birthdays, we make soups from it, and have even been known to use it in foreplay when the mood takes us.

I jest, of course.

In truth, while Vegemite is a feature in many Australian diets, it’s far from a national dish. It’s a pleasant addition to a bit of toast, goes great with strips of cheese (tiger toast), and is fun to squeeze little black worms of from between crackers.

But it’s certainly an acquired taste, and I’ve yet to met a non native who hasn’t grimaced through their first sampling of the delectable delight. Hell, I’ve not met somebody who was game to even try it a second time.

The Test

I’d sent some Vegemite to Nomadic American way back when I lived in Australia, and was surprised/horrified to find that not only did she still have some left after four or five months- she hadn’t tried any at all!

This would not stand!

I sat the pretty young lady down, popped some bread into the toaster, and prepared to sit back and watch as she was hit by wave after wave of Vegemite induced mouthgasm.

You can check out the results below.

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