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Best iPhone Apps for Frequent Flyers

Those who travel frequently for business or pleasure likely have a smartphone, and if this smartphone is an iPhone, users are probably familiar with the app store. Yes, there are plenty of mobile apps on the market geared towards frequent flyers that will book flights, choose seating arrangements and generally facilitate the check-in process; but because travel is such a big business, that means the app market is flooded with options, not all of them of the premium variety.

So in the interest of separating the wheat from the chaff, here are some top iPhone apps geared towards those who spend almost as much time in the air as they do on the ground.

TripCase – free

The Internet can make traveling all the easier by providing frequent flyers more ways than ever to book flights, make hotel reservations and arrange car rentals. This can also make traveling more difficult, as it is often difficult to keep track of every receipt, schedule, confirmation and reservation. TripCase eliminates the clutter by providing a single location for all travel-related data. Not only that, but it also offers emails and push alerts in case of delays as well as detailed hotel info, such as address and check-in time.

Airline Seat Guide — $1.99

Those who always want to be ahead of the curve as far as flight seat selection is concerned would do well to purchase this app. Airline Seat Guide offers detailed seating plans from most major carriers and all of the seats are color-coded to signify the overall quality of the choice (green = good, red = bad). The app even provides detailed info on the pitch and width of an individual seat so the user can gauge just how much leg room it offers.

iFly – $3.99

For frequent flyers, all of those airports can become one big blur after a while. and it isn’t uncommon for travelers to find themselves in an unfamiliar terminal from time to time. iFly provides a comprehensive look at airports across the globe, featuring everything from detailed terminal diagrams to parking and transport options to activity recommendations during those long layovers. It offers plenty of traveler services – such as delay and cancellation info – and will even provide a history of the airport in question.

FlightTrack — $4.99

Most frequent flyers with a smartphone in their pocket have a flight-tracker app of some sort installed on the device. FlightTrack is a particularly good option because it shows a plane’s exact position in the air even with international flights. It also provides basic travel info such as departures, arrivals and gate locations.

MileBlaster — $6.99

This app may be pricey, but it can pay dividends in the form of big savings. Most frequent fliers take advantage of miles programs, and this app keeps track of the total amount of the user’s earned credits. The app will calculate how many apps are needed before becoming elite or earning a free trip and it provides alerts before certain miles expire.

Installing a majority of these apps on an iPhone will indeed cost a few bucks. However, the payoff is that travelers will have piece of mind knowing that every bit of vital flight-related info is ready at the push of a button.

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