10 Reasons I Hate Living in Australia

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Preface: I don’t hate Australia

Before you leap down my throat and accuse me of being un-Australian (the worst of all insults that can be hurled at an Aussie native), I want to preface this by saying one thing:

I could think of 10,000 reasons why I love living in Australia.

I could wax lyrical about the many beautiful cities I’ve visited (or have yet to visit), the natural beauty that exists in abundance, the fantastic foods, the wonderful people, the epic sporting confrontations, the quirks, the traditions, the holidays, the weather, and the thousand little things that slip my mind most of the time and then leap back into my mind on some random autumn morning here in China.

My family are undoubtedly the thing I love most about Australia.
My family are undoubtedly the thing I love most about Australia.

For those curious, this morning it’s remembering what it felt like to sprawl out on my bed in Glen Innes after a shower on a warm spring day.

The curtains stir with a breeze carrying the sweet smell of pollen whipped up from the gardens lower on the hill and in the distance the incongruous sounds of cars and cattle reach my ear.

I love my sleepy mountain hometown in that conflicted way that most travelers do.

So Why Do You Hate Living in Australia?

I don’t travel because I hate Australia or Australian life. Get that idea out of your head right now.

But I’d be lying if I said a big part of the reason I travel isn’t my reluctance to live full time in Australia. It’s a question I get asked a lot too.

“Why do you travel so much? You’re from Australia! I’d kill to live there!”

So, here we go…

10. No street food

Let’s start small with something relatively innocuous.

love street food.

To me, there is no better window into the culinary culture of a country than the cheap eats that locals cook and eat on crowded side streets.

From the foul bondeggi (boiled silkworm larvae) in South Korea to the orgasmic lamb skewers in China’s Xinjiang province; sampling street food is a favorite way to embrace local culture and one of the first opportunities I afford myself to step away from tacky Western franchises and into the world I’ve placed myself in.

Delicious Korean street food.
Delicious Korean street food.

There’s no doubting that Australia has some fantastic traditional foods that are further complimented by the countless multicultural influences that have emerged over the past 40-50 years, but sit down restaurants and expensive eateries abound.

Visitors wanting to sample Aussie food will almost always have to wade through the innumerable classy European, Asian, fusion, or fast food restaurants that abound.

Imagine being able to get a sneaky 'pav' on the go!
Imagine being able to get a sneaky ‘pav’ on the go!

Australian food handling laws are designed to protect, of course, but they do a great disservice to visitors and locals alike.

I’d love for there to be a day where kangaroo skewers, late night kebabs, cheap and nasty noodle bowls, and sausage sandwiches could be picked up night and day across the country.

9. Distant culture

The stereotype of the rugged, bronzed Aussie man without a brash exterior who hasn’t shed a tear in his life might not be accurate, but it does have some basis in truth. Australian culture is, to my mind, one of the more emotionally distant I’ve encountered.

While I’ve been blessed with a number of close friends I feel comfortable telling most anything, ours is not a culture of physical affection or emotional openness.

Just chilling with some of my nearest and dearest.
Just chilling with some of my nearest and dearest.

This has lead to the same issues with mental illness that abound all over the world, and especially so for men. We’re not encouraged to ask for help or talk about our feelings, and this has lead to a number of tragedies in which people who could have been helped take the drastic step of suicide when they could have been saved.

This ‘closed off’ attitude extends to socialising, in my experience, and I’ve had infinitely more luck forging friendships and romantic relationships abroad than I ever did in Oz.

You can read more about my own struggle with depression in Travel with the Black Dog.

#8 – Our politics

This one is a rather recent and nasty development. I’m not a hugely political person, but when I’m forced to shake my head at the state of affairs in my home country on a nearly daily basis, it’s cause for concern.

He actually said 'suppository of wisdom'...
He actually said ‘suppository of wisdom’…

Between the complete and wanton disregard for our natural wonders, the persistent human rights violations in our offshore detention centres, our continued and dogged resistance to gay marriage, the argument that ‘people have the right to be bigots’, the cutting of funding to the not for profit ABC, and recent calls to do away with concepts like Medicare and affordable university – it’s like my country is determined to make a return to the glory days of the 50s.

Where once I could proudly say I come from Australia, I find myself increasingly having to defend the country from those who rightfully point out our human rights abuses, homophobic political stance, and seeming desire to move backwards rather than forwards.

I’m beginning to understand how Americans feel.

#7 – Our God awful internet

It’s become a running joke with visitors and nationals alike, but Australian internet is beyond a joke.

Slow speeds, patchy availability, ludicrous costing, inhibitive ‘download limits’, and the government’s recent invasive decision to institute data retention have made Australia something of a developing country when it comes to the internet.

Pretty depressing when you consider we invented WiFi.

The government’s attempts to remedy Australia’s lagging internet development (pun intended) have proven to be a comedy of errors, with both major parties making a dog’s breakfast of things.

Frankly, Australian internet is an embarrassment.

#6 – No career options (for me)

This one is obviously very specific to me. I’ve got lots of good friends at home who have found very successful and enjoyable careers for themselves.

For a guy who hates the drudgery of 9-5, Monday to Friday existence; Australia isn’t exactly paradise for me. ESL teaching attracted me at first because it had different hours (my first job was 1.30pm until 9pm) that suited a night owl and habitual drunkard such as myself.

Looking terribly professional in my gig for Telstra in 2010.
Looking terribly professional in my gig for Telstra in 2010.

Much like other western countries, Australia embraces the idea of the regular work week, the mortgage, the 2.5 kids, and someday retiring to play golf and take vacations by caravan. That lifestyle certainly isn’t without appeal, but it’s not one I’m in any hurry to sink into.

It’s not that I can’t find a job in Australia – I’ve had plenty. It’s that I can’t find the kind of work that would creatively fulfill me without crushing my soul.

#5 – Dating in Australia

This one drives my family crazy. My dating record reads like somebody trying to play some weird kind of continental bingo. Of all the people I’ve dated in any meaningful way, only two have come from Australia. I didn’t sleep with either of them, but did finally break my Aussie ‘duck’ back in 2012 right before I moved to China.

That’s right – I slept with a bunch of other nationalities before I even ‘sampled the local talent’. I hope you’ll excuse that rather crude euphemism.

Why? I’ve just never ‘clicked’ with Australian girls. I’m not going to open myself up for hate mail by explaining why, but suffice to say I’ve had precious little luck meeting Australian girls who I felt any real chemistry with. On the other hand, I’ve got a ridiculous streak of having romantic success with American girls, much to my family’s chagrin.

Of course, it could just be that my ‘success’ abroad has a lot to do with the fact the people I’m meeting here are of a similar mindset to me. They’re travelers and free spirits too, so it stands to reason we’d get along better than those at home who have chosen that life of working and saving and eventually settling down.

So, maybe I shouldn’t blame this one on Australia…

#4 – Lack of patriotism

Aussies are bloody proud people, especially when it comes to sport. When you compare that to the level of fanatacism you see from the British or Americans, though; it pales in comparison.

I’ve never seen an Australian moved to tears by Advance Australia Fair (not that I can blame them, it’s a fucking dreary anthem). You don’t see a great many Australian flags flying in front yards, and you won’t catch a great many of us caring enough about politics to love or hate our leader of state.

Flying the Aussie flag with pride is a rare sight.
Flying the Aussie flag with pride is a rare sight.

NB: Except recently. Tony Abbott hate seems to be a popular pastime.

It’s certainly not that Australians aren’t proud of being Australian, it’s just that we’re a little more low key in our pride. There’s nothing wrong with it, but you’ve got to admire the almost blind faith you see displayed by Americans in particular when it comes to being proud of their country.

The saddest part? Those who do display patriotism tend to be doing it for the wrong reasons. They aren’t saying “I am proud of Australia”, they’re saying “I don’t want anything to ever change”.

Basically, they’re racist and ignorant. They wave the flag around and wear it like a superman cape while becrying a need to kick out ‘immigrants’ without being aware of the irony that their ancestors immigrated here. They sport Southern Cross tattoos while shouting abuse at foreigners. It’s disgusting.

NB: It’s ironic that most of the people commenting about how it’s ‘impossible to be patriotic in Australia’ are blaming it on immigrants. Kind of proves the above point, guys.

#3 – Hard (and expensive) to get around

Australia is a big country. Duh.

It’s also a sparsely populated one, with around 80% of the population (and hence, the cities) on the coast. This means that it’s not exactly easy to get around.

The US and China are similar in size (both slightly larger) but the more even scattering of sizable cities means that there are international airports, high speed rail stations, and bus depots at far more regular intervals than you’ll find in Australia. As a result, getting from A to B is usually fairly affordable.

Want to fly somewhere in regional Australia? Grab your ankles...
Want to fly somewhere in regional Australia? Grab your ankles…

Their large populations also facilitate a more competitive market for airlines and transport companies, which has a beneficial effect for consumers.

Australia, conversely, is a bloody steep ask to get around. To travel from my home town to Sydney – an eight hour train or bus ride – will run me between $60 and $80.

Don’t live in a place serviced by a rail or bus setup? You’d better drive, because there’s likely to be no other way to get from Point A to Point B.

Air travel is similarly overpriced, with regional airports typically only serviced by a single carrier who isn’t above gouging passengers upwards of $150 for an hour long flight between Sydney and a small town.

#2 – High Cost of Living

In a lot of ways, Australians are very lucky. We live in a safe country with excellent services and a high quality of living. The price we pay for this, obviously, is that Australia is also a damned expensive country.

The cost of living is somewhat more affordable the farther you get from the service and entertainment rich coast, but even out ‘in the sticks’ you’re paying $6-$8 for an import beer, $15-30 for a dinner, and $60-$100 a month for internet that doesn’t even approach US or mainland Asian speeds or download limits. Yes, we have download limits in Australia.

When I was living and working in Sydney, I worked a 40 hour week like most other Aussies do. The majority of my money went to transport costs (roughly $9 a day for the bus), food for the week, rent, bills, and other incidentals. By the time all of this had come out, I could usually afford a single night out per pay cycle – and that would be stretching my budget.

It got to be that I felt like I was paying for the privilege of being able to work 40 hours a week. That was a primary factor in me deciding to get the hell out.

#1 – Racism

It should be impossible for Australia as racially and culturally diverse as Australia to have a problem with racism, but it’s a sad fact of life in Australia that racism is a common occurrence regardless of where you are.

It’s not just the obvious and embarrassing displays of racism like the Cronulla Race Riots or the recent violent attacks on Indian minorities in Victoria – it’s the pervasive, often easily overlooked casual racism that comes in the form of racist jokes, racial slurs, and racial stereotyping that virtually every Australian has been guilty of at some time.

The infamous Cronulla Race Riots of 2005 rank as the most embarrassing time to be an Aussie in my mind.
The infamous Cronulla Race Riots of 2005 rank as the most embarrassing time to be an Aussie in my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m of the opinion that there are no taboos when it comes to comedy, but it seems that the average Australian has forgotten that regardless of whether you’re ‘just joking’, it can still be racist. And I include myself in this from time to time.

It’s not just jokes, though. It’s people who throw around racial slurs like ‘fucking Chinks’ or ‘God damn Arabs’ when they’re angry about something innocuous. It’s the incorrect belief that people who come here should ‘act Australian or get the fuck out’. It’s people shouting ‘learn English!’ at people from other countries, complaining about Indians ‘stealing their jobs’, and arguing vehemently that we have no room for ‘terrorists’ from other countries who are seeking refuge.


As I stated in my prologue, none of this is intended to deter people from visiting Australia or moving there. I adore the country and feel very lucky to be able to call myself Australian.

These aren’t reasons I hate Australia or reasons not to go there, they’re just a few reasons why I choose not to live there. And there are many, many more reasons why I would love to someday call it home again.

Your Say

What do you ‘hate’ about your own country or your adopted country?

Have I hit the mark? Or am I way off base with these?

Looking for something more positive? Check out my Australian bucket list for 95 reasons why I love Australia.

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  1. Trump may be a scumbag.. but he was no fool. Don’t be fooled by his willingness to act like a fool in order to manipulate his foolish population. In the years to come, as China’s willingness to leverage its position as the world’s manufacturing powerhouse in a tyranical fashion is fully realised, so too will Trump’s secret agenda of preparation for this outcome go from rendering him a fool to deviously brilliant.

    P.S Australia is a shithole because of Australians. Proof of this: What we did to East Timor, by promising to protect them and letting them get slaughtered. What we did to NZ, the underarm bowl. These disgusting acts define Australians pretty accurately.

  2. Didn’t see anywhere to write a new comment. I lived one year in Australia , a couple of months in 3 different states ( QLD, NSW and SA) and only with Australians. I agree with a lot of what you are saying except the delicious food part. Racism is rampant in Australia and I say that as a French Canadian who is fluent. It goes from people giving you horrible services if not outright ripping you off to women coming to talk to you just to walk away when they ear your accent and drunk locals who want to fight you for no reason beside the fact that you are a foreigner. Of what I have experienced Australians only talk about business ,money, sport, sex and beach activities ,anything else make you a Y, you are no longer frank but franky aka a moron. They don’t talk much but they listen and will not hesitate to cut your conversation with another foreigner if they don’t understand it , that’s totally surrealist and happened to me several times in restaurants and pubs. As for dating, you don’t need a date of what I have experienced, Australian women are pretty much the all action no talking type. They can be outright creepy, they don’t mind staring , running after you or do very crazy stuff even if their boyfriend, husband or children are with them, they seem to have a very hard time controlling themselves. Australian men kinda accept it , it’s very weird, 2 of the guy I lived with were basically the slave of their ex. I often ended up in awkward situation where a guy was staring down and the woman was looking at me with wide eyes and a big smile.Your politicians really don’t care about the environment and people from the bush, in fact it seems they want people from the bush to move to the big cities and only keep skeletal crew with foreigners on farms. This way they would get much needed labor and wouldn’t have to spend a dime on them. As for patriotism , of what I have seen, it’s a local affair , especially in the bush. A guy I met in Brisbane gave me a very accurate description of the Australian mentality when he said that you are more pack oriented, I would even say a clan mentality. If you are not in the pack you are either a potential prospect or a prey. That being said I met some of the most honest people in my life in Oz once the very very thick ice is broken you tend to say what you think even if it is to your disadvantage and this is very rare everywhere else I have been. If it wasn’t for covid I would probably still be there , the song says it all: a land down under where women glow and men plunder.

  3. I enjoyed this. Especially the observations about the Australian government. Scott Morrison is easily as bad as bufoon Trump–who he was good buddies with–or arguably even worse: Morrison’s Washington’s poodle at every turn, even when doing so hurts Australias’ interests. for example the Washington vs China trade war: Morrison is more than happy to cut trade and implement sanctions against China to please Washington–even when that means cutting trade with China, losing jobs and increasing the cost of things previously imported from China. Not to mention the government’s harassment, house searching and imprisonment of ethnic Chinese politicians who are inadequately “hard” on China, hence seen as ‘Chinese secret agents’ or similar McCarthyite bullshit. Or how about Morrison’s Hawaii trip in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic? Nice. He could care less people were dying ’cause hey!–I want my hols you bitch! Morrison has done everything he can possibly do to throw Julian Assange under the bus and leave him rotting in Belmarsh prison for doing actual journalism. Disgusting really, for Morrison to be so supine, so brown-nosing to Washington in its ongoing ugly vendetta against Assange, Morrison even stating for the record “Well there’s really nothing we can do for Assange; he’ll have to face justice in America for his actions.” The Australian government never misses a chance to suck up to mining interests, oil extraction, and gut any environmental protections: in truth the Australian government is basically a PR branch of corporations, doing everything it can to increase corporate profits, pretty much the same as the government in Washington, i.e. being an arm or office branch of big business and Wall St. EVERYTHING must be privatized and monetized, utilizing a rentier money extraction economic model that sucks every bit of life and energy out of workers for the least amount of money. No permanent jobs with benefits like paid leave, pension etc: NO! Welcome to the 21st century “gig” economy of zero hours contracts, office temp jobs, short term jobs, etc. I can totally understand why you wanted to live abroad and get out. I did the same and left USE for many of the same reasons 🙂 Wishing you all the best in your life living abroad 🙂

  4. Agree, Filo food sucks, so does the land of “milk and honey” (vomit) – the milk has soured and the honey is artificial.

  5. Thing will get worse, we as a people have a massive debt that needs to be paid. We have destroyed nearly everything in nature, we’ve killed so many native animals simply for the sport of it, we’ve murdered first nation people in their millions, we destroy our river systems and ground water with industrial extraction of this precious resource to grow cotton which needs spraying with the most toxic of chemicals at least seven time during the growing season or otherwise we pump giga litres of water into the ground as we relentlessly frack it for poisonous gas, we are still developing coal mines and have plans for more coal fired power stations as well as the so-called gas led recovery where we will burn more fossil fuel per head than just about anyone on Earth, then we squander tax payers’ money by increasing defence spending to $46 billion while more and more native species go extinct and millions of fish die in rivers that are too damaged to carry enough oxygen for the poor buggers to breathe, and then as a nation we won’t allow refugees to live here while we determine their status and instead dump them on two of the most underdeveloped islands in the world, Nauru which is a waste land after decades of phosphate mining has left nothing but devastation or Manus which is north of PNG and is essentially a third world settlement with extremely limited facilities and on both these islands people get sick and die or fall into catatonic depression. No, Australia under the LNP government is an utter shithole and the only people who’d like it here are Nazis and other fascistic pricks.

  6. Step beyond the 19th Century materialism of Australia and to be fair( your words) there is a real world beyond the beaches that surround Australia…… the author presents an observation too, not only his own opinion.

  7. No he is right, I have travelled much. Australia has a very poor heart and soul. Until Australia changes much of its ways ( culturally) it will forever be a dog chasing its tail

  8. Woo-hoo. So sad it was that painful for you. Hope you don’t realise too soon that every other country has its own problems too. You sound like the sort of person who wouldn’t be content anywhere…

    • Places I have lived that I preferred to Australia: South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Georgia (the country).

      You sound like the kind of person whose username screams out their blind, parochial nationalism and would be incapable of having a discussion on the topic without slowly melting down.

  9. They were probably attracted by the title of this blog (possibly even searched those very words). That’s the danger of ‘clickbait’ headings (or those that otherwise don’t accurately represent the nature of the content).

    • What is clickbait about the title “reasons why I hate living in Australia”? It is literally delivering on that promise: a list of reasons why I, the author, does not like living in Australia.

      It isn’t my fault that the majority of people reading it look at the title and then scroll to the bottom to have a bout of spontaneous verbal ejaculation. I blame the Australian education system, personally.

  10. Well, to be fair, many of the replies are pure unashamed Australia bashing. I can’t help but feel sorry for people who hate their (adopted) homeland so much. Why bother staying? You can’t take the benefits and just slag it off without saying anything positive at all. I think anyone of any nationality would get pissed off at people doing that to their homeland.

    • If you are incapable of finding fault in something you claim to love – that isn’t love: that’s zeal. Nothing is without imperfection and pointing out those imperfections so that they might be repaired is a far greater sign of care than blindly accepting everything that is wrong with a place.

  11. Not sure where you work, but I’d say it’s an exception to the rule. Never heard of people NOT bringing food to work for special occasions… Or even just randomly, because they felt like it!

  12. Very well written piece and I agree e with all you said.
    But may I ad a few things.
    We have become pretentious self promoting wankers. How many job ads do I see the employers claim to be “the leading whatever” with “ the highest standards of……..”
    there is a real big frog in a small pond mentality there. Mostly from those who have not traveled.
    The clickiness Of society there. You have to be with the in crowd or you just don’t belong. Some places I lived if you had not been there for 40 years Plus and you parents were not related before they were married, you are not a local.
    Lack of job security.
    In fact getting the job you want you need to know someone to get it.
    I never realized what Australia was like until I came overseas to work.

  13. Must be the only country is the world where a fat ugly selfish woman with a personality disorder can still get laid. Also, the media in Australia seems completely dominated by old ugly feminist types. Not much of an information service, more of an enormous network of advocacy groups looking to advance the interests of women and which couldn’t care less about men, regardless of how impoverished some of them are. Australia is good for making money if you have the skills and then getting out

  14. As an Aussie who’s lived in the USA for the last twenty years, I can say that you should be thankful that Australians aren’t as overtly patriotic as Americans, nor as rabidly tribal about their politics.

    Americans take their national pride to unhealthy levels, to a point where they literally think the country is God’s chosen place, know next to nothing about the rest of the world (I’ve been complimented for speaking English ‘really well’ as a second language, then been asked to speak ‘Australian’) consider themselves culturally and morally superior to everyone else because of their economic and military preeminence, and bristle at the idea of anything that smacks of socialism as if it’s a communist conspiracy – they’ll argue themselves blue in the face about the increase in taxes for the dubious benefit of socialized medicine, all while paying through the nose for outrageously expensive private health insurance that tries to screw them at every turn – and which they’re entirely dependent on their employers for – employers who try and use every trick in the book to minimize their obligations to provide any form of health care coverage at all.

    And while you can certainly criticize Australians on some things (I had to change my name years ago because of all the ethnic intolerance I had to put up with growing up of Greek parentage) there are aspects to Australians which I value highly, not least our directness, openness, and our capacity for calling a spade a spade. Here in the States? Lying is such a way of life that it’s almost a defining characteristic of Americans, and they spend so much time constantly selling themselves that they aren’t even aware of it. And for a country that sneers at the class consciousness of places like Europe, Americans are just as bad in a different way – for them it’s all about money – the more you have the greater your status. Down under we don’t, for the most part, give a damn who or what anyone does, and it’s not uncommon for a bunch of people who work together, regardless of their pecking order at a business, to go out for a beer together – I always tell friends here in the US that if the Aussie PM ever bumps into anyone on the street he/she fully expects to be referred to by their first name and would consider it normal, a point Americans and their ‘Mr. President’ heads can’t get around. Anywhere else in the world when you meet someone and shake their hand the first thing out of your mouth is to greet people and introduce yourself. I always joke that for an American, the first words are, ‘Hi there, what do you do?’, because they want to peg you straight away to see if you’re worth talking to or not.

    We do have our faults down under, there’s no denying it, but on the whole I’d take Australia over any other country when it comes to quality of life and attitude. I’ve traveled pretty extensively in my life, worked and lived in other countries, yet when it comes down to it there’s no other place I’d choose to be, and I have missed it every week, month and year I’ve been away – I only stay in the USA because of my American wife and our kids.

    One last point – your success with other nationalities versus Australian women. That’s an easy call, mate – it’s the novelty, the exotic element, you haven’t suddenly become more charming, erudite, and good looking. I’ve been hit on countless times in the USA, sometimes pretty overtly, simply because of the accent – I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been told by women here how they could just sit around all day and just listen to me talk (even though 90% of them make the mistake of thinking I’m English). Too bad I didn’t know that when I was younger and unattached! 🙂

  15. Hi there Darion
    I immigrated to Australia in 1996 from a former USSR ( Ukraine). Initially, when you are in a new country,( plus we came here on the “skilled migrants” visa), all the energy goes into trying to find a job, to fit in, improve your alredy pretty decent English language, which means that your dont really see trees behind the forest. What I mean you dont really see and/or understand all the nuances of the culture you are in.
    Now, I can see them all (Unfortunately!!)
    and I very, very much agree with you on a few main points, specifically:
    Narrow – mindedness; Being unkind and Selfish (in regards say even to elderly parents);
    Very Low Emotional Intelligence, Inability to maintain a Deep Meaningful conversation, Absence of Culture as such. Also, Australian women tend to completely let themselves go after the age of 20 or even earlier..
    In many other cultures, “fat blobs” wearing trackies and thongs are not called “ladies”.. ?
    Australia has some great advantages, like remoteness from the epicentres of the world conflicts, low population, natural beauty, great (RED) WINE, but lots need to be done to improve the Level of Education, Being KINDER AND MORE ACCEPTING OF DIFFERENCES, and having HIGHER STANDARDS of respect to self, and to each other.

  16. Gonna have to give a hard disagree there, mate. While it’s not awful, I would definitely rate it in the bottom five international cuisines I’ve tried. I love a good adobo, but I’m struggling to think of a cuisine I rate less than Filipino.

  17. Haha, that’s exactly right. Australian women are disgusting dirty pigs and not worth spitting on.
    I have seen women from other countries come to live here and are soon transformed into the horror of the dreaded Australian female.. what a waste.

  18. You’re absolutely right Kat, Australia and Australians is about as bad as it can get.
    The country is doomed. I got out a few years back and getting rid of my Australian citizenship was like taking off a pair of dirty socks.

  19. Philippines food is amongst the best in the world, you certainly know very little about the food in the Philippines.

  20. Hey Chris,

    Not for some reason I’m here, I googled “why do you leave Australia” and this, your post was years ago but I now have nodded to every point you made. I left Vietnam for Sydney over 10 years ago because Viets doesn’t speak English, lol. The time has been a mixture of nightmare and sweet dreams, I fought pretty hard for where I am now, never regret, but Sydney has turned out to be a very expensive comfort zone for me. I love every piece of the city (exclude the bloody pricey parking lots) and every friend I have here, would crazily miss it here if I have to leave, but I can’t agree more on what you say that you were “paying for the privilege of being able to work 40 hours a week”, that is exactly what I find myself now, work, get paid, pay the bills and being miserable. I think this city is for the riches and tourists, it’s great for fun loving people who can afford it. I’m struggling between ‘go’ &’stay’, I came here started on scratch and probably have to do it again in another country, the though scares the heck out of me, i don’t know how I can get that adrenaline of my 20s back but I guess I have to work on it some how. I’m getting older, slacker and my saving for my travel is quickly drained out due to the human very basic needs in Sydney.

    I’m normally a quiet blog reader, but I want to share my thought and say thank you, and because you are born Auzzie, I’m not but you have helped me to put my thought into words. I started a personal blog ages ago then my ideas got lost in the pile of bills to pay, ha ha, and as someone said ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’, I’m an empty cup looking for the fulfilling.

  21. Yes agree with a lot of points here in especially bogans which yes really shit me.

    I’d assume other countries have their own versions of bogans like red necks in America and even Europe has rough nuts around who love violent dogs with studded collars and sinking a slab every weekend then bragging about it ?( or are we the only country that has this sort of corrupt variety of person)

    Also my Father was born in Belgium and he has never understood the way males talk about their partners here like they are an object not to mention bragging again how much beer they can down or how much 4 wheel driving they did on the weekend of course lets not forget the trail bikes that go with it.

    And every name is in slang form like Stewie or Matty or Davo or just quit the slang talk it’s lazy and another bogan dialect I hate.

    Now my Mother is of German background born here to German parents but and this is how stupid Australia and it’s people can get.

    She grew up being called nazi back in the day as she attended a Lutheran church with good people that brought farming skills with them from Germany to the Barossa region yet they were forced during the war to change town names that had German sounding names to more English sounding names.

    These good German folk brought all their farming building,craftmanship,cooking knowledge to the region and were looked upon as evil .

    I think we have never truly become our own country in terms of a proper strong culture and I guess that may be something we wont see for a long time as we are a very young country with not much history in comparison to other parts of the world.

    Australian’s ,Aussies,Bogans whatever you want to call them are a funny bunch.

    Hell I was born here and I’m a very deep sincere loving person who always shows interests in other people’s stories and put effort in to getting to know them but don’t meet a lot of people similar to myself and often feel like an outsider.

    I find a lot of people here seem to show not a great deal of emotion but more so a harshness with a fakeness or a basic don’t give a fk attitude.

    They don’t give a damm where there ancestors are from most of the time and are very narrow minded.

    Most don’t like going out of their way to help you as they are selfish and tight arses are in abundance in Aussie land.

    I brought a christmas Stollen in to work before Christmas break up and people were suprised and shocked as nobody would spare a little bit of money to bring a bit of joy to a workplace like I had done for the last 3 years.

    I have considered moving overseas but just don’t know if I could make such a huge change.

    I love the country but my god the people and their beliefs often have me scratching my head in astonishment…?

  22. I understand your feelings entirely. I left 27 years ago after university. I’ve been back three years after a divorce. I have had regular work, but on short contracts; it is outrageously expensive. I live in a two-bedroom apartment for the same price we paid for a 4 bedroom villa in Brussels. The people are rough, racist, cold and unfriendly. I’m still shocked. I have to accept that if I stay I will feel isolated. What a shame.

    • If you’ve got a bachelor’s degree, there is always the option to teach abroad. While it may not be everybody’s wheelhouse, I’ve found it to be a great ‘get out’ clause when life in Australia becomes too expensive and oppressive.

  23. Laissez faire economics is not freedom for most citizens. It is, however, freedom for the already wealthy and the multinationals to further destroy the environment and democratic values, so unless you are a shareholder, it might do you good not to dogmatically repeat whatever neoliberal quotes you found on Facebook and read something on the subject. And speaking of “property rights”, how many generations ago was this country acquired by bloodshed and destruction? A bit entitled, are we? And a bit bigoted as well, hmmmm?

  24. Im from europe and i hate it too. In sydney people are so full of themself. We have a restaurant and i work 12 hours a day to just keep the business going. Signed up for school to learn accounting, wow! The teacher is mot even coming in! Just one of those visa schools. Its soo Corrupt! But hey the casinos they do well!

    • Sorry to hear that, mate! Have you contemplated doing the accounting course online through something like Open Universities? My brother is doing his IT qualification through them and has found it to be a good fit.

  25. One reason I don’t want is foreign religions like islam, which is very poisonous to all life, and communism, which is also poisonous to all life, so really, I won’t accepts morons who thinks islam, communism, satanism, luciferianism, freemasonism are great. Those are all poisons that ruins lives. I never seen anyone ever gets well on those. ONLY true Freedom, Lassez Faire Capitalism when we are truly prosperous with our Property Rights!

    Communism, islam, etc all destroys our FREEDOM and PROPERTY RIGHTS.

    Communism destroys all. Communism says what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine. Whatever you owns they will take to give to someone else (a little) and keeps most of it themselves, too. History is full of these examples. Plus they kills nearly 99% of the citizens just because. They are insane.

    Islams destroys all. In fact, they destroys WOMEN and CHILDREN utterly. There are hundreds of generations of TRAUMA in them! They’re so brainwashed, deeply so, and they HATES all of us who loves freedom and rejects THEIR slavery-inducing islam! They do the same as the communists, confiscates everything and forces you into slavery to their islam insanity. They are liars and pretends to be telling truth until they got you so hooked deep then they’ll tell you what they really are. They are the personification of princes of lies just like their god satan, the prince of lies.

    These are just two extreme examples. You wait… the more of a certain group, the more they’ll demands concessions be given to them until they takes over and tell us what to do and what to think.

    Then we’ll have a battle on our hands forcing them out to preserves our way of life, our FREEDOMS, our PROPERTY RIGHTS, our INDIVIDUALISM from these scum.

    So yeah, I draw the lines in giving refuge to immigrants, as long as they loves freedom, then they are welcome, if they don’t, then they’re not welcome. IT’s that fucking simple.

  26. I don’t know how I came across this blog. I guess it’s just one of those days on the internet. But being someone of chinese background and raised an utterly huge chunk of my life in Australia, I absolutely fuckin’ agree with the casual racism bit you wrote. I mean it doesn’t happen often, but whenever it does, it just annoys the heck out of me. And the fact that you’re meant to take it as a joke and if you don’t like it then get the fuck out, is precisely the attitude I despise. It is seriously one of those things that make me want to consider leaving this country. You never know if something just ticks, and I’ve had enough, I might as well just do it.

  27. Yeah, why pay for my own stuff when I can sit back and have other’s taxpayer money pay for my shit?

    • Idiot logic.

      Why do my taxes go towards roads I don’t drive on, schools I don’t attend, and bank subsidies?

      If we only paid for our own stuff, we’d have no roads, hospitals, or schools. No military. No public works.

  28. I am living in Australia 12 years and have 2 little children born here, now when they are growing I can see what low level of education is here, also living in Melbourne is became a nightmare trains are overcrowded, not punctual, housing is very expensive and most of Australians are selfish rough-neck people. I am staying here just because of my job, but when my older son will be 10 years old we will move back to Europe, I still call Europe my home, not Australia, although I ve got an AU citizenship, I can’t cope with this culture here as an European, therefore I want to take my children and give them better opportunity in my native Europe. Australia is not worth to leave my children here and watch slowly what they become in the future, only the benefit from stay in Australia is the English and that’s it. Australia is a fake country, everything looks nice but when you lift up the lid you will see the mess and rubbish. There is nothing real….

    • I’m sorry your experience in Australia has been unpleasant.

      While I did list ten reasons why I don’t want to live in my country of birth, I have countless more reasons why I would in a heartbeat. I’m sorry that this isn’t also true for you.

  29. I’m sorry to hear that your experience in Australia has been an unpleasant one. While I definitely prefer my life living in East Asia and Southeast Asia, I’m sure I’ll return to Australia when it comes time to have kids and raise a family. It’s a far from perfect place, but my American fiancee isn’t too keen on forking out $15,000+ USD to have a baby when it’s covered by Medicare in Australia.

    Are you currently studying at Uni? If so, teaching abroad will be a good way to get your foot in the door in places like Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam.

  30. High fructose corn syrup is found in a variety of “convenience store” candies, salty snacks, and other various processed items. That’s literally it.

    We don’t “put corn syrup in everything”, you dumb bitch.

  31. Your comment about “high fructose corn syrup” in American food was rude.

    High fructose corn syrup is found in processed foods. Most Australian processed sweets tend to utilize betroot sugar extract, which is much the same.

    Additionally, he’s discussing “food”. Not items likely to have corn syrup in them. Dishes. Cuisine. I’d agree America has a much more significant variety of native dishes and regional cuisines than Australia does, and it certainly ranks better for Michelin-starred restaurants.

    Kat is being somewhat rude, however

  32. Hey man! I actually love your post and the effort you put into replying to people for a 3 year old post. I have to agree with you on all these points. I’ve been feeling left out from Australia for my entire life and just searching up ‘what’s wrong with Australia’, your post really helped me to understand everything.

    I agree with the fact that Australia seems to be a distant culture. Everyday, when I go on the streets, walk in the neighbourhood with my dog, go to university, no one bothers to talk to you (and my arms are metaphorically open 24/7 to meet a new friend). The recent politics just shook me on how stupid governments can be, especially with the whole backwards thinking of being one of the only countries welcoming and thinking of coal. I’m Asian, and people have catcalled, shouted and said “konnichiwa” out of their car windows with their kids (not that frequently, but enough that your mind is prepared these things will happen). There aren’t a lot of ‘tourist attractions’, amenities or anywhere cool to be (located in Brisbane), and the prices are expensive. Heck, my friends and I jokingly comment “Wow! Maccas has a $3 Big Mac on the App!” and then unironically buy it because everything else is around the $12-15 range.

    My parents moved here and I was born here because they wanted me to be happy in a country with clean air, and I’m very grateful for that. But, as I’m turning 20, I’m really desperate to start travelling the world to places like Japan and Korea and be here as little as possible (but I need a casual job, which is impossible at this stage if you got no prior experience haha!!!).

  33. This comment is a good example of one of the things wrong with Australia – the lack of ability to receive criticism. And anyone who does not conform is shot down. When Aussies are upset because someone bruised their national pride all they can do is hurl abuse, call someone a ‘leftie’, ‘commie’ or ‘snowflake’. This shows a huge lack of intelligence.

  34. Queensland, if talking about values and acceptance, racism and mental outlook is back in the 1800s

  35. Jane, your comment is a good example of one reason why I left. When someone has nothing intelligent to say and disagrees with something they call them ‘lefties’, ‘snowflakes’ etc. There is an inability in Australians to be able to rationally discuss anything. There is a defensive, reaction that borders on hate. This links to living in one of the world’s most conformist countries. Step out of the box and get shot down.

  36. I can’t agree more. I moved out of Australia 16 years ago but had to come back for ten of those years to be near my sick mother. I have been away again for three years and never want to see Australia again. So sick of the rough-neck culture, the expense of travel, the isolation, the racism and bigotry… the list is endless.

    • I still love Australia for both what it has given me (access to universal healthcare, affordable university, and a safe place to be brought up) and I still love to visit, but I can’t picture myself calling it ‘home’ full time, especially in its current political state.

      I much prefer to live in Asia where, while nothing is perfect, I’m at least separate from the things that frustrate me.

  37. Australia sucks in terms of culture. No patriotism. Men can’t be honest or emotional. Women are harsh. Drunk culture rampant . Immigrants rip off the system.

    • You lost me at that last part, I’m afraid. Multiple studies have proven that legal refugees aren’t ripping off the system. This is just a scare tactic told by Murdoch and his stooges to sell their anti-immigration agenda.

  38. That is very interesting. There are some powerful people in Australia who have capitlised on the high immigration/low housing affordability problem and are making a fortune from housing development. The liveability of the homes they’re building is not important to them. Making huge amounts of money is. “Poorly built” is the understatement of the century. They’re building high rise apartments and cookie-cutter townhouses as fast as they can with the cheapest materials they can – to maximise profit. The fact that the materials they’re using are unsafe. Google: 1. Opal Tower; 2. Exploding glass in apartments in Melbourne. Tip of the iceberg. And they’re getting away with it. They love these awful high rise towers and townhouses because they make squillons. All while they live in their one level suburban house block with a nice size backyard for kids and pets to play.

  39. That was a really interesting read. Two major things that sparked my interest. Your views on Australian women and the cost of living. They are two major things that would encourage you to get out of Australia. I think you skirted around the dating scene in Australia, but it’s one that I think needs to be addressed openly and honestly. Unfortunately, that’s one thing I dislike about Australia. If someone disagrees with what you’re saying, then they you must ‘hate’ them. And it seems that if you openly criticism one woman, then you hate all women. If an Australian woman feels even remotely upset about something you said or did, it’s suddenly bullying and harassment. It’s truly bizarre. I could write thousands of words on the topic, but I’ll cut to the chase: the Feminist movement has gone awry and it’s making western women more and more difficult to be around. And, no, it’s not men ‘feeling threatened’ and it’s got nothing to do with ‘toxic masculinity’. The big mistake Feminists have made is teaching women that being really unpleasant means empowerment. A lot more I could say, but I’ll stop there. The other issue you raised was about the cost of living. I’m on the verge of heading to Asia and to make a life there. The cost of living here is ridiculous, taxes are outrageous, tax upon tax upon tax. I know people who earn much less income in Asia, but have a much better lifestyle. The dollar amounts might be less, but they’re actually able to do more with surplus income. No, they don’t have universal free healthcare or unemployment benefits or aged care pensions. But those things are manageable when you have a good network of friends and family who support each other. People in Australia think, “Oh, I don’t need family if I get into trouble because the government will help me.”

  40. It’s become unbearably difficult and slow to get around Melbourne to do the simplest things and it just keeps getting worse. It is having a detrimental effect on people’s state of mind and the economy but who listens. 2 hours to drive 20 kilometres in Melbourne now, what an embarrassment.

  41. I hate Australia .. The food the people , the lack of culture.. pretty much everything is terrible here! & The Pav you posted is revolting! Food in New Zealand is way better! I can not think of one reason why I would want to stay in this country.. It’s a terrible place! Moving to North Philippines soon just to get away from this nightmare!

    • Good luck with that Philippines internet! The country is one of my favourite in the world, but the shoddy internet and the less than appetizing local cuisine are the major sticking points.

  42. Entitled to your opinion mate, surprised to see so many Aussies with a lot of hate for their country…as for women in America – I think a lot of Aussies are loved when they go there (Myself included), go to your nearest City if you want to find someone. Not all of us are arrogant and rude…lots of people (I choose to associate with) are easy going, friendly and down to earth. Wages here are better than a lot of other Countries too. In the Countryside its worse? not quite…it was even on the news that City people are moving to smaller country towns – get away from it all.

  43. As an American, I don’t have much room to complain about the rampant racism towards Asians and the native Aborigines as well as the homophobia being a bit stronger than, but not unlike New Zealand or the US, with it still existing heavily in the rural areas but less an issue in cities. Yet, there are many positives and things that seem like a utopia (as far as what passes for a “left” in our country due to how far right we’ve been pushed since Reagan) from a US standpoint: a national healthcare system, pollution is under control, marriage equality since the time this was posted, wildlife and the environment are cared for much better. Street food isn’t really a thing in the US unless you count hot dogs or peanuts in big cities with the exceptions of foreign holidays in Chinatowns and ethnic districts of big cities. But for each issue, there’s something also good if you ask me. 🙂

    • I agree wholeheartedly. There are a hell of a lot of reasons to love Australia, but the post I wrote on that topic doesn’t tend to get as much attention haha.

      As far as street food goes, I’ve seen and dined at some fantastic food trucks in DC and Austin. I assume they’re not limited to just those two cities?

      • Food trucks tend to be more oriented towards American fast-food tastes like burgers and such, so really don’t count as “street food” unless you go to one run by Latinos making Mexican or Central/South American food, in which case it does (usually) taste legit based on trips to Hidalgo and Juarez which both have some great Mexican food. Tijuana is okay, but is mostly seafood which of course a person really has to be in the mood for, same with the coastal resort towns like Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta. Asians only really have theirs in Oregon and California where the Chinatown districts are in most major cities. If you want good street dishes, hit up a major city during a cultural event.

        • In fact, (sorry for the late follow-up) as somebody from the Springfield, Missouri area (not to be confused with the Springfield from the Simpsons which is implied to be the one in Massachusetts) I can tell you about how we have tons of Asians that have moved in since the last census turning a blue-collar, Irish-Catholic town that seemed as if it was ripped up from the East Coast and plopped in the middle of the mainly Baptist “redneck” area on the cusp of the Midwest and the South into one of the largest Asian-American towns in the Middle US. We have always had a small population of Chinese-Americans with family from Canton running the nationally famous Asian restaurants the town has been known for for decades and now we have Thai (yum) Korean (super yum, my ex was Korean and got me hooked on bulgogi and budai jigae 🙂 ), Indian (yum, love Punjabi 🙂 ), and of course a TON of Japanese places both sushi bars and grills alike that are also very good. Recently, right across the street from the main entrance to Drury University (alongside Missouri State University where I went and the religious school Evangel College are three of the ten big universities/colleges in our state and all in the same town) is this place called “New Oriental Student Cafe” started by this young graduate couple from the school originally from Singapore who just got out with culinary degrees and serve very traditional Chinese food. How traditional you ask? Try tripe and other organs like you see on “Bizarre Foods” as well as bao-zi pork rolls, plus congee served with boiled tomato and century egg on top with bits of nori. Plus chopsticks and porcelain ladle spoon for certain stews only instead of silverware with the exception of serving spoons for rice. Plus during holidays like Chinese New Year and Eid as well as Diwali they have parties downtown for the Asians, plus ones for Dia de Las Muertos a.k.a Day of the Dead for Mexicans as well as Oktoberfest among others. You might want to check it out. 🙂

  44. I think its fine to say you hate parts of Australia. Agree with all of your points and can understand your reluctance to move back. I’ve been out of Aus for 10 years now and am meeting more and more aussies who feel the same way. If it wasn’t for the bogan culture I would probably move back.

    • I’m sure I’ll put down roots again in Australia someday. When it comes to places to raise a family, it’s hard to go past the healthcare, schooling, and general safety.

      But for somebody who makes their living online and who loves travel, it’s just not the place for me.

    • Yeah, so many people seem to think me hating any element of life in Australia extends to hating life there as a whole. Hell, some seem to assume it means I hate the country as a whole.

      I’ve written a much less well performing article on why I love Australia, but that one doesn’t tend to spark as much conversation haha.

  45. I moved to Australia 4 years ago with my Australian ex wife, and I will tell you what I like and don’t like about Australia (and yes, I will not live here much longer either).
    I like: the wildlife, salaries (I work as an ESL teacher), the pension system, medicare, not a gun culture, the beaches.
    I dislike: the internet, the high cost of everything (cheaper to buy on Ebay), relying too much on minerals and on imported intelligence.
    I hate: disrespect for nature, very pet-unfriendly, the bogan culture, the current government, poorly built and ridiculously expensive houses, no real mountains to speak of, too much desert.

    Australia, however, is still an above-average country and you will never find a perfect place. I’ve lived in half a dozen countries and travelled to more than 40 – if I had found the perfect place I would have been there by now:)

  46. Wow, reading those comments I feel like such a lightweight with my criticisms of Australia. The farther I got away from the major cities the more I felt like a time traveller. Downtown Sydney city centre it’s the 21st century and as you move way from it you subtract a few years or so in attitudes in the locals. By the time I got to Queensland it’s a 1980’s level intolerance in whatever issues from LGBT; “I got know problem with the homo’s”, to “The Chiiiineeese”. I didn’t have the heart to go into the outback in fear of seeing a first nations person hanging from a tree. Get the racism and intolerance under control. I assume this has to be done through Australia’s educational facilities. Seriously, why would anyone want to live in the mid-20th century?

  47. I moved out of Australia some 30 years ago. I like going back now and again then but I would not want to live there anymore. I find it somewhat boring and everything looks and feels the same whereever you go – but what surprised me the most was how expensive everything is. I was shocked what people pay especially for food. It certainly never used to be. Still compared to alot of other Western Countries Australia still is pretty damned good.

    • That’s where I stand. I may have left Australia pseudo-permanently, but I still love to visit and we’ve still got a lot going for us.

      The fact I left university without a crippling debt and the fact I was able to fly home for surgery when I broke my arm abroad are both things I’m eternally grateful for, especially compared to the situation my American partner faces whenever she contemplates going home.

  48. Shut up u lefty bitch coke smoking hippie cunt peace mongering whore fuck off to Korea u commie bitch

    • Got some rage issues there, sunshine?

      Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find someone to overlook your *small* problem someday, little man.

  49. CW Bush I agree with your response to Chris Bennett regarding each point.
    Someone will probably eventually accuse me of being American and say something like if you don’t like it here go home. Sometimes I just want to be able to express my opinion and to feel that I am understood by a few people. Perhaps like you.

    • That tends to be the standard response if you dare to criticise any element of any country, I’ve found. I hear it being said to my American friends who bemoan their current political situation, and even here in China.

  50. Okay having come to Australia Dec 09 having left a dreary depressing winter in the UK and circumnavigated the globe on sort of GFC induced bucket list trip I landed in Perth sunny and unfriendly I must add. Moving over to Adelaide for what reason I do not know and having tried to make this a base 3 years to get a visa and never having got a F/T job the number one problem for me besides flies, is ageism…shockingly deplorable compared to UK and USA Adelaide is by far the most small minded culturally backward on a business level place and I have worked for Fortune 100 companies but I don’t have LOCAL experience or a LOCAL degree. the amount of nepotism, chronyism, and and backward thinking approach to business is astounding. I have been to Melbourne and Sydney great cities betetr than Paris, NY, even perhaps London, but honestly when you consider cost of living and no real work in a country besieged by casual work it’s time to pull up anchor. I have to say I have known many Aussies in the US who were far friendlier than here basically people are rude and small minded. Shame but when you consider one bakes for 6 months before reasonable temperatures ensue enough is enough.

  51. Whenever the topic of singapore being boring is discussed online there are always Aussies jumping in on the bandwagon. I’ve lived in oz for several years during my undergraduate studies and trust me Australia is the most boring country in the world it’s got no soul the locals were an unfriendly bunch and all its major cities are dead after 9pm. I feel like I wasted 4 years of my youth in such a boring country I couldn’t wait to leave.

    • I’m one of those people who is guilty of finding Singapore boring on their first visit, but it definitely grew on me my second time around.

      With that being said, there are no boring places – only boring people.

      If you can’t find something to entertain yourself in an entire country, let alone a city, the problem lies with you.

  52. I agree mostly with this article. I did not take this personally, so I could see it from a very neutral stand point.

    My university had a protest, barely anyone came. The only time Australians will think that they need to team up/stand up and do something about our crappy system is if the beer runs out. I mean this is a completely serious sense of pathetic truth.

    I felt so disheartened when reading what my fellow future Australian’s reasons and thinking.

    Australians should feel very afraid. Australia is raising very selfish, idiotic and abused generation.

    However, the waves in America will hit these emotionally, dry shores soon.

    They do not realize that they can shape the future, no one is showing them how. No one is an inspiration; everyone is just being torn to shreds by this unforgiving torment called “The Australian Way”.

    I know there are kind people, but I’ve yet to meet inspirational people.

    • I think it’s perfectly natural to have a conflicted relationship with the place you grew up. Lord knows, I have even stronger feelings of negativity towards the town I grew up in. I just don’t think many people would want to read that, haha

      I do fear for the future when I see the news reporting on more jingoism, sexism, homophobia, racism, and general short-sightedness among my peers and the officials who ostensibly have our interests at heart.

  53. 10. No Street Food. That is because we are not a third world country (yet) but we are fast heading that way.

    9. Distant Culture. Your opinion. Officially there is no Australian culture. We are multicultural which means there is not single Australian identity. Despite being 5 generation I am Anglo-Australian. That is the official definition today so which distant culture are you talking about?

    8. Same problem everywhere

    7. Firstly “invasion” is a political term which many Australians reject. Secondly, you are an ignorant #$%@ We have a very interesting history.

    6. You seriously complaining about a lack of career opportunity? Where is better?

    5. OMG the guy that can’t find a career also can’t find a date. LOL

    4. I covered this one is #9 Our identity is being denied and reduced to a flag waving. Social cohesion is being torn apart

    3. Its a problem of economy and logistics. Not enough population to support a decent public transport system and distance. You need a car in Australia.

    2. Another universal problem. We are not the cheapest place to live but far from being the most expensive.

    1. We are one of the least discriminatory countries in the entire world. We are also one of the most tolerant. A FACT.

    • Chris, Chris, Chris… let me go through your ‘rebuttals’ one by one:

      10. I’m not sure why you’d equate street food with being a third world country (itself an antiquated term). The US has a thriving food truck scene that is essentially the same thing.

      9. If you can’t be bothered to read my description of what I perceive as a ‘distant culture’, I don’t see why I should waste time explaining it to you again here.

      8. I didn’t say it wasn’t. I simply said that our politics were a big part of why I don’t enjoy living in Australia.

      7. Well rounded argument. Thoroughly convincing. Of course, you’re proudly Anglo-Saxon, so you probably find all of the massacres and oppression frightfully interesting.

      6. You seem to mistake my listing my reasons for not wanting to live in Australia as overall criticisms of Australia. I flat out say that Australia isn’t the right place for me career-wise, not that it doesn’t offer anything or that anywhere else is better.

      My work is as a social media consultant and content creator. I make a good living by Australian standards, but my dollar stretches a lot farther elsewhere where the cost of living is lower and where people are more used to operating outside of the conventional work paradigm.

      5. You clearly didn’t read it. I didn’t say I couldn’t find dates or that it is a fault of Australia. I’m in a long term relationship now and have been persistently so since I moved abroad. I flat out confess in my description that it is a matter of my own taste, rather than a criticism of Australia.

      4. Ah, you’re one of the “the country is going to hell because of immigration” people.

      3. I agree. I also say all of the same things in my description. Once again, this isn’t a post criticising Australia – it is a post of me listing the reasons I do not enjoy living there.

      2. We’re actually one of the more expensive countries in the world. We come in at twelfth of 121.

      1. I’m surprised you could type that with a straight face. Our laws are, thankfully, surprisingly tolerant. The people and the overall culture of the country is trending towards being less tolerant, and we didn’t exactly start from a place of love, hugs, and acceptance.


      My biggest take away from all of this is a simple one: you’re somehow taking one person’s personal opinion as a personal attack against your country. I don’t hate Australia, nor do I blame it for many of the above (politics, racism, and fucking awful internet being the exceptions) – this post is simply my own personal explanation as to why I choose not to live there.

      If people having opinions that differ to your own frightens or infuriates you, I’d suggest the internet might not be the best place for you.

  54. I agree and disagree with much of what you say mate and I say this as a country kid, living in the city and married to a Korean.

    The street food issue is one that I would love to see fixed and is slowly happening by way of food vans; not exactly what we’d like to see but better than naught.

    The culture of the bronzed aussie is dead; has been declining for years too. Build your own place in the world and leave it at that. If you don’t like the cultural norm – change yours.

    The political situation is a laugh; from all sides of the fence and it’s only gotten worse since you wrote this article!

    Our history is worth considering, yes we’re British (and complain more than them) but becoming American (thanks TV and movies) – but we also have a better mix of everything flowing in. Having spent a lot of time in some of the nastier places of the world and even some of the more civilised, we have our own distinctive ways of doing things.

    There are plenty of career options – if you’re willing to consider them. I have been a chef, in the military and now work in the medical industry. Don’t expect industry to change for you – seek the lifestyle you want.

    Dating – well I married a Korean as Aussie girls never really did it for me.

    There is a lot of people who are proud to be Australian, but they don’t feel the need to jam it into peoples faces. Go to a dawn service and you’ll see some fiercely proud people.

    Transport – we live in a big country with a low population density. The costs associated with this are not surprising. They suck compared to places like America and Korea but that’s the reality of supply and demand.

    The costs of living come from overpaying workers who do unskilled labour for crazy prices or gouge for the skilled labourers. Then put in “penalty rates” and it only gets worse. But if we want everyone to have a quality of life here – this is part and parcel, nothing that can be done about it. Would you be happier if things were cheaper but people were living off tip money only like America?

    Racism. This is an interesting one for me. I have never seen much of it, and what I have seen I have stopped (being a reasonable build, when I say stop – people usually do). My wife has experienced some of it too. That said, I have been on the receiving end of it in Korea and America – so it’s a crappy fact of life that goes everywhere. My biggest point would be to intervene where you see it; the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

    • Sounds like we’re writing from remarkably similar places. While I spent a lot of time in Korea and China, I never did manage to forge a good connection with the locals on a romantic level. My partners over the years have almost been universally American, for some reason.

      I’m glad to hear food vans are starting to make their way into the norm. I’ve always envied the US that.

      My issue with the ‘cultural norm’ (which we both agree is on the out) isn’t how it affects me, as I’ve left it behind years ago. It was more the fact that it made growing up less than pleasant. Dealing with mental illness as a teenager in rural Australia wasn’t fun.

      As far as career options go, I’ve found my niche. I could feasibly do what I do in Australia, but I enjoy a much higher quality of life living abroad. I tried a few different careers in Australia, but I’m just not built for the five day work week.

      You’re correct about transport in Australia. I say as much in my description. I’m not faulting Australia for this – just pointing out why I’d rather live in countries where transport infrastructure is a little more forgiving on the wallet.

      I agree wholeheartedly about racism and how best to deal with it, and I’m pleased to hear you’ve not had any issues with it. I think, by and large, the old ‘mistrust’ of Asian Australians has been replaced with more ‘in vogue’ racial issues. I certainly haven’t encountered a great deal of racism being directed at Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai etc. immigrants in a long while.

  55. Totally agree. As a Spanish leaving here for 20 years, there are so many things I hate about living in Australia. The heat, the suffocating, relentless heat, and the fact that all activities continue even in 45 degrees (yes, Celsius). The traffic jams EVERYWHERE, the result of substandard infrastructures. The cost of living, EVERYTHING costs an arm and a leg. But what I hate the most is how British Australians still are, despite the fact they try so hard not to. Aussies are SO hard to get
    close to, they lack the emotional warmth of -God help me for saying this- the Americans, and the Mediterranean countries. Before I get hated out of this post, I’d like to clarify that my husband is Australian, so are my children, and that I do see many positive aspects as well. That’s all folks.

    • I completely understand you on the difficulty in getting emotionally close to an Australian. We’re considerably less warm than the Americans, and that’s probably why I’ve always been more attracted to American girls and Americans/Canadians as friends.

    • As a guy who has been living in South Korea, China, and Tanzania for the past ten years – I totally feel you.

    • Know that feeling. I am currently trying to gain new employment and because I was born in Northern Ireland , the very Australian HR departments look at me like i had “got off the boat” yesterday. I have been here since 1987 and have citizenship. It’s frustrating to say the least.

      Anyway , yes! this country is insanely expensive , our local IGA stocks garlic for 1kg for $40 is a prime example and in Brisbane our water supply tastes like weak pool water so we tend to buy water aswell. Groceries are tricky and can be very expensive very quickly and thats for three people with a now fondness for cheap toast.

      The dentist. This is a big one because i still have wisdom teeth and they are going to be about 5-6k just to remove them apparently. My 12 year old apparently needed braces and the ortho’s wanted 7k for that which turned out that at her age they grow fast enough that there is the chance that after a growth spurt the teeth have shifted anyway but heaps of parents dont know this so they pay up.

      rent……….this one baffles me. Why are these damn houses so expensive when they are not that great ,they all look the same and i cant really find myself wanting to be chasing ” the australian dream” when i could put my money overseas { when i get a job………..eventually}

      which brings me to – job market.
      I have found this so hard because they look at me like my visa will run out. Pale , jet black hair and blue eyes , not looking overly australian right now and if i stand in the sun i will combust. Even though i reassure them i came out here in 1987 when i was 1 years old and do indeed have citizenship they still look at me like i have a fake passport and citizenship. They need x amount of years of experience and even with 9 1/2 years of experience its still not good enough. My cousin in N.Ireland got a job in 2 wks. she was so worried. Here i am in for the long haul of nearly 6 months …………..tayto crisps ready.

      The people.
      This one is a touchy one , the anusol at the ready for the butt hurt is real. I live with an australian who has the same problems , i thought it was just me because i come from overseas have lived there a bit when i was younger but mostly lived here. Australians are mean , a claim backed up by the australian i live with. Asians tend to just leave you alone. But the australians ……. hate you before they know you. Its like some sort of weird game of one upping each other. From tail gating while your driving the school run , what car you drive or how you go about your day , they hate you.

      It’s sad but i kinda just want to go back to northern ireland because i dont know what else to do.

  56. I dont like it here either. And being poor and being an expat doesnt help.
    I have my husband, our two cats and a friend that lives too 10far away in the suburbs.
    Here is some stuff that happened to me in the 3 short years I lived here
    1. Lived in a unit (apartment) that was old and started to have mould and then the sewage was open. The real estate company didnt do anything about any of these issues and gave us an incredibly hard time when we wanted to leave. Oh and to make matters worse, they threatened to TAKE US to court when we didnt want to give them the bond back. So sweet.
    2. People constantly look at my husband in the eye but ignore me. Its happened so many times i cannot count.
    3. People who we dont know love to yell insults at my husband and I when we are walking down the street.
    4. People here drive so poorly there have been so many times we barely made it across the road alive
    5. the grocery store Aldi singled us out thieves when we didnt steal anything
    6. People on public transport will go out of their way to shame my husband and I for no reason when we didnt even talk to them
    7. Australia hates cats and wants to cull them, I love them. And most people here hate cats.
    8. I have tried to make friends again and again and they are all so rude.
    9. When I went to the doctor for extreme pain, I was treated like a joke.
    10. I can count on one hand the amount of times people were nice to my husband and I and I have lived here for 3 YEARS!!!.
    11. People are not symphathetic and are rude and cold
    12. I have never been the one to throw the first stone but when my husband tries to defend me or I try to defend myself they just scream at us.

    Dont come here.

    • Thanks, Jane. I appreciate you owning up to the truth about this country too. It seems the owner of this website can’t deal with reality. He only sees it from his perspective and not an outsider who comes here from other countries. I agree that people are extremely rude. They are cold, lack enthusiasm and overall come across as miserable. I will be leaving soon. Thank goodness.

      • How are you getting out? I want to leave to but have no choice right now, as my husband is Australian, we are poor and we have our cats and want to take them with us.

        • Hello again Jane – I feel for you. I don’t have that problem, as I would never marry an Australian, so getting out is easy. Sometimes, you just have to break free, no matter what you leave behind. Cats are replaceable. Your happiness is much more important.

          • Cats are not replaceable!! And neither is my husband. I can’t leave but I rather stay than be without those 3. Maybe it’s better in the city as all I have known is the country side due to the crazy prices in the city. I won’t ever desert my family. My family in my home country are all assholes. No way no how. Maybe I can embrace what is here. The fact is I had been talking to someone who lives here who just made me feel like everyone was her and she blamed me and then I saw everyone as her negative self. I stopped talking to her and things aren’t bad. I would never desert my family. Not the one here anyways. And also saying cats are replaceable is highly offensive. I have raised cats myself when I was so young, I have helped out at shelters with cats and magpies. Neither are replaceable. They are souls with feelings and deeply misunderstood

          • Whereabouts in Australia are you, Jane?

            I’ve definitely found that rural Australia can be *very* hit or miss when it comes to the community. Some towns I’ve lived in and loved, and others have been backwards and judgemental to the point that I spent as little time out of my home as possible.

          • know the feels. i have 3 cats but cant leave due to a consent order although my daughter and i both have dual citizenship. so once she is a tad older we can work on that next step but in the mean time its gaining a job that i can bring the experience over seas with.
            Are you in QLD?

      • “Thank goodness” probably sums up the feelings of everybody you meet when they hear you’ll be leaving soon.

        You strike me as an exceptionally miserable human being on a fundamental level. I sincerely hope (but seriously doubt) you find somewhere on earth that gives you even an iota of happiness.

        • And you just clarified why I want to leave. Everyone here is rude like you and my AUSTRALIAN husband agrees!

          • I wasn’t responding to you, Jane. I was responding to Kat, who has made a point of being needlessly aggressive every time she’s commented here.

            I can’t quite figure out what to make of your situation. I’ve never known Australians to go out of their way to abuse somebody or accuse them of being crazy, but I’ve only lived in a dozen or so cities.

          • CWBush is the prime example of what its like here. Even though this person is trying really hard to be a troll.

          • CWBush is the guy who wrote the article. Kat G is a troll who spent weeks picking fights in the comments section and then got angry when somebody called her on her bullshit.

        • Oh and btw it’s a lot better in England. I have travelled to many places and have never met so many rude people as I have here. So yes I have experienced happiness.

        • The only one who is MISERABLE, CW Bush, is YOU. You have a website but can’t handle the truth. It’s truly sad to see what ignorance breeds, as you’re a poster child for that.

    • Oh my God Jane, I agree with every word you said. Same experience, and I’ve been putting up with it for 20 years. I wish I could leave…

    • yep.
      -I have had a cat killed when i was a teenager by a neighbour who didnt like him.
      -my childs father tried to take her from a daycare centre and now refuses to pay any child support and this has put me off having any more children. That bar is incredibly high now for me to even consider it; the bar is of disney proportions .
      -car culture. No they cannot drive. They enjoy tail gating and just beyond reckless. I have wondered too how they got their licence.
      -I lived in a street and received nothing but death glares , insults {i even have had my car attacked by a little girl in pink from head to toe at her dads wishes with a cricket bat}, i received nothing but constant harassment and due to the high cost of rent couldnt move.My real estate also took my bond under false claims.The street harassment went on for years , especially when they cottoned on that my family are not really around much; i worked with some of them so this is why they didnt visit.
      -work. my work place was utter hell.my boss used to joke and gossip about my accent and how funny it was. endless nasty jokes , no promotions and basically went out of his way to make it impossible for me to leave as they knew i couldnt quit.
      -making friends is near impossible. unless you enjoy drinking all the time and starring at the tv or getting into arguments about sport your doomed. especially if you want any form of intellectual conversation. granted im no scholar but i do like to talk about a wide variety of subjects.
      -no one is nice. never. being ignored is a blessing.

  57. I have lived in Australia for 6 months, and here are some of the things I detest about it:

    1) Constant drinking. I think 80% of Australia stays drunk ALL THE TIME.
    2) High cost of living. The cost of renting is outrageous, and to have a place by yourself, they want to stick you in a hovel and charge a fortune for it.
    3) Too nit-picky over insignificant issues. A lot of Australians are very crabby over minor issues and fixate on them. It’s very irritating.
    4) Too uptight and unfriendly. Australians tend to be too proper and come across as “stuffy”.
    5) Few food choices. The food is very bland w/no taste and limited in options.
    6) Bad drivers. I have witnessed countless people driving like bats out of hell and highly dangerous.
    7) Have trouble multi-tasking. I have encountered hundreds of people in Australia who can’t handle more than one thing at a time and become irritated & defensive when asked to do more.
    8) Lack of sense of humour. Australians tend to be so focused on everything needing to be perfect, they can’t laugh at themselves and have a light approach to life. Entirely too serious.
    9) Disrespect to women. The culture is still very male-dominated and not very open to strong women.
    10) Ten years behind the times. Australia is still behind the 8 ball in many aspects in its thinking and procedures of doing things.

    • I’m sorry to hear that it’s left such a bad taste in your mouth, Kat! While Australia isn’t perfect, I do still enjoy getting back there every year or so to rekindle my love for the place – warts and all.

      1. I think this really depends on where you are. I felt like the alcohol culture was far more pronounced in the cities than it was in the smaller towns where I grew up. It certainly wasn’t any worse than what I’ve encountered in the US, China, or South Korea.

      2. Definitely true. Australia is brutally expensive.

      3. What kind of minor issues are we talking about? I’ve not noticed this one.

      4. I think this is another location dependent one. I’ve found Australia to be pretty friendly outside of the hustle and bustle of the CBD areas of major cities. I’ve had some great interactions with strangers all over the place.

      5. This is again a location one. Where have you been spending your time? I found my time in Sydney presented me with a wealth of culinary options, whereas my rural hometown only had dodgy Chinese or dodgy Thai.

      Australia is brunch heaven IMO.

      6. Interesting. Maybe I’m annulled to this from living in Asia, where the standard of driving is nightmarish, but I hadn’t noticed this.

      7. I think this is just men worldwide :-p

      8. Interesting! I’d have thought Australians were entirely too irreverent and inappropriate.

      9. Agreed.

      10. Agreed

      • Sorry, but I totally disagree. I think you’re making excuses for Australia, as you’re from here. There is a MASSIVE amount of drinking here as compared to other places. I am from the US, and we don’t have people consuming alcohol to the magnitude you do here. Your culture caters to large amounts of alcohol to cater to those people to make money off of them. In the US, none of these people would have a job, as the US routinely drug and alcohol tests people before offering employment. Australia would be sunk for good if this country did that, as more than half the country would fail the tests routinely. I have seen people even drinking on the public buses which is illegal in the US. It’s called public intoxication. As for multi-tasking issues, it has nothing to do with men. I see it nationwide in Australia – men and women. As for the food, I have eaten in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne – some of the biggest cities in the country – and all of their food is bland lacking taste. Other people have made similar comments on this article along the same lines. I come from a 1st world country, so we definitely see major differences. Again, I think you’re immune to it because you’re from this country originally. I’m giving my perspective as an outsider coming in, and it’s right on target.

        • “I come from a 1st world country”

          You realize that not only is Australia a first world country, but also higher on the HDI (Human Development Index) than the US, right?

          I can understand how an American might find Australian food bland. The lack of high fructose corn syrup does tend to rob the food of a certain diabetes inducing sweetness.

          Regarding drinking, Australia ranks at 22nd in the world for per capita alcohol consumption. While that’s higher than the US, it’s hardly a damning statistic when you see nations such as Austria, France, and Germany ranking well above them.

          Also, trying to invalidate my arguments by saying “You are from there, so you’re making excuses” is an incredibly lazy argument. I disagree with some of your points because I believe them to be wrong – not because of any loyalty to the country about which I wrote an article entitled “10 Reasons I Hate Living in Australia”.

          Also, saying “my perspective is right on target” is also not a valid argument. I can say “the moon is made of cheese and my perspective is right on target” – it doesn’t make it correct. If you can’t make your point without childish arguments, stop wasting my time.

          • I feel sorry for you. YOU MUST BE A MISERABLE HUMAN BEING. Don’t bother responding anymore, as anymore responses will not be read. We DON’T use high fructose syrup in our foods. THE FACT IS YOUR FOOD SUCKS AND HAS NO TASTE. I have read from other people who come from OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD as to the same complaint. No one is invalidating your arguments. YOU’RE TAKING THINGS THE WRONG WAY AND BEING DEFENSIVE. You simply cannot own the truth, which is classic of what I see from Australians all the time. ANYTHING THAT PAINTS YOU IN A NEGATIVE LIGHT, YOU DENY IT. Time to grow up and accept other people’s opinion and leave it at that. AGAIN, ANY RESPONSE FROM YOU WILL BE IGNORED. GROW UP AND LET PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN OPINION WITHOUT ACTING LIKE A CHILD.

          • Um… I’m from the U.S, and yes, we use high fructose corn syrup in almost everything. Honestly, even I didn’t believe it at first, but pick out some 6 food items that you have lying around and like 5 of them will have corn syrup listed in the contents. Also, he is open to criticism, he even had better arguments than the American guy, you’re the one with no argument. I’ve never been to Australia, but I do have australian friends I skype with regularly, they’re definitely bland. I’d say that’s just because they’re not as outgoing and comfortable with outsiders though, because they have fun with their family.

          • That’s interesting. I guess I’ve never noticed us being a bit reserved, as I’ve grown up around people who know me.

            We’re definitely less gregarious than many of the Asian and African countries that I’ve visited.

          • Sorry, Julia. If you’ve never been to Australia, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. You’re just as ignorant and uneducated as the one running this site. Talking to someone over Skype is not the same as living here day in and day out. You don’t have a clue what goes on here. I feel sorry for you being just as ignorant. I’ll pray for you and your denial. And no, we DON’T have high fructose syrup in all of our American foods. Food being bland has NOTHING to do with high fructose syrup. Another ignorant comment on your part.

          • Kat
            Please settle down, going all keyboard warrior isn’t a good trait to display, but I forgive you. It’s in you nature to get aggressive and want to express yourself that way.
            I have had disagreements and fights with people from all walks of life, what you need to understand about Australians (males inparticular) is some will always assume they are superior to to anyone who challenges them either verbally or physically. High levels of narcissism and aggression occur regularly. My best advice to you (speaking from experience) stop interacting with narcissistic people as thry love the attention and that your getting riled up, this goes the same for all aggressive people. Aussies think that they can up the aggression factor if they start to lose face in a confrontation and will keep escalating things to gain control or win. I do get a chuckle when I think of times some angry Aussie has gotten out of his car and challenged someone who he deems wronged him whilst driving. All those types should try that on in some of the places I’ve been, a gun would quickly cause them back into their car I’m sure.
            Big mouth attached to a small brain equals short life span ?
            Just my 2 cents


          • I love how you follow up “I don’t need to settle down” by text shouting again.

            Histrionic much?

          • 1. Childish name-calling;
            2. Lying (see Julia’s comment below, or any of the thousands of articles on the topic of high-fructose corn syrup);
            3. Threatening to stop the conversation because you can’t construct a decent argument.

            Yep, smells like victory to me. Watch out for drop bears, kid.

          • No one has used childish name calling. A classic Australian narcissistic response. No one is lying either. Nobody is THREATENING to stop a conversation. You must be a classic liberal, as you take something and flip the argument to make it look like something it’s not to take the focus off yourself. Both you and Julia are truly sad human beings who can’t own up to the truth. I’ll pray for both of you to get a reality check, as you’re both living in a state of denial of the TRUTH I have stated. So very sad. Maybe you should go buy yourself some liquor like the rest of your LOSER Australian buddies over here who stay constantly drunk living in a dream world removed from reality.

          • Prayer – last resort of the intellectually challenged.

            Best of luck with that…

          • I feel really sorry for you. You could USE a good day in church to learn right from wrong. It’s obvious you have NO CLUE what that’s about. It shows in your profile you’re from rural Australia. That explains your ignorance. Your behavior and responses show what LACK OF EDUCATION brings about.

            Actually, while we’re on that subject, let’s show other Australians whose stupidity and ignorance cost them their lives or landed them in hot water with law enforcement:

            1) 2 Australians murdered & found in a burned out van in Mexico after NOT RESEARCHING the Mexican territory they wandered into rife with drug cartel activity. How stupid can you be?
            2) Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS. Hung himself over a heroin addict (Paula Yates) who ended up killing herself from a drug overdose years after Hutchence killed himself. Two ignorant weak souls who couldn’t handle life.
            3) Bon Scott, band member of AC/DC. Drank himself into oblivion and then killed himself choking on his OWN VOMIT. What a model citizen.
            4) Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter. Went on a diving expedition and antagonized a stingray that ended up killing him. What an idiot! You don’t mess with a creature that big and not expect to get burned. It cost him his life with a barb straight into the heart.
            5) Heath Ledger, actor. Killed HIMSELF with an overdose of medicine to combat chest problems because he couldn’t deal with American winters because he was a weak person. What a loser!
            6) Phil Rudd, drummer for AC/DC. Pleaded guilty to threatening to kill someone and drug charges. Another loser.
            7) Mel Gibson, actor. Went into a rant in a police station in America about how he hated Jews while extremely drunk. It cost him embarrassment, and the Hollywood movie execs wanted nothing to do with him for years due to his deplorable behavior.

            You Australian people are some of the RUDEST AND UNGRATEFUL people to Americans who have given your country a lot. Where do you think your technology comes from (iPhones, Smart Phones)? That’s right, idiot – AMERICA. Without our technology and education, none of you would be holding those iPhones or Smart Phones in your hands. You people wouldn’t have ANY OF THAT if it wasn’t for Americans. Name one movie out of Australia that was created by an Australian movie company that was famous worldwide and gained critical acclaim? NONE. Name one chef that is from Australia who is known worldwide for his cuisine? NONE.

            …..and the list goes on and on and on. Get a grip, buddy. You Australian people are some of the most unappreciative, arrogant people who have nothing to back your arrogance up with. It’s all insecurity to hide your misery within yourselves.

          • If you can’t handle another person’s HONEST opinion about Australia, you shouldn’t have a comments section or allow people to respond. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE PEOPLE WHO SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU DO IN AN HONEST MANNER. It’s called life. YOU ARE HANDLING RUNNING A WEBSITE IN A VERY IMMATURE MANNER.

          • Says the girl who has called people who disagree with her “ignorant” and “miserable human beings”, has a screaming ALL CAPS LOCK TANTRUM when people disprove her patently false arguments, and denies facts…

            I can run my website however I want. If you ever start http://www.miserablecunt.com, I’ll be sure to respect your right to post cat pictures and sob about your lack of a social life.

          • OMG. It shows the true person behind the mask (an abusive Australian) using the C word to describe women. That’s always a tell-tale sign of a man who can’t handle educated women. Not surprising coming from you.

          • Everyone DOES NOT hate us. It is certain POLICIES that people hate. YOU’RE IGNORANT.

          • I’m with Kat. Australia IS NOT a first world country. I’ve experienced their hospital system up close an personal, their roads, their internet, their public transport, the list goes on. The US and other countries are light years ahead. That’s the truth.

          • You might want to look up the definition of ‘first world country’, Txibi.

            By the original definition of the term, Australia was one of the original ‘first world countries’, back when it simply meant ‘western aligned’.

            Later definitions described it as modern, industrialised, and capitalist countries. That’s three checks for Australia there too.

            In recent years, ‘First World’ has been phased out in favour of the terms ‘developed’ and ‘developing’. Australia is not only considered a ‘developed nation’, it’s actually the second most developed country in the world based on the Human Development Index (HDI).

            So, no, the US and other countries are not ‘light years ahead’. In fact, the US lags six places behind and only one country (Norway) is ahead.

            While I’d concede that our internet does indeed lag behind many other developed and developing countries, in an analysis that takes into account multiple factors, Australia is considered the second most developed country on earth.

          • You’re the one who needs to look up 1st world country. Australia is NOT up there as a 1st world country. You guys are about 10 years behind the times here.

          • In what regard?

            Give me some hard facts as to which areas Australia lags behind the US.

            It’s not education, average salary, length of life, accessibility of education…

            I’ll give you gay rights and access to marijuana, but I get the idea you’re violently against those things.

          • Thanks, Txibi. Some people on this thread can’t handle the truth. America has always been on the cutting edge of technology. This is where iPhones, Smart Phones, the internet and many other things were created. There are a lot of unappreciative, jealous people on here that can’t handle the truth.

          • Yes, Australia hasn’t invented anything.

            We definitely didn’t invent WiFi, the feature film, the tank, the pacemaker, ultrasound, or the black box.

          • Why did you leave the US? I’m here and want out! Australia sounds pretty enticing to me (it did until I starting reading this post)! But then again the USA has a ton of problems too! I’d love to know how you are able to stay there!?

        • Hello Kat
          I’m an expat Australian living and working in Canada, I do somewhat agree with your views on issues and experiences you have had in there.
          But please try to refrain from making comparisons between the US and Aust, I can say many negative things about the US, abandoned towns left to go into squalor, drug addiction killing thousands etc etc.
          All countries have issues, the cultural differences between places both positive and negative are what sets us apart, makes life challenging and a better travel experience. I don’t travel to compare where I’m from to where I am, I move around to become wise and gain cultural experience.
          S P

          • Dean – I DON’T have to restrain from anything. Who are you – my parent? Your comment is laughable. Maybe you should learn respect for other people’s opinion and women too. So sad you’re so thin-skinned regarding the problems in your country. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. IT’S CALLED LIFE. You’re just showing your immaturity and lack of ability to look at yourself and your country.

          • Fucking self righteous feministic cunt fuck off with your new age drivel

    • only 6 months?? Wow You ARE an expert an all things Aussie!! You should write an encyclopedia on the whole country seeing as how you know SO much!! I also love how you have this gift of respectful disagreeing!!
      BTW going off acting like a typical Ameri-cunt with personal hygiene issues(ok THAT part is truth) at the slightest disagreement is not the way to act like a civilized human being-but then what would YOU know about that. Typical americunt- going all off on those who DARE disagree with it is what passes for “winning” an argument! THere’s a reason why American women are stereotyped as fat, tatted-up foul-mouth self-loathing man-hating wenches-so thank you for confirming the stereotype. Ugly people tend to lash out at everything-you pizz and moan about everything in America too. Things like YOU are what’s wrong with this country-and YES the rest of the world thinks most of us americans are as disgusting and mentally arthritic as you are. Stay in TRumpland-spare the rest of the world the misery of your sickening disgusting presence . Better still, please die in a fire and make the world a better place as well as keeping America beautiful. Now for the love of God- please understand the concept of personal hygiene-you STINK and you’re UGLY too!!

      • It doesn’t take that long to see what a cesspool Australia is. Six months is MORE than enough time to know I have no desire to live here on a long-term basis. Disgusting graffiti all over buildings, trash thrown all over the ground, nasty bland food, people wearing 70s clothing, and the list goes on. Europe is much better and much more educated.

        • says the slag that goes full blown special-needs psycho tranny on anyone who disagrees with her B.S-. way to be perpetually angry all the time. Don’t take it out on OZ that men reject you in favor of an outhouse due to better smell and smaller hole-which is typical of americ*nts like you!! you’re the one with psychological issues. personal hygiene is your friend-try it sometime! Now GTFO out of here and OZ so OZ can be beautiful and sanitary again

          • Your a special kind of half stack aren’t you? Though I know that your just a gaslighting troll , I just find it amusing that you assume I am American. I’m not. I have lived in Australia 90% of my life.

    • Bullshit its male dominated, women control Australia they have all the jobs and play fucking mind games with society

      • No its definitely a male dominated society. What I hate about Aussie women is they tend to become like Aussie men (slang, drinking, dress etc). There is a serious lack of the feminine in Australian men.

        • I am coming at you from a different facebook account still me though Michael, I am australian i dont drink and plenty of others that dont, and lots of women who dont drink either, why do 70 % of australian governmnet admin jobs go to women, ?? the post office CEO that got sacked wanted to make men redundant, most retail jobs are women, banking sector mainly women, you need to open your eyes

          • Not really talking about drinking. Australian women are more like men when it comes down to it. Who is Michael?

  58. Yeh mate…I agree with you I hate Australia….dumbed down,boring,expensive,dustbowl ….I am gay but if I was straight I would find Aussie women repulsive….leatherey,ego centric horrid creatures….as the saying goes…”You make love to a french woman,you fuck an Australian one”

    • Asia is where I’ve hung my hat for the better part of the last decade. It’s not perfect either, but it feels more like home to me than Australia does most of the time.

    • Don’t tell anybody, but I keep dating American girls solely so I can move to the US >_>

      Just kidding. They’re also pretty terrific girls.

      • See how you enjoy American worship of the police and military. Oh, and the IRS; if you become a US citizen, they will follow you for the rest of your life.

    • be careful what you wish for!! Under TRumpian rule, things are getting pretty unsettled here. The Universal Health Care you enjoy is non-existent here, the crime rates high -especially gun violence. Maybe visit for a while first. There’s a LOT of awesome stuff here, and it can be great!!

  59. I’m not sure whether Australia has big problems and is a twat of a place or my experience is just a case of ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. I also have no idea whether anywhere else is any better as even though I have travelled extensively through Europe and the US (and a bit in Asia) I have never lived in any other country.

    As a child of the 70s the nanny state this country has become compared with what a wild frontier it was then is scary and very disappointing, but over reacting is what Australian politicians do best.

    The cost of living is bordering on outrageous! Once again as recently as the 90s it was a far more affordable place to live and in reality standards of living have dropped dramatically in my opinion but no one seems to agree with me or cares.

    The high opinion of ones self and this country by everyone from a Bogan from Logan to the PM is astounding. It is always cringe worthy when the PM is poncing around OS telling them how they could better run their country… ‘Love it or leave it’ stickers are some kind of American carry over and self centred Facebook users wandering aimlessly, posting pretty pics of their breakfast on the basis the world gives a f$%^ I find sad and hilarious, almost at the same time.

    Yes I may have a bad case of being an old fart (50) and yearning for the good old days and simpler times but I honestly don’t think that is the entire problem. Either way I’m over the joint and I’m off as is my partner who has also had enough of working all hours and ending up with nothing to show for it other than empty bottles of quality alcohol that would be a third or half the price anywhere else in the world.

    Europe is where I will be next year. Yes its still expensive (well housing and petrol are, nothing else is) but there is history, scenery other than f*@k*ng gumtrees and beaches, other languages, cheaper high quality food and booze, less of a love affair with politics on the TV 24 hours a day and many other little things I find very refreshing.

    I might be back by the years end or maybe I’ll never be back long term. I don’t know myself?

    One thing is for sure I will not miss football football football, SUVs everywhere with tosspot personalised plates driven by self important wankers, 24 hour political coverage of the most ordinary of human beings, the medias crazy fetish for only gay marriage, child molestation and refugee stories… I won’t miss a whole bunch of other trivial and rather more serious issues and attributes.

    I’ll report back with how we went.

  60. This country is going south every day. There is very little work with most people working casual or part-time, and our government lies to us about this. All of our politicians are time wasting lying sacks of sh*t. Most Australians are nice on the surface but are complete scumbags really. Apart from the initial pleasantries there is virtually nothing else to most peoples character. Aussies are in my experience shallow, back wards and cold. The really nice one’s are almost always tourists or immigrants. Australia is not a dangerous place but don’t expect a welcome comity if you visit OZ lol because we have been trained to hate you. We won’t show it but we are all thinking it.

    Australia is a nation of bullies and angry bitter people.

  61. I just don’t like the people here they are all mediocre and really boring, I can’t stand them talking to me then more then 30 seconds at a time and know one is really fun or interesting to hang out with.

  62. You forgot one: Australia is a nanny state. Too many rules, regulations and restrictions. If they had their way, all nightlife would end by 8pm. Just like it already does on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. The politicians are extremely corrupt, and represent a secret handshake, very selfish boys brotherhood, rather than a democratic, transparent movement. Australia rates high on the corruption scale, politicians have zero empathy, are cruel to the disadvantaged and vulnerable and generally don’t give a crap about people, just want to feather their own nests and built up an investment portfolio and a retirement fund off taxpayer’s backs. But on the whole, I found myself nodding in agreement to all your points, I am an aussie of mixed heritage who lived in Europe for 10yrs. It’s hard to be back in this place.

    • The nanny state element is something I’ve become increasingly aware of as I’ve traveled more and experienced more. Growing up there, I never really noticed how over-protective and over-regulating the government tends to be, but I definitely notice it whenever I come home to visit and find myself struggling to have a good night out.

      I only go back for a month or two every year these days. I’ll always love Australia, but from a lifestyle perspective I’m just not ‘at home’ there any more.

  63. Yeah, I agree with the other readers, Australia is now a boring, over-regulated politically correct nanny-state, while America is also going to Hell, with the choice of loud-mouthed clown, Mr Donald Trump, or old Femi-Nazi dementia geriatric, Hilary Clinton, the US has about 3-4 years left before it collapses totally!(like the former Yuglosalvia & Soviet Union, in the 1990s). And to you American readers, you did not win the “cold war” against the Communists, as Mr Trump says, “America is losing to China” and how true for Australia, quote Ms Pauline Hanson back in 1990s, “We are being swamped by Asians”, sound racist folks? Well guess what? The Clinton Presidency will try and declare war on Russia & China, then China will retaliate with long-range missiles headed for including you know where?- AUSTRALIA! Have A Nice Day Folks!

  64. Hi, can someone give me some information about living in Australia? I’m from Netherlands, I want to live in Australia, how is it possible that?

  65. Take it from a septic that lived and worked in Melbourne for two years…Australia sucks!

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the people, but Australia is taxing itself into servitude and doing so willingly in the same way they gave up their guns.

    When I arrived, you just introduced a carbon tax at the same time you made it illegal to use a tanning booth. WTFmate

  66. Please leave the US!!! Good riddance and don’t come back. Maybe one more gay person will live to graduate and artistically contribute to society; not be injured, maimed or killed because of how they were born, Yes BORN. We have no choice…. apply a small amount of logic and it becomes clear, Work it out!
    I lived in Australia for 9 years, Homosexuals have NO RIGHTS in Australia except to pay taxes. However, as a comfort to the homophobes out there,,, Homosexuals are often killed for the satisfaction of Australian white supremacy…. Read a history book up to 2015!
    It has been observed time and time again that Australians are stupid drunk and racist. I have pictures and recordings of drunk Australians admitting to fag drags, cliff murders and forced suicides. Let the homophobes celebrate!!…. Australia still kills their fags!!!
    I have a 35 minute video released to Today-Tonight that shows several Australians cornering an Asian individual in the street, spiting and beating him until a group of black children save him by placing their own bodies in the path of the assault. Yes, I sent this material to Ms. Gillard and her cronies while doing work for the Australian Tax dept in Canberra. She praised her people for clearing Australia streets of “undesirables”; but promised to continue to fine and tax any same sex couple that continued to do business in Australia while refusing to grant any rights beyond taxation purposes. Do you Australians really believe that your speeding cameras are NOT revenue raising mechanisms? (you Australians have no idea what your government is stealing from you on a regular basis) Hey, by the way…. being fined if you don’t vote is NOT A RIGHT!!! You have no guaranteed rights and you cannot prove that you do. You have nothing in writing but you continue to think you do. Sorry, you can talk like bigots and pay all the carbon tax you want….. your still racist people who only care for yourselves. Oh and CARE is a four letter work in you culture, Did you government forget to tell you have been in a recession for several years now. Your prices continue to increase while quality and service continue to decrease. Many of my Australian constituents agree with me but have no recourse to do anything about it. I was told by an individual who helped with the China-Australia product import negotiation that Australia now gets the best of the worst from China’s manufacturing. That was the agreement… read it for yourself.
    For all the Australians who cheated me…
    For all the Aussies who think that “Speed Kills” and are happy to pay millions of dollars a year to support of their governments lies…
    I SAY…
    Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of people. You get what you ask for…

  67. I’ve moved from Europe to Australia about 4 years ago. And A lot in this article is so true.

    Australia has become a very expensive place to settle. Just to buy a 3 bedroom house in the outer suburbs of Melbourne will set you back around $450.000. And then you get a house with cardboard inner walls.
    If you do some groceries it will set you back a small fortune.
    As others stated you work your ass off 40 hours a week just to stay alive and barely have money spare to do fun things.

    I’ve noticed (as other people how commented) that you are not allowed to say anything bad about Australia, they feel offended, though I’ve noticed these people never have stepped off the island. I’ve found the Australians who have frequently traveled over the world (note not just Bali) have a more liberal and true view of Australia than those never left the island.

    Australia is a beautiful country with unique nature, nice beaches, beautiful forests and coral reefs around the country. A pity is that most of it is taken for granted and abused by commerce and politics. A lot of nature is already destroyed and with previous and current government ignoring climate change and only focus on jobs, I wonder what will be left of the natural beauty for the next generations.

    Australia has some of the best universities in the world. Looking further, the high school system is below average in the region. Recent studies found that the top 10% of Australian high school students compare with top 50% in SE Asia. What good does it do a country if the high schools system does not match the university system. Some courses at the universities 95% of the students who graduate don’t stay in Australia, they go home. Universities are business, not for local people.

    Weather is lovely and dry in most places. That is so true…. But you need to protect yourself from the very dangerous high UV, such that the “great outdoor living” is done mostly indoors (my perception, comparing outdoor living with countries like Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, where people actually enjoy and smile when the sun shines).

    Australia is a nice place to visit, though for me the cons are bigger than the pro’s, and for me personally not a place to raise a family.

    • You’ve summed up my thoughts pretty well.

      Australia will always be home to me and I’ll always be immensely proud of a lot of things about Australia, but there’s just a lot about living there that I can’t reconcile with the way I want to live my life.

      As a freelancer, it’s just too expensive for somebody like me to be there and still do the work that I love. I can live in Australia, pursue my dreams, and have to work a 9 to 5 job on the side – or I can be somewhere in Asia, Central America, or eastern Europe and lead a much higher quality of life.

      It’s definitely not the land of opportunity many believe or profess it to be.

  68. I’ve moved from Europe to Australia about 4 years ago. And A lot in this article is so true.

    Australia has become a very expensive place to settle. Just to buy a 3 bedroom house in the outer suburbs of Melbourne will set you back around $450.000. And then you get a house with cardboard inner walls.
    If you do some groceries it will set you back a small fortune.
    As others stated you work your ass off 40 hours a week just to stay alive and bairly have money spare to do fun things.

    I’ve noticed (as other people how commented) that you are not allowed to say anything bad about Australie, they feel offended, though I’ve noticed these people never have stepped off the island. I’ve found the Australians who have frequently traveled over the world (note not just Bali) have a more liberal and true view of Australia than those never left the island.

    Australia is a beautiful country with unique nature, nice beaches, beautiful forests and coral reefs around the country. A pitty is that most of it is taken for granted and abused by commerce and politics. A lot of nature is already destroyed and with previous and current government ignoring climate change and only focus on jobs, I wonder what will be left of the natural beauty for the next generations.

    Australia has some of the best universaties in the world. Looking further, the high school system is below avarage in the region. Recent studies found that the top 10% of Australian high school students compare with top 50% in SE asia. What good does it do a country if the high schools system does not match the universaty system. Some courses at the universaties 95% of the students who graduate don’t stay in Australia, they go home. Universaties are business, not for local people.

    Weahter is loverly and dry in most places. That is so true…. But you need to protect yourself from the very dangerous high UV, such that the “great outdoor living” is done mostly indoors (my perception, comaring outdoor living with countries like Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, where people actually enjoy and smile when the sun shines).

    Australia is a nice place to visit, though for me the cons are bigger than the pro’s, and for me personally not a place to raise a family.

  69. Australia is a ‘welfare’ state. It is all about socialism, and not capatolism here. Work hard, and you will NOT get ahead. The politicians believe in increasing the population will make Australia a super power….FAIL. Wages are WAY to high, hence why Ford and Toyota left. An employee the other day talked about her ‘family payment’ and that she was ‘entitled’ to that. I don’t have kids, nor don’t want them. I don’t get a payment yet my taxes support that employee to up to 17k per year, just to pump out kids. Are you serious? Population does not make you a great nation…..USA was built on the American work ethic, not population, where as Australians believe in their entitlement, working or not……. Aussies don’t get it.

    • I can’t say I agree with you. While there are a number of ‘socialist’ systems that do make it easier to survive if you’re unemployed or unwell, I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

      Sure, there are people who exploit that and use it as an excuse to not work, but I think that’s blown out of proportion by people from wealthy backgrounds who want to take the focus away from their own exploitation of the system.

      I’m not sure I’d be rushing to compare the US and Australia either. The poverty level there is ridiculous.

  70. Hi guys,
    Read most of the comments and now more confused than ever.. We are South Africans living in South Africa, it’s a very difficult and dangerous life this side. Living behind high fences, big security gates, thick doors and locks, security systems, I can go on.. Our president isn’t worth even mentioning, our government is totally corrupt and schooling and Universities are slowly going under..
    We discussed taking on the big move to Aus, did a bit of homework, finally got a contract from an emigration agent, and paused… I have a cousin living in Sydney with his wife and son, we have 4 kids aged between 11years and 1year old. Wondering after reading your comments, will it be the right move for us??
    We are looking for a safer, promising future for our kids, ’cause at this stage, SA’s not offering that..
    Would it be smart for us to pursue it?? My hubby is a toolmaker/foreman this side earning a good income, I am a Personal Assistant earning, well, I earn a salary. We pay a lot for groceries, schools and medical aid etc etc.. just making it every month..
    We just want a better, safer, more fulfilling life for our kids, we want them to be able to go study whatever they want and become successful human beings.
    What does Aus offer? Do any of you know people who emigrated to Aus and loving / hating it?

    • If you are looking to move for your families safety, you’ll find it in Australia – but be prepared to find it culturally lacking, especially compared to South Africa where this is so much vitality and spirit in the way people treat one another. Australian’s are very shallow and uneducated, and very racist (they don’t think they are, but their standard for what accounts for it are way off from the rest of the world). They only care about appearances, and take no interest in their countries politics unless they are hollowing it out for their own use (if you think SA is corrupt, just wait til you see what they get away with here!!!!) I would seriously think of spending a month or two here first, once the shine of the shopping malls and beaches wears off you’ll see. I lived there for 10 years, and don’t have a single Australian friend – they are all pricks.

    • As AusSucks said, it’s certainly a good place to raise a family. It’s a very safe nation, the country’s national medical and education systems are high quality and affordable, and the quality of life is quite high.

      For me, Australia is a bit culturally dull and lacks creativity in the arts, but it’s a place that would be great to raise a family. My brothers and sisters are doing that.

  71. What about rights to defend yourself in Australia? I read articles, where Police said clearly: run or negotiate. What a joke! So, yeah, I was expecting this to be #1 reason.

  72. Australia is fake America. It’s trying to be sonething like America i guess, but it is too ghetto and too expensive to be anywhere close. No mountains, an accent that is incromprehensible most of the time, tiny cities, very few music festivals, overrated wildlife… “fuck yeah” australiarrrr. Lol.

  73. God only knows how Aussies will react to my 5 cent comments about my experience with Aussies in my last 7 years living in Sydney. I have found them extremely insulated, bad tempered, have high levels of inferiority complex and extremely protective of their land (duh, their land!), culture and their English!! They will frown upon you when you tell them you don’t follow rugby but they don’t expect you to frown in return if they don’t follow cricket. They will make sure that they stare at you on the slightest giggling noise you make in a public transport (social rules in Sydney trains suck the most, its literally pin drop silence in the mornings in the south coast line). I am a well traveled (All South east Asia, Central Asia, US, Canada, Europe, Caribbean) guy and find Aussies to be the most “stuck-up” people I have ever experienced. I am generalizing it for the sake of argument. If I was facing an Aussie, a Canadian and a Brit and I utter an English word that they all understand but they say it in a different accent, I will get a confirming nod from Canadian and Brit but will get a “sorry, can you say that again” comment from an Aussie. Reason being, Aussies have a bad habit of picking on you. I would have loved to have interacted with Aussies who are liberal travelers from all walks of life with a true zest for multiculturalism, unfortunately I haven’t found them yet. I will keep looking.

    • I think you’ll find that the Aussies who are liberal travellers are likely to share your frustrations. Lord knows, it’s a big part of the reason that I spend so little time in Australia and so much time virtually anywhere else, haha.

    • I agree to every word you said. I lived in Perth for a year and am so disheartened with the Aussies. The friends I made were either German, Estonian, Indian, American, Sri Lankan, Aboriginal but never a white Aussie or Italians and I wonder why ! They all had the same temper and attitude towards me. I never got a job in my field and I must say none of my friends did too. Subtle racism when it comes to profession and direct racism personally.

      • What country are you from Jo? I’m just a little curious as I’m experiencing the same issues. I’m from Sri Lanka
        Also, what field are you in?

  74. Australians sell out their own country and undermine their own people, so it serves them right that now Asia and other races are taking over everything. Soon there will be no jobs and white Australians shall be pushed out of their country, already the nation is in terrible debt thanks to that bastard Rudd Government that put this nation into a debt it will never recover from. Yes the Asians can have this country if the want it, there is plenty of room to breed and out number the whits. In the end Australians will get what they deserve for being bastards to the English.

  75. I am desperate to get out of Australia and move to Europe, but being 33 with no EU citizenship I can claim, I sadly suspect it is too late 🙁

  76. I have considered travelling to Australia from Canada for work. The animals and natural beauty have all fascinated me. I have never heard anything bad from other people I know who have moved ‘down under’, either about living there or the people they meet. Many of the items on your Top 10 list don’t surprise me. Many could easily apply to Canada.
    Travel can be costly here with our large land mass, smaller population centers and low competition.
    Our similar colonial past, treatment of First Nations people and welcoming immigration policies make racism a frequent news item. Heck, my city was recently voted ‘Most Racist in Canada’ and I don’t think we are really worse than anywhere else in the country.
    Real estate prices in Vancouver and Toronto are through the roof. Others are in decline from slumping oil prices.

    I think any one would be hard pressed to live anywhere and not have things they would like to change, as a Google search will show.

    The allure of moving/working in Australia may not be in the cards, but frigid Canadian winters will always be the annual reminder of why Australia is on my list of places to visit.

  77. Interesting read. I lived in Bundaberg for 4 months (failed relationship) I’m an american who to this day thinks that Australia is a paradise compared to America. I’m sick of the gun violence here, the greed, the horrible way workers are treated here (low pay, no benefits, no vacation time, no protection, no rights, employment at will where we can be fired fo no reason) the lack of safety nets here, the horrible Wealthcare system for health care in the U$. When you’re down that’s where you stay here. Plus american women are the worst:fat, tatted up slutty, foul mouthed arrogant selfish golddiggers who demand equality only when it suits them. I would LOVE to be an Aussie citizen-America sucks. God ,guns and greed rule here

    • Oh, I certainly don’t hold the US up as something we should aspire to be more like in every facet. Your ridiculous gun laws and the seemingly systematic refusal to care about people less fortunate than yourselves is maddening to witness as an outsider, so I can only imagine what it must be like as a citizen.

      I’ve never encountered that with American women however. I’ve dated 13-14 (4-5 of those seriously) and they’ve all been (mostly) lovely and certainly not fat and slutty.

  78. I’m one of the lucky ones, I trade currencies and stocks to make a living, I get to travel i.s frequently. IN 20 yeas, there’s been massive del opent in our streets and sk look the

  79. Hi CWB thanks for this article. I was planning to come to Australia from India for Job purposes but now i have changed my mind its so expensive i will not be able to save money. I Will look for other countries where i can work enjoy and save money. I always liked Australia and the breath taking views it offers but 🙁 i am fine with it. Thanks and continue with articles like these that will help others.

  80. I live 9 months of the year in a small city in central China and 3 months back home in Oz or on holidays in other countries. Have done so for 7 years now. My Chinese wife and I are debt free and own properties in both countries. Our life is wonderful and I wish I had done it years before. I teach English here and my wife works as a surgeon. To any Aussie guys looking for good women, let me tell you that there are literally thousands of highly educated, professional women in China who crave a decent Aussie bloke. Fellas, you know the Nike slogan…..

  81. The racism & xenophobia confuse me greatly, my family hasn’t been here long.. but still, we “Europeans” don’t bloody belong here, not our country.. who are we to say no to others..

    I will be honest, I have a weird connection to Europe, I’ve never been there.. only seen photos from family.. I do plan on moving to the UK (my family is of Irish, English & Danish descent)

    I will be honest, I get strangely upset, angry & defensive when I see asylum seekers & refugees (who don’t need the help.. yea, I see your fancy mobiles & cameras!) entering Europe.. they do not belong there!

    I don’t give two shits about migration to Canada, America, Australia or New Zealand though… this part of my personality troubles me sometimes… but I am practical, I see the history & rich culture of my family when I think of Europe, I have no emotional attachment to this land..

    I pity the real Australian natives for the torture they’ve endured (having ones home stolen is still torture in my opinion, especially when you’re powerless to stop it)

    • It’s really unfortunate. I don’t know where the sense of entitlement and smug superiority comes from, especially given those professing their superiority are invariably poorly educated, lower socioeconomic sections of the population who have no right to feel so entitled.

    • I kind of sympathize with you on that. I’m East Indian but I feel bad reading about what’s going on in Europe now. Feels like modern era colonization at times with reported no-go zones in cities etc. However, I don’t sympathize with migrant nations having problems with migrants, for eg with US and mexicans. As long as they’re there to work, what’s the issue? If your ancestors did it, why would you suddenly have a problem with immigration?

  82. As for the women… some are ok… but there is a generalized disdain and lack of empathy for men that is quite shocking. I’ ve seen it from schoolteachers ( 70% women) to office workers and waitresses.

    Coming from France where flirting and smiles between strangers is considered normal… and women actually appreciate men over there.

    Though feminazism has made some inroads and created some young women who basically think all men are uselless assholes.

    Mmm i do notice a lot of eligible bachelors in Australia are no longer dating Australian girls. Disdainful princesses who think their shit doesnt stink… i heard it put recently.

    Men and women are both imperfect human beings, with strenghts and weaknesses. This needs to be realised.

    • It’s a tough one to nail down. On the one hand we’ve still got a long way to go as a country when it comes to fair treatment of women. The high incidences of domestic abuse and rape are indicative of that.

      On the other hand, I’ve never been in a country where I’ve felt more guilty to be a man.

      • Thanks for the response.. there is a dark larrikin element, which comes from the convict history i think , which does create rape etc.

        However the middle class well spoken man is under constant suspicion and a breath away from false accusations . As an outdoor educator i found that some teachers took offence from being male , enthusiastic, etc… this is not related to rapes…
        But is a direct product of academic feminism ( a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bycicle)…

        Which is essentially like the klu klux klan… female supremacism and racism against those who were born with an xy chromosome.
        Its very much alive and well im family law, which is why there is actually a ” marriage strike ” movement in the usa.

        Some like suzanne venker, speak out against this. But they are not in power.
        The saddest thing is , its basically unintentional child abuse.. figures show kids raised by single mothers have much higher rates of suicide, drug abuse etc. Not to mention most serial killers are from fatherless homes.

        Its all going to fall apart when women realise they are cutting of their nose to spite their face. But not before a lot of damage is done.

        • There is definitely a militant wing of ‘feminism’ that goes beyond wanting equality and instead desiring dominance, but I think that’s a (very) vocal minority. I hope so, anyway >_>

          Interestingly enough, I had to debate the phrase “Women need men like fish need bicycles” on the affirmative side in high school, haha. We won >_<

          • negative selection should be weeding these women out if it weren’t for all those god damn sperm banks.

  83. Well written piece.
    I agree with many points.
    However, having grown up in France, i am afraid to say you show the typical rather snooty ABC disdain for those stupid bogans who see something wrong with large scale immigration from third world countries.

    The problem lies mostly with muslims… who often become welfare moochers – as pointed out by a labor mp re western sydney recently.
    And also are in suprising numbers sympathetic to such things as honor killings, beheadings of random infidels, machine gunning of cartoonists ( as a sheik in Perth recently openly said) joining the isis evil clowns etc ect

    Yes bogans are sometimes assholes, but in this case, they are actually spot on. And i say this having lived most of my life in France and having witnessed the hatred of non-muslims first hand. If Australia has any large Muslim population, you will get exactlu the same bombings, murders of blasphemers, of jewish schoolchildren, the same open disdain for western society and mores that they show in Europe.

    And by the way, gays are leaving holland , as they get beaten up and killed there by the large muslim population.

    May i suggest you read ” infidel” by ayan hirsi ali. And if you can, spend some time in a large muslim enclave in Europe. The 92 department near Paris, or malmo in sweden, which is the rape capital of Europe ( gang rapes by Muslims).

    Reality is whay it is… saying someone is ” bigoted” for telling uncomfortable truths will change nothing.

    Also you forgot to mention that Australia is overregulated to the point of brave new world control and brainwashing, has ridiculous taxes on alcohol and such, and has an infantile education system.

    It is very peaceful . But that may change if the abc pro- muslim immigration brigade get their way.

    • I have heard what you’ve described of France many times now. It’s a worrying thing to hear, as we do have a growing population of Muslims in Australia. I hope it never escalates to the point that you describe.

      As to what you say in defense of bogans, that would be all well and good if they were educated enough to at least direct their hate correctly. During the Cronulla Race Riots, Italian and Greke people were being harassed to ‘go back to Iraq’. If you’re going to be racist against a certain group of people, at least know how to identify them :-p

      If I had to write this post again, our over-regulation and nanny state policies would definitely be in the top three. Drives me insane!

      Thanks for commenting. Always good to hear a different viewpoint expressed in a way that isn’t verbal abuse 🙂

      • Thanks for your response. I do get rather worked up re islam.. i have had good muslim friends and worked in Malaysia, but it is clearly for me a dysfunctional culture prone to orgies of violence. And people should be allowed to say this.

        Eventually, it will reform itself. But not because we pretended it was all fine and good….

        I weep for Europe , especially France, when i hear off charlie hebdo, jewish kids being gunned down in the street and so on. The French can be pompous asses, but no one deserves this shit.

        Belgium is number one provider of isis fighters in europe, per capita… a testament to the total lack of acceptance of western tolerance, enlightenment etc values.
        Doesnt help that the west is profoundly self doubting and confused, thanks to deconstructionism and postmodernism which has permeated academia and trickles down to secondary ed, the media etc.

        In a way islamism is a ” shit test” for the world : do you really beleive in freedom of thought and speech and association, and if so , are you prepared to fight for it ?

        Or would you rather kneel to allah like us ? We know we are a crazy cult, but join us anyway!
        Or off with your head.

  84. 10. No Street food. Never thought of it really but i do see the carts in the movies with hot dogs etc. All comes down to holding us back at making a living with the disguise of bad hygiene or some fabrication, yet other countries never seem to have these hygiene issues and yes we still get food poisoning through non-street food cafes etc.
    9. Distant Culture? We aren’t allowed to have a culture or we are racist, sexist, discriminative or some other greed driven litigation technique for profit. Aussie bronzed dude yelling out slang, will land you in prison now for some made up crime for profit. Plus we are apparently multi cultural now so what is our culture. I know what it is but i have been suppressed from expressing it. Instead i have to suffer to please some other. Yet they could care less about me having to listen to the shit they spew that makes my teeth cringe.
    8. I totally agree with this, control and abuse by people who think they are above everyone else and own all of this land our children and us ant slaves. They own nothing at all and when they die it proves this. These people are the scum of the earth, using the rest of us with brutal force to be their slaves.
    7. We aren’t allowed to have a history because we are than racist, yet nobody cares for the history of white people. However all the Aboriginal history is okay, even though non aboriginal are than not-identified unless we are convicts of course. Yep, lets keep bringing up past events so all these so called people who never suffered back than are rewarded while the ones paying, never did any wrong and all are only born into this hell hole of a shit heap, being called privileged for being a slave and not knowing until it is drummed into you, usually at the criminal schooling system, that you are the cause of all problems and you should pay. For sure being born after something that happen long before your birth makes you the cause of all these peoples problems, that they never had happen to them. Fantastic scam that one is.

    We are all divided for profit. It is the biggest scam that people do not see. Play everyone against each other, creates chaos, which creates control and huge self serving profits. Most of this crap is in everyone’s head. If i build a building, i don’t think i am doing it to be racist or holding back women, in fact don’t even get the time to think about such shit. I think i would be doing it for the better of all and all the so called hurt people don’t seem to mind using this building either, yet as a male, especially white male, i have to build all this as a slave and than be called a sexist privileged racist for doing something to benefit all, without actually having any say whether it is built in the first place.

    If we dare mention our history, we are racist. We have no history because we are just a bunch of people pulled from everywhere fighting over who’s history is best. Gets a bit boring after awhile so why bother with it? There are people who make decisions without most of our approval and i think that is an absolute disgrace. WHO are these people? Are they some form of superior human being? Are they Gods?
    6. Yep only the selfish get that privilege and it is all bullshit anyway. All career options are for controlling departments and nobody else. The departments are usually about some minorities rights that one minority that is not recognized is paying the whole lot. So let’s see who truly is the worst of. IT IS A SCAM……
    5. Can’t be a man anymore or you are a misogynistic prick, taking advantage of women – so why bother dating at all? Best of joining the ones who get a mail order bride. Oh and if you do date be very weary because you will have everything you worked for, your children your home and your entire life extorted from you if things don’t go her way. You will lose your life, your heart, your confidence your will and way. Even your retirement fund is not yours, you know that other lie that is going on to extract money out of you? Don’t forget too, that you will probably be defamed and called a wife beater without any evidence at all and you will be guilty until proven innocent which will never happen, and that whole thing will not be called abuse to you or your children.
    4. If we do we are racists. How many times is it on the news about someone who was trying to be patriotic as being racist? Australia day is a perfect example of how many people start whinging about the Australian Flag. WHY BOTHER?
    3. Agree totally, it is a joke. Capitalism and greed is destroying everything.
    2. Agree totally, Capitalism and greed will destroy us all.
    1. And of course everything always leads to racism. I knew you had an ulterior motive; and to be precise, almost half of what you related pointed to some form of racism or sexism or homophobic ways. Yet nobody allows some other white male their own opinion without being called a racist, unless of course it is a white male who agrees that all white males are racist or sexist etc. Just like the comment you said to the guy above. He says his piece and than you mock him, even though your whole rant is a whinge like all of us here. Just remember you are the one who put this on the net for everyone to see and your opinion is only yours and that is the whole problem with this world. Most of us are held back from being who we were meant to be by a criminal organization called government. We are all enforced to do what someone else desires and if we don’t we will be incarcerated or made financially hurt in some way.

    If i said i wanted my rights because a woman hit me, i would be laughing stock. If i was offended because i was called “whitey”, nothing would be done, it would turn around on me as always. If i tried to be friendly to a gay person and he didn’t get sex with me because i was heterosexual, i would be called a homophobic. In fact if i just do not like 2 men kissing and think it is disgusting, even if i had gay friends, it wouldn’t matter, i would be a homophobic.

    I can’t have my opinion at all without being called racist, yet i can be called all the names under the sun including racist. It is the same with a minor male being classed as lucky if an older woman takes advantage, it would turn around on me and as a kid i would be made to pay child support to a child rapist if she fell pregnant, by today’s laws even though i disagree with that law to a certain extent, i still would not be thought with the same standards as a girl. I would be the victim and be treated poorly.

    Just like being accused of violence against a woman you never ever hurt, you would be the criminal, but the reality is you would be the victim. She would be called the victim, even though she produced a very serious criminal accusation. If she got found out, which a lot do, some crap about, taking away from victims of abuse would come to light, yet you are the victim and abused, while she the abuser is swept under the carpet. They wonder why there are so many problems. IT IS BECAUSE THEY WANT ALL THE PROBLEMS. Problems = Profit and control. Equality, it will never happen at all. While there are rich Women and Men and lies and non equal outcomes when it is really needed, there will never even be any closeness to equality. In fact while we have this disgrace of a system, equality will always be used as a profit tool even though they will deny an equal outcome with any of it when they simply can make an equal outcome. If they did do the right thing, not many of them would have a job and that fraudulent profit they make.

    I agree that this place is racist against the white Australian male because remember all that you are asking of. Bronze male patriots are all called sexist racists so how can you expect it to happen, when it is all held down? And you want that but than you don’t want it. Aussie slang is our culture but everyone took that from us because it is racist or sexist or some other “IST”. I am stopped from being me because of all the racist laws, yet you can say anything about me that you like and i have to wear it. That is racism.

    Do you even think about the hurt that some poor white Aussie bloke goes through, or is he the one that is meant to support all of this still; and this whole thesis is about blaming the white man once again?

    Everyday a white man has to think about who he is hurting today and how he should word things or some other crap that is taking away from him and no one gives a rats arse. Constantly wondering if he can open a door, retaliate against a racist remark to himself, whether he said it right, and all these people wonder why the hell men lash out.

    These men are being oppressed and that is why all of this is stuffed now. Without a male voice, you can get away with whatever you like and blame him for it all as well, while denying that what you are doing is actually causing serious problems for all, including yourself. Where is our history, that’s right, can’t mention it. Why are there no bronzed tough guys? That’s right, feminism stopped them in there tracks. Where are all the flags? Burnt by racists, that’s where.

    Nobody gives a crap anymore about any of it because our identity is squashed as soon as some poor little person feels hurt. Yet anytime these so called racists(white men) are treated poorly it is swept under the carpet and you can even read all of the legal lies about it how white men are not mentioned at all, unless you are some scum politician or evil judge. It even says that racism is for Aboriginal people. So that law how it is written – is racist.

    Honestly i got sick of defending myself to all this shit long ago, i know who i am and i don’t need so called experts and liars telling me i am doing something wrong because i am a white man. I am sick and tired of their fantasies and their self serving agendas. They destroy lives with their rot. They destroyed mine and i am pissed. I don’t want to live here at all on any of this earth putting up with these self serving low life criminals. NANNY STATE, what a joke. They steal children and use it as a profit scam. IT IS EXTORTION to deny children and than charge money for those days. As well as child abuse, mental abuse to one parent and children. discrimination, sexism. and it certainly is not justice. More like an illegal system. Ownership of people and property that is not and never was theirs to begin. Imagine being born into this shithole. It is like being in prison and dying is when the sentence is up. I was not asked to be born. In fact i have never been asked if i want any of what happens to happen and why would i accept the bullshit? I am sick of this racist shit all the time. It is monotonous crap that is not getting us anywhere. If anything it is making us go backwards.

    Anyway enjoy your life in another self serving arena. You can’t escape the evils of this world. You can blame Australia or Australians for what you dislike but the truth is that NUMBER 8 is the entire reason for any crap bull that is happening.

    As soon as you deny another their view, you are racist yourself
    If your view is only for your benefit, than you are racist or sexist.
    If you deny one person an equal outcome by taking from that person to give to another, than you are racist or sexist
    If you deny an equal outcome, than you do not want equality at all.
    If you call people names but than can’t handle being called names so than call that person racist, you are being racist.
    If you expect something your way which denies another person or takes from that person what you do not want taken from you, yourself, than that makes you racist or sexist. A good example of this is making white slaves pay an Aboriginals way in life or Denying a father his children yet having it all yourself. If you had an equal IE 50% for each than what you lose that other also loses and what you gain that other also gains. That means there cannot possibly be any other way of making it just and fair and to create less tension. There are so many things that this can happen, to reduce the inequality gaps but it never happens and there are always excuses that are just lies because if it was implemented, than the implementers, would eventually be jobless. Because they are not creating chaos. Nobody will ever be equal, We are all different sizes, sexes etc. We all have varying degrees of disabilities. That alone disproves this bullshit lie about equality.

    Here is equality. Get rid of all the liars above and divide that money they steal to promote rot and some things would become far easier. I mean seriously, have an ad promoting how one political party is or what problem there is and blaming someone, rather than using that massive amount of money wasted to actually fix the issue is the core issue.

  85. Yes I agree with the other bloggers. I’m just waiting for my old bitch mother to ‘cark it’, ( she’s a very wealthy Jewish lady and has multiple properties) and sell up and move abroad permanently !!! I am sick and tired of the smug and ignorant provincial attitudes of the Australian people , I am fed up ! Australia is the Asian version of Spain- it has a very high un-employment rate,too many rules & regulations, a prohibition on tobacco smoking, a third world economy (where practically all the real estate is owned by the Chinese). The Australian people (like Spangroids) are dull & stupid peasants and are still discovering their “romantic” culture, which will evolve – as China increasingly becomes the main regional super-power (like the new USA, whilst Aussie land can become the new Argentina)
    Here’s a joke for you-
    “What’s the difference between an Australian and a photograph?”
    “A photograph is fully developed”
    I’m looking forward to “fleeing the swamp”, to get away from the Australian retards like Martin Beetroot head and that imbecile called “Ben” who sells the “Big Issue” in Bourke Street in the CBD of Melbourne (or Smellbourne-as some regard it). And as for today’s Sydney-Ha! Just look at any of James Ellory’s retro-crime novels of LA in the 1950’s and that’s today’s Sydney Town- where life is cheap, the beer & whiskey is rot-gut rubbish, as well as the cheap Chinese smokes , the Sydney folk are hard-assed hustlers and full of arrogant swagger and riddled with high crime and segregation (rich Jews in Bondi, poor Aboriginals & Middle Easterners in the western suburbs and the Aussie/Pommy white-trash in the main towns-eg Wollongong,Newcastle-nearby to Sydney. “Crocodile Dundee”- a portrait of today’s Australia? No try “Wolf Creek”- that’s the ‘real’ Australia ( & James Ellory novels of 1950’s America or today’s Aussie land). If the American visitors want to know how their grandparents lived in the 1950’s ( & earlier) visit Sydney & Melbourne, they are that “backward” no kidding either !!!

    • Yup, agree with all of this for sure – even Africans are coming here to show Aussies up on business, culture, romance etc etc! Shameful, now wonder people here are so insecure – they have good reasons.

    • Don’t you dare say Australia is the Asian version of Spain. DONT YOU DARE. As for the rest of your comments, I agree 100%.

    • Certainly one of the more unpleasant aspects of life here, for sure. My poor Dad seems to be dealing with skin cancer scares on the regular.

    • that was actually one of the more disgusting things I noticed about Australia the first time I was there. It was clear that a lot of middle aged women spent way too much time in the sun when they were younger, and aren’t in a hurry to cover up.

  86. As we say here in Brazil, our neighbor’s grass is always much more green. I’d love to leave Brazil and start a new life in Australia. I’m pissed off about quite the same problems from our country. Slightly different outcomes but the same root problems.


      Australians are toothless, imbred, fat-ass, ugly pink gorillas who have the IQ of a retarded chimp on meth. Swear to god, Australian girls have the nastiest smelling snatches in the world. Plus, most of them weigh about the same as humpback whale and smell like one that’s been rotting in the desert for about 50 days in the hot sun. I think the reason why Australian fuckheads talk like they are always chewing a pitbull’s balls is because of all the drugs and chemical they stuff up their noses and assholes. No surprise that they all liek to fuck their daughters and sisters because all those drugs and booze fuck up their 2 dollar brains to the point where they think sucking their boyfriend’s cock is a way of imbibing minerals. Typical Aussie cock sucking fuckshit motherfucking cunt bag ball sack eating pieces of feline catshit.

  87. Man you are a dipstick, what you want is your quiet little subservient Asian girl friend kissing your geeky ass. Why do Ozcee (pronounced with strong accent) losers date Asians, seriously. You are so typical of the lefty metro sexual dweeps that is flooding this country. Before you bore me with your uneducated comments I have two degrees one in engineering and the other in science. History….go figure. All I want to know is where do I pay to keep you out of the country?

    • It’s adorable how quickly you leap to the conclusion that living in Asia = dating Asian girls to the exclusion of all others. While I did date a few Korean and Chinese girls while living abroad, the reasons you mock these losers (wanting a subservient girlfriend) is the reason I *didn’t* date any Asian girls seriously.

      My list of ex-girlfriends (short as it is) reads like a miniature United Nations, but I wouldn’t call any of the women I’ve dated subservient in the slightest. The majority have been North American or European.

      If you’d like to donate to keeping me out of the country, feel free to send a donation to cwbush@aussieontheroad.com via PayPal. You seem pretty indicative of the kind of dipsticks (are you Alf Stewart) I leave this country to avoid.

    • Credentialism is typically a leftie latte set tactic… dont use it …
      There are tradesmen and fishermen with no degrees who read the classics and can discourse quite intelligently…

      University is way overrated and tends to produce pompous asses.

      • I actually was just back at university earlier this year doing my second degree, and I was amazed by how much of it was just fluff and pandering to your lecturer. You’re not being taught how to think or even how to apply what you learn to the real world – it’s all perfecting your Harvard referencing and keeping within the word count.

    • Australians are toothless, imbred, fat-ass, ugly pink gorillas who have the IQ of a retarded chimp on meth. Swear to god, Australian girls have the nastiest smelling snatches in the world. Plus, most of them weigh about the same as humpback whale and smell like one that’s been rotting in the desert for about 50 days in the hot sun. I think the reason why Australian fuckheads talk like they are always chewing a pitbull’s balls is because of all the drugs and chemical they stuff up their noses and assholes. No surprise that they all liek to fuck their daughters and sisters because all those drugs and booze fuck up their 2 dollar brains to the point where they think sucking their boyfriend’s cock is a way of imbibing minerals. Typical Aussie cock sucking fuckshit motherfucking cunt bag ball sack eating pieces of feline catshit.

  88. ozzie Women are the fucking worst most horrible breed on earth they will try to make youe life hell and fuck you over any way possible .
    Poor ozzie blokes i feel for you fellas

    • I wouldn’t go that far myself, but they’re definitely not my favourite nationality in the world when it comes to romance. I’ve got a number of close and wonderfully warm friends are are girls from Australia, but I’ve yet to find one that I wanted to settle down and raise a whole bunch of rugrats with, haha

    • As an undoubtedly intelligent and ruggedly masculine individual, you’re more than welcome to forge out a nation of similarly hard headed bigots someplace.

      I’ll visit and write about it.

  89. Point 9.

    Australian culture is bogan culture. Not all Australians are bogans but enough are so that they set the course of culture. Australia has a severely anti-intellectual culture that celebrates willful ignorance. Australians have also become ludicrously smug and impressed with themselves over the last few years. They will brag amongst themselves about what a ‘top country’ ‘straya is and almost in the same breath deride Americans for being so ‘in love with themselves’.

    Point 8.

    Tony Abbott’s political success is a direct result of the new found affluence of Australian bogans. People in general are selfish and will vote based on their self interest. When bogans were poor they considered that a Labour government would best look out for their interests. Now that they are relatively affluent they consider that the Conservatives will better look out for them.

    Add to that the fact that the Conservatives have become the party of ignorance, anti-science and xenophobia and it looks like Tony’s Tories are in government for the long haul.

    I would like to point out though that many other countries have schemes similar to Australia’s Medicare. The NHS in the UK was the world’s first when it started back in the 1940s. Also, Australia does not actually have free university education.

    Point 6.

    No career options is an understatement. Although Australia’s economy was riding high through the GFC it’s clearly hitting the skids now.

    I was made redundant from my job as a software developer back in April. I have not been able to find another decent paying job since then so am now working as a general hand in a cafe. I am working more than 60 hours per week for $400 giving me a rate of a little over $5 per hour. This of course is well below the legal minimum wage of $18 per hour but what can I do? Complain to fair work Australia then lose my job and have to rely on unemployment benefits that are $150 per week below the pittance I earn now?

    Now I’m living in my car just one mechanical breakdown away from becoming a street person. I never thought my life would come to this. If I could afford it I would move back to the UK which has a similar unemployment rate to Australia with one key difference: unemployment is falling in the UK while it is rising in Australia.

    Point 4.

    Australians have become annoyingly jingoistic as symbolised by the bogan chant of ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!’.

    I have taken to avoiding listening to the radio lately because I am sick of hearing DJ’s, advertisers, and listeners on call in saying how much better Australia is than anywhere else in the world. Something along the lines of ‘ya just don’t know how lucky ya are ta live in ‘straya till yer go anywhere else mate’; ‘God’s own country mate’; ‘we punch above our weight, mate’; ‘we’re the land of opportunity mate’; and ‘thank God we’re not like those big headed bloody Yanks mate!’.

    Another indicator is the number of ordinary suburban houses in Sydney’s western suburbs that I see with a full sized flag pole sporting an Australian flag. This is something no one would have dreamed doing when I was growing up in the 1970s.

    Not only have they become overly patriotic but they are hypocrites with it – they still like to put the boot into yanks (their word not mine) being big headed.

    Point 2.

    It is a mistake to measure cost of living just by looking at retail prices and comparing them to other countries. It is necessary to take into account typical incomes as well.

    For example the cost of living may seem marvellously inexpensive in India until you take into account the very low incomes most ordinary people have.

    When incomes are taken into account Australia is about average is living expenses with the exception of the outrageous costs of buying or renting somewhere to live. And that of course ties in to why I am living in a 19 year old Suzuki hatchback.

    Incidentally, despite the erosion of living standards in the United States over the last 40 years or so they still have the lowest cost of living in the world when both prices and incomes are taken into consideration.

    Point 1.

    I have found that older Australians are more likely to be racist which is somewhat understandable as they grew up in a much more racist friendly era.

    Other than the senior citizens bogans are the only group amongst which I have found overtly racists attitudes. They are racist and proud of it.


    I like Australians – except for the sizable chunck of the population that can be described as bogans.

    Bogans exist in other societies as well. They are rednecks aka Republicans in the United States, Chavs in England, Neds in Scotland. Tragically, both in Australia and the United States the ignorant have gained enough political influence to be electing f**k wits into office. In the US the current president is one of the best they have ever had but the Congress is dominated by radical ‘conservatives’ who take pride in wilful ignorance and anti-intellectualism. In Australia we have a Prime Minister and his government who appear to be lifting their policies from the US Republican party.

    Oh well.

    • 8. It’s sad, but true. People keep telling me it will all be better when Abbott gets the arse, but his being elected was indicative of a far bigger problem. There are enough climate changing, immigrant fearing, homophobic, ‘the 1950s were the best’ people out there to have created and put a man like that in power.

      The problem is far more pervasive than a single politician and his friends screwing things up.

      6. Jesus, that is a grim tale. The one thing I do like about Australia is that there is (usually) support there when times get hard. I’ve had to come crawling back to Australia penniless and in debt after a job in South Korea fell through and screwed me over, but I came back safe in the knowledge that I’d get care if I was sick and that I’d get assistance in the form of Newstart when looking for a job and trying to get on my feet.

      I hope your situation has improved considerably since your comment.

      2. You do make a good point. Our cost of living seems high looking only at prices, but when you factor in that we make $21 an hour working a register at Coles it doesn’t seem so bad. That being said, rent is ludicrously high in the city.

      And you’re 100% right re: bogans. Every country has their equivalent.

    • Some good points re cost etc.

      But seriously… another abc nitwit who needs to spend 3 months living in a Muslim enclave in Europe. May i suggest Malmo in sweden or the 92 dept near Paris. Make sure you get psychiatric help afterwards…

      The bogans are actually correct on this one.
      And Obama his holiness is the most preening narcissistic imbecile ever. Pretty face and words do not equate with wisdom, of which he has none. His taking of a selfie at Mandellas funeral says everything you need to know about his haughtiness the boy king.

    • That sucks, I saw a lot of jobs were on offer. Maybe you need to move to a better city? Working as a cafe hand sucks. I guess I’m sympathizing cuz i’m a software developer and hate seeing a fellow coder down on his knees, or in your case, grease. (well i make slightly more than you even as a software engineer but i live in a poor country so it’s pretty decent with the costs)

  90. Thanks relate totally and I hate this country for all the above reasons, and I only live here because I have animals that I cannot leave…its very hard to find people who are not superficial, the food totally sucks, white bread pies and I cant believe but they still eat Chicko rolls and all that disgusting revolting take away stuff, the fish and chips suck, the fish is revolting, nothing like the food stalls of Asia, that pisses me off, and so expensive and the salads, they don’t even know how to make unless your paying $30 in a fancy restaurant, thats right, you only get good food if your paying top dollar in a posh restaurant. Only cities have a bit more variety, and its so expensive. hate it. cant stand the bogans and rednecks and the men don’t know what romance is or how to even make love….their just copying the porno moves which you can easily access on the net…people are shallow no matter what walk of life…only about 20% of people are genuine. What the fuck is wrong with everyone, if I could leave, I would, but I have my animals, so I cant leave. I want to go and live in USA, UK,or Europe or somewhere or Asia somewhere, where people are friendly and smile and the food is everywhere and tastes great and is yummy. But we have clean cities and I like that, but the boredom is just too much, the sport, the bbq culture, the whole oy oy oy aussie aussie, yuk, the same personalities, no one is unique and they resent if your different and fear away from you,,, and people don’t like you if your outspoken or disagree…if you disagree they where a mask and nod their head, but then never hear from them again….snobs, insecure, boring, is how I describe Australians. My parents are European, maybe that has something to do with it. Born here, lived here, and never feel this is my home. Australians hate wildlife and nature too, their just all interested in how everyone else perceives them, they are selfish and have lost the plot. This country is totally over rated, and the whole expensive real estate thing, well, its just beyond comprehension. I travelled os at a young age and have done some wild things,,,women here are hard to find good friend, very insincere and two faced I find, and always have…deep connections..as a female…its not easy. All the women I connect with are from Europe or the states or Asia…how weird. Men are mostly cheats and unfaithful, just wish I had the money to leave now…another ten or so years of boredom…everyones an alcoholic, they can’t talk unless their drunk…so anal and uptight and just worry about their career and real estate portfolios. Racist for sure. ZZZZ boring..I would rather live in the bush with the first people, but the cost of living is even to expensive out in the sticks, this country is totally over rated.

    • Wow, you said a mouthful.

      I don’t hate Australia by any stretch, but there are aspects of living here that bother me.

    • I sympathise… and agree on most points.
      Its superficial beacuse they have few points of comparison ( isolated geographical ly) + small population + shallow diluted education + little history + post modern malaise ( porn etc) which also occurs elsewhere but is moderated by tradition.

      You need to meet well travelled aussies. And get away from the nouveau riche – join a bushwalking club or go to a rodeo in a country town.. much less bling and pretentious bs.

      • You know, I’d like to say it’s better out in the country, but having grown up out that way I’m not so sure. It’s a different kind of closed off that the country folk tend to have towards the well-traveled or (dare I say it) intellectuals.

        Not all of them, obviously, but there’s a pervasive pride in old-fashioned ignorance that always makes visiting ‘home’ an awkward trip for me.

        • True. But i do find that here in Mossman , qld people are more human and less snoby than port douglas, for all its sophisticated charms.

  91. I wish I could read your post earlier…Very true all you said and more. I would argue that you were even too respectful but it’s ok. Cheers

    • Thanks for the comment, Jose.

      At the end of the day, the things I love about living in Australia do outweigh the things I hate. Of the places on earth to have been born and raised, I can’t think of many that could have been better for me.

      I benefited from the free health care and the ‘free’ university (both of which they’re aiming to phase out), and the quality of life – while expensive – is good.

      The above list was more to illustrate why I continually leave Australia than to express any real hatred of the country.

      Of course, many of the angrier comments come from people who didn’t bother to read it, haha.

      • Yeah.. its definitely not ” free” …nothing is. you pay for it in roundabout ways from high taxes on everything to unemployment because of artificially high wages.

  92. One of the biggest things I hate about living in Australia is accommodation. It’s a double-edged sword and both renting and buying are expensive. With renting there’s no stability and you can get kicked out of a property at any time, even if you didn’t do anything wrong, there’s so much info you need to provide when applying for a rental property through the real estate, you have to go through them or the owners if there are any issues with the property etc. With buying you can spend decades paying off a mortgage, with at least a year’s salary of interest on top of that and if you were to lose your job, you’re in strife. Accommodation is more expensive in the capital cities.

    • The cost of living in general is quite inhibitive. As another commenter has said, the higher salaries we earn are somewhat countered by the fact we’re paying so much for things such as rent, groceries, transport etc.

      I’ve certainly grown fond of the fact accommodation is either very cheap or free when I’m working abroad.

  93. Hallo Chris,
    I like your blog very much. I come from Cesko, so sorry for my clumsy English. Let me join my comment. What I hate about my home country?
    1. Despite of Cesko is a beautiful country and living here is quite good
    (btw-Have you ever been here? Have you ever had a love affair with a Czech woman;-)? ), most of people is still complaining about everything. At our streets you meet many grim, tired faces. We cannot enjoy life like you do.
    2. A lot of envy is among people. It is like a poison.
    3. Coruption.
    4. Rasism.
    5. We cannot get dress nice and elegant. Too much carelessness, too much cheap, ugly rugs. It looks like we ( men, especially) are afraid of colours. All wear jesns and sport shoes. May our girls are said be pretty, if they take more care of their outlook, they would be even more beautiful.

    I loved your article about sex and affairs abroad. Two years ago I met an Australian in Praha. It was one of my happiest days in my life.

    • I’m sad to say I’ve never had a love affair with a Czech woman! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even met somebody from the Czech Republic 🙁

      That fifth point on your list is sad! I wouldn’t fit in at all. I’m all about brightly coloured t-shirts and shorts, haha.

      Thanks for the comment and for the like on Facebook!

  94. Sorry mate, I stopped reading this lefty shit as soon as I saw the “European invasion” mentioned.
    You had my interest up until that point, but then you just turned in another leftard dickhead like the rest of this fuckstain of a country.
    You wanna know my #1 (and only important) reason for hating my own country (Aus)? It’s leftie shitstains that bitch about how much they hate Australia but don’t realise it’s their kind that fucked it in the first place.

    • Jesus, somebody hates the Aboriginals.

      If you bothered to read beyond that point, you’d see that I don’t even talk about the controversy surrounding the settlement/invasion of Australia.

      If you don’t like it here, you’re more than welcome to venture to a rightist paradise where you don’t have to worry about annoyances such as different opinions or people wanting equal rights.

      I hear China is lovely.

  95. I have to agree on everything except the patriotism. Australians tend to be “sport patriotic”, which is the most obnoxious kind.

    Patriotism is the first step toward Fascism, and should be stamped out at the first available opportunity.

    • I don’t think patriotism is what I really had in mind when I wrote the piece. While I would like to see more pride in our (ugly) flag and (awful) anthem, it’s more that the nation seems to lack ambition to be bigger or better than it is.

      There’s a real cultural cringe and a reluctance to acknowledge our place in the world, and it’s evidenced by the way we’re super excited to even be invited to the dance.

      I do agree that we’re sports patriotic more than anything else.

      I think Australians have a lot to be proud of, but most of us tend to complain about what we don’t have rather than being bloody stoked with what we do have.

  96. I am a 53 year old Australian born male. Originaly from Nth Qld but living in Newcastle.
    Aussies have drifted away from the way we were. We were a relaxed bunch.
    I too would like to see more Aussie flags in peoples yards.
    The thing is we have been infiltrated from the world and are behaving worse. Although we still had some problems from our own making.
    Today with Abbott as Prime Minister you are seeing a great step towards a form of “Democray that isn’t”. Capitalism for the sake of abuse and greed rules. A Nation being led away from all that is good and proper.
    I for one believe Australia is now the unlucky country with our rights and freedom decreasing daily under this tyrant and hate-filled Government.
    Overseas is looking better. I never thought I would feel this way. I am ashamed to be part of a nation that is fast becomming a nation of slaves.

    • That’s a crying shame, Jason. I don’t have any objection to accepting people from other cultural backgrounds and celebrating that racial diversity, but I can’t argue that our values as a nation have changed. Whether or not the two are related is up for debate.

      I definitely feel like Australia becomes less and less like a place I’d like to be settle down full time as time passes. When I left in 2007 it was the place I intended to die. When I left again in 2010, it was a place I could see myself raising a family.

      When I leave in 2015, it won’t be with any plans to return long term. It’s just changed too much for the worse.

    • Socialism is slavery on the government plantation… ive seen itnin France.
      You are mistaken in blaming capitalism, which is nothing but people exchanging goods and services and prices adjusting according to supply and demand … being going on since marco polo , caravans of camels trading, and even before that.
      Socialism makes everyone equal in poverty… except for union bosses and their mates in the bureaucracy.

  97. I’d say that Aussies relish in being mean-spirited. Cost of living is through the roof. THey hate Americans (of which I am one) in an open display of bigotry. Infrastructure is terrible. Social groups are hard to penetrate. This place was paradise 20 years ago and it’s the most overrated place in the world now.

  98. Racism is a problem here because white Australians are frequently stereotyped by shock-jock asehole bloggers and media wankers trying to get the immigrant vote. We white Australians are quite often the victims of racist tirades because of people like you that spew biased stereotypical crap about us in public.

    • Yep, must be tough being a white male in Australia. My heart goes out to you.

      I’ve never been the subject of a racist rant, so I guess I’ve been doing something right.

      It’s funny how you oppressed, non-racist whites are so quick with name calling and dirt slinging. Of course, you’ve never used such language agsinst a person from another country or ethnic background. You just save your foul language and accusations for people who disagree with your opinion.

  99. We aren’t even that racist to be honest. It’s not the Aussies that are racist… it’s the wogs that started to cronulla riots. And you had to bring politics into this? Are you one of those labour supporters where money comes out of your asshole or grows off of a tree? Wait, it comes straight from the liberals savings haha.

    • “We aren’t that racist, it’s the wogs who started the Cronulla Riots…” You realize ‘wog’ is a racist term, right?

      And I don’t have a strong party affiliation in any one direction. I’m just not a fan of politicians on either side of the divide campaigning on one promise and then trying to shoehorn something wildly different in. Abbott and the Liberal Party have proven themselves to be both liars and incapable of moderation, and it’s reflected in their ridiculously low polling across the board.

  100. We do have local street food, have you never been to a bakery? If that is not aussie street food them i dont lnow what is.

    • When I talk about ‘street food’, I’m referring to food carts and the like. Bakeries obviously do have some pretty awesome Aussie fare (I cannot *wait* for my first sausage roll when I get home), but they’re not quite the same.

      Good street food culture is cheap, always open, and a little less homogenized than store bought stuff, in my mind.

  101. Sadly, I agree with so many of these. Australia is not the proud country we used to be – and the more we travel, the more we realise how much has changed, and not for the better. The racism and intolerance of our amazing multicultural society is so, so distressing.
    I do think you could get ESL work here in Aus now though, with the need in the migrant field. But I guess that will depend on where you want to be in Aus too.

    • Yeah, I’ve contemplated doing ESL teaching back in Sydney. I’ve had friends who did it, but they did tend to get worked like dogs for relatively little reward.

      I mean, it’s a fair wage by Aussie standards, but they all agreed that they worked just as hard but lived a much more fun lifestyle on their incomes abroad.

  102. “Ours is not a culture of physical affection or emotional openness” – spot on! Sadly.

    As to the “act Australia or get the fuck out”, call me whatever you like, but I do agree. I moved to Australia from Eastern Europe, and I’m proud that I managed to get my English to a reasonably good level, and to learn to understand Australia and Australians (still learning and will never stop!)
    If I didn’t want to become Australian and “act Australia”, why else would have I chosen to come here? Easy money or easy life created and provided by hard-working Australians, like some migrants do? No way for me! I came to this country because I’m absolutely in love with its nature and its people, and I wanted to be a part of all that. I’m working 60 hours per week + studying to do my best for this wonderful country.
    I will never support another migrant who thinks that Australia owes them something and should go out of its way to accommodate their “differences” or “special needs”.

    • Good on you, Tania.

      I should clarify that I’m not adverse to the kind of assimilation you’re describing here. I think anybody who seeks to make a country their home should make an effort to learn the language and to respect Australian cultural and social norms.

      What I’m getting at is the belief by a minority of people who believe that an immigrant should completely abandon the culture they left behind and become ‘Aussie’. I don’t think there’s any problem with somebody moving here and still wishing to observe their old holidays or religious beliefs, eat their own foods, or be with their own people – as long as they’re also making an effort to be a part of Australia rather than setting up communities that are *apart* from the rest.

      As you say, you move to Australia to be Australian – not to just take advantage of welfare and a quality of living that the country boasts.

      Thanks for the comment. It’s good to hear the opinion of somebody who has moved to Australia, rather than just hearing from my fellow born and bred compatriots.

      • You said “why are people not patriotic?” Yet now you want immigrants to bring their own culture. You ask where is Australia’s Culture?

        You make no sense. You want either or. You can’t have both. If you believe that an immigrants culture is Australia’s Culture than you are misguided. Australia has no culture because it was oppressed because of the very reasoning you are saying. IE letting Immigrants bring their culture to here and be adopted as culture obviously.

  103. Work a full time job living under a bridge with your family the norm in this country come home at the end of a 40 hour week and not even have 40 cents to your name to call your own whilst people are sitting on their rich arseholes and selling up their multimillion$ property portfolios built on the foundation of arrogant soulless unconcionable inhumane greed capatalism and corruption and the grassroot foundations and principals that no one gives a shit about anyone else.So much for a fair go for yout family in this so called lucky country.

    • They are all car salesmen. That is what i see, whenever i hear one speak. They will uplift some small pay rise or electricity cut or some other garbage and than in the background a whole heap of other hardly mention expenses come along because their pockets have not been filled enough the over privileged scum. Their millions isn’t enough so they need to take more from the ones who need it the most. Reminds me of the copyright laws. Illegal downloads, yet nobody would buy the crap anyway because we can’t afford it. They don’t lose out at all. It seems the lower classes always lose though. We are already paying for downloads to our internet providers. Why don’t they pass on the fees? That’s right, they are a part of the scum ruining us all for capitalism.

      • If you ever get a chance, I’d suggest reading a book called The Rise and Fall of Australia. Specifically, it discusses how our political system has been perverted to the point that it’s all name-calling and trying desperately to hold onto a seat instead of trying to do the job of implementing positive and/or necessary change.

  104. HAHAHAHA you complain about bigots and racism when YOU yourself are a racist AND bigot.

    Typical white guilt lefty faggot. I bet you got bashed in school.

    • What an eloquently expressed opinion. I can tell that you are both a well traveled and well educated person whose family definitely loved him a great deal growing up.

      Have a nice day 🙂

      • I agree with you about the girls. Aussie girls are useless. It’s a mission to get laid, in comparison to USA and Europe.

        • I wouldn’t say that was quite what I was getting at, but I’ve definitely found my Australian accent is more effective when I’m not in Australia.

          I’ve met some lovely Australian girls both at home and abroad, but the average tends to be rather narrow in their world view. That doesn’t jive with me, given I’m a pretty free-thinker :-p

          Thanks for the comment, Nick 🙂

          • Haha, fair enough. But you haven’t found Aussie girls less flirty, and more uptight? I thought it was something you were going at because I’ve met other people who’ve said it. I met someone from Wales last year, and he wasn’t impressed at all. There’s also my mate who took a Europe trip (and almost got married in Greece, lol) and he found the same thing.

          • I guess I can see your point there. I’ve never known Australian girls to be especially shy and retiring when it comes to sex, but I can definitely see your point about them being uptight. I think it’s probably true of most nationalities when they’re not travelers and such. I find Americans to be a lot of fun, but those I meet are inevitably on the road.

          • Totally agree. Uptight lorna jane robots.
            I think secondary ed, cleo etc brainwashes them quite effectively.

          • My strike record on Australian soil is truly woeful. Get me abroad and I’m as happy as a pig in shit.

          • Ha, Lorna Jane robots…

            Why do young women in this country all have to walk around with a resting bitch face if they’re by themselves? I stroll through uni and every girl walking around by herself looks like she wants to kill herself.

          • I think we’re just a rather closed off society in general. Maybe it’s because of the way women tend to get treated in our country (high rates of violence against women) that closes them off?

            Or maybe it’s just our country in general. I definitely find that people aren’t terribly open to social interactions outside of small country towns.

          • It’s both a big-town thing and a generational thing. Elderly people are a lot more open to striking up a conversation with a stranger than a younger person is. It’s either how everyone was back in their day, or their age and experience has just made them give much less of a fuck of what others think of them. I think it’s equally both.

            I think technology has a lot to blame. A lot of these said women I’m talking about are walking around with their head buried in their phone. Men too.

            Just look at things like Tinder though. I find it so amazing that in this day and age, females seem much more open to being approached by stranger men on tinder than in real life…society is becoming way too virtual.

          • I hesitate to say it’s a problem confined to women. I’m sure women would observe a similar distance and reluctance to engage in men who weren’t trying to hit on them.

            I’m guilty of it too, to be honest. Whenever I’m home I tend to go inwards – headphones in and closed off to the world. I don’t do it abroad, but it seems to be my default setting when I’m home >_<

          • I just read my post again and I think I came off as bashing women too much…perhaps it’s just a societal problem that I’m using women as an example of, but the problem does exist. You probably get these instances where a woman is sitting at the bus stop, a handsome dude starts chatting to her, she’s polite but not interested in talking too much, they eventually go their separate ways…and then she opens tinder and starts chatting to a guy she just matched with….

            To make an example of men, you’ll get an instance where he was too afraid to talk to that woman at the bus stop, only to go on tinder and act like a smart ass to the girl he just matched with…

          • Bitter and twisted feminists ( jezebel, feministing…) im academia spreading their bitterness to young and impressionable victims.

            Wont last though.

          • By the way Nicks comment is a rather Aussie Culture shock. Get a root in the back of the ute. Our slang is a typical Aussie cultural norm, that has been oppressed because people got offended but a true Aussie knows that the underlying meaning has nothing to do with racism or any other crap people portray.

          • What on earth does racism have to do with Nick saying it is hard to get laid in Australia?

      • You made an equally eloquent expression (insult) yet even though he was name calling, you started it by once again calling racism and by racism, we all know you mean white Australians. But than you still go on how you want all of this Australian culture etc. BUT YOU DON’T or you would not call us racist. Every time an Aussie does one of our cultural ways we are called racists.

        • You do realize I’ve traveled extensively and been subjected to racism from majority cultures in the nations I’ve been to, right?

          When I say racism I mean racism in all of its forms – not just white racism directed at minorities. It just so happens that white racism is the most predominant form in Australia.

  105. There are a few things I think are universal… eg racism. On the whole I agree, though we’re I live in Nowra on the Southcoast of NSW there’s an Australian flag in every second house’s window.

    • Really, mate? That’s good to hear. I’ve certainly not seen it much in my time living in northern NSW or Sydney, so it’s nice to hear there are places where it’s treated with some pride 🙂

  106. i’m proud of the high cost of living in Australia, especially for eating out. It means that the people making and serving you that food are getting paid a living wage. When I read about the minimum wage in the US, it makes me really sad. Sure they get tips but all you need is a slow night or some cheapskate customers and you are screwed.

    I’d say we have a lot of career flexibility here. I mean, some jobs like retail, you are pretty much stuck the hours you have to work but with office jobs, I’ve rearranged my hours so I work 7-3 or 8-4 instead. Also we get awesome holidays and work hours compared to most countries. I lived in Japan where you can’t leave work until your boss does. Try telling that to Aussies.

    For me, the #1 think I hate about Australia is the sun. It’s too hot and too bright here. I want more ozone layer.

    • I’m intrigued by your number one, Kathryn. While I don’t love blistering hot days, I wouldn’t trade the warmth and brightness of Oz for anything. It’s infinitely better than being hot and muggy here in perennially hazy China.

      Are you from Oz originally? Or is the aversion to the sun from being brought up somewhere with less of it?

      • From Tassie so I guess that’s a lot less sun 🙂 Have found I’ve got more sensitive to the sun as I’ve gotten older, especially sun glare – I think I’m turning into a vampire. For all the talk of skin cancer and the dangers of the sun, I think cities, public transport etc aren’t designed for our climate which makes things worse. We have the shittiest train system in Melbourne that breaks down in hot weather! And with huge windows letting the glare in!

        I always get shocked when I return here from overseas and realise just how sun damaged people are too. All those years of ‘slip, slop, slap’ messages have done nothing 🙂

        • The Aussie sun is intense, it’s very true. I once fell asleep in the sun by a pool in Vegas and, while I did get sunburned in the hour I was out – it was nothing compared to the kind of burn I could get just from being in the sun for thirty minutes or so in Oz.

    • The minimum wage in the US is for kids. And it’s much cheaper to live there anyway. I used to think that Aussies enjoyed a largely higher standard of living than Americans. Not so anymore.

      • I’m hard pressed to agree with this, solely because while the cost of living is quite high – Australia stil has far superior social welfare, education, and health care facilities available. Abbott is trying to change that, but for now at least, I know which country I’d rather be struggling in.

        • Health Care, education, etc. are better in the US if you have money. The minimum wage is often used as a benchmark by Aussies to compare countries, but GDP per capita divided by PPP is a more accurate measure. The money saved in rent/ mortgage per month would provide better health coverage than anything that can be offered in Australia. Food/ fuel costs here are astronomical as well.

          20 years ago I would have agreed with you.

          • The “if you have money” stipulation is a bit of a stumbling block, though. The haves vs haves nots battle there is terribly one sided.

            I would argue that the quality of health care is no better or worse in either country when you have money, and the education thing only really applies if you’re talking about sending your kids exclusively to private schooling. The US public schools system is a shambles across the board.

          • I’m only describing the top end. If you have money, health care and education are definitely better in the US. The middle classes are probably the same. The poor are marginally worse off in the US.

            To say that the US public school system is a shambles across the board isn’t at all realistic. I went to a public high school and university and they were both excellent, if a bit impersonal due to their size. Public schools are funded with local property taxes. Again, your school quality depends on the locale. Public schools have deteriorated considerably in Australia over the last 20 years to the point where there’s only one public secondary school in Melbourne that I’ve seen that I would send my kids to.

        • People cant spell.. i was teaching basic algebra to co trainees when i did a rigging course….
          Secondary ed is a bit of a joke – thank credentialism , crappy teachers colleges and socialist teachers unions. Tho it is worse in many usa public schools.

          Denationalise education and get away from classroom based unrealistic nonsense and things will change.

          • Our education system is a real mess IMO. Outdated and mostly not applicable to the world beyond school. It’s leagues ahead of what I’ve experienced teaching in China and South Korea, but not a patch on the Scandinavian nations.

  107. As much as I also love my home country of Aus too the expense really is crazy! Sure if you are living and working here it is all relative and I know because well I have done that most of my life. But since travelling I noticed how hard it is for backpackers to afford to see our country that is, well lets face it B-E-A-UTIFUL!

    • It is kind of crazy. I thought about taking a few months off specifically to travel around my own country, but I’d be broke within two weeks!

  108. Just found your sight Chris and completely understand where your coming from. Im 48, wife bailed, kids grown worked in welfare for the last 25 years and at the end of the day i just had enough and need to get out of the place. I love this country but i feel its getting worse not better. Maybe i just need a break from it hence my decision to take two years out and just travel also thanks for your post re costs i was starting to get worried about dollars but the more i read the more im feeling ok about it.

  109. I’m so sorry to agree, and I could add a few more points to this list (but have better things to do…).
    When I migrated to Oz in 1992 (the Keating era) it was much more liberal and laid-back, less expensive also. Now everything seems to be over-regulated (gives the huge public service sector something to do I guess) by shiny arses (my best friend’s favorite expression for beaurocrats who sit behind a desk all day and have no idea about “real” life). I recently worked on a vehicle in Europe, and every workshop I was allowed to go into, stand in the pits, lay hand on things or even help the mechanic. Last time I crossed the threshold of an Aussie garage I was yelled at “you can’t come in here), some lame excuse about “public liability”…
    One of our main reasons to be on the road is, that we simply cannot afford to live in Australia anymore! Somehow one of Rudd’s achievements: he got the country through the GFC alright, but therefore prices went up sharply…

    • Prices have always been high IMO. It was an issue even before the GFC. Heck, it was one of the motivating reasons for me leaving Australia in the first place.

    • Ever since Howard brought in the ABN, it has been a free-for-all. What it has done is make wages lower by making people believe they are working for a higher wage and them not seeing the expenses come from that, and also most likely missing the superannuation as well. This has than held wages down unless you are a “Shiny Arse” of course, just look at their wages and privileges and penalty rates compared to the rest of us as if they are above everyone else. So to pay for their fake job glorified wages our taxes have also risen through scams such as fake tickets and licences and rates and levies and all other behind the scene taxes plus paye tax plus GST as well now. And not once have i seen these scum lose anything and only gain more and more.

  110. I agree with all points except the food one. You can find amazing food in Australia but you just need to know where to look. It will cost you though as the cost of living is incredibly high especially in the capital cities.

    I think there are good and bad sides to every country but you just need to weigh up which points are the most important to you. I love living in Australia particularly Brisbane because we have perfect weather, fantastic public health and education systems and I feel safe here. I love the multiculturalism of Brisbane and very rarely experience hatred or racism but it could be the fact that my social circle is filled with friends of all different races & sexual preferences.

    To me the high cost of living is just the price we pay for the privileges I have mentioned above.

    • Hey, I didn’t bag Aussie food! Just the lack of street food, which is the bee’s knees and the cat’s meow.

    • The cost of living wasn’t always like this and the infrastructure of yore was better. The costs are high land prices with a property bubble that’s been distorted by wealthy property owners having their taxes subsidized by the government in the form of negative gearing. Australia has no more manufacturing and no venture capital industry to speak of and has high startup costs kill off entrepreneurship. It’s hard to be bullish about the future here.

  111. agree with much of that, specially hard to get around – our public transport sucks and everything is jsut so far away. I am much the same where whilst settling down, perhaps this would be a great country, however, exploring and learning new things – not so much.

    Australia also bugs me because we are 20 years behind everything! we are an old fashioned country in a way, sticking to old ways and not as modern as one might think until living in another country. What also bugs me in how upset Aussies get when I say these things… specially Aussies that have not stepped outside of the country or lived abroad. (not making an educated judgement) People think cause we have a great country, there is nothing wrong with it.

    The drinking culture also bugs me a bit here… so stuck up about things, and so much guilt and restriction comes with it all. I don’t think Australians are as laid back as we claim… we can be pretty pretentious. Also I find that most Australians are pretty close minded.

    In saying that I love the country, but I don’t want to be living here full time either and if that makes me unAustralia… shit happens 😛

    • I’m surprised that the drinking culture has changed to the point that it feels stuck up. When I was living in Oz regularly it felt like anything was acceptable when it came to boozing – but I did live mostly in rural NSW aside from two years in Sydney.

        • Hello????Ausstralia-love the nanny state or leave the nanny state.I would leave if I had the money but the fucking government keeps taking it all!

          • It certainly is a mission to get on the turps at home. Compared to everywhere I’ve been but Dubai and London, it’s ridiculously expensive to have a big night.

  112. I’m not an Aussie but have spent some time in the country, and I have to say I agree. Many of your reasons are reasons why I wouldn’t really want to live there as an expat either. And coming to Australia after months in SE Asia was a major bummer when it came to the massive lack of street food. Damn developed countries & their food hygiene craziness!

    • Australia’s obsession with both nannying its populace and being more and more PC is maddening.

      • Totally agree !
        Its meant to be helpful but it ends up being a patronizing pain in the ass.

        Reading ” brave new world” i saw many parallels with aus.. the hedonism and govmt control , the use of ” soma” to calm people and help them forget they are slaves to the govmt . In aus that would be binge- drinking… and massive drug use ( ice etc)

        • Very true. They’re doing everything possible to make sure we’re ‘safe’ from our own free will. We’ll be wrapped in bubble wrap and locked in padded cells soon enough.

  113. Very good read. I am moving to New Zealand for a year so I was very curious about this blog title. The no street food will be tough as I also have lived in Korea for quite a while.

    I am surprised that it is tougher to get around than the US. I find the public transportation options in the US abysmal compared to South Korea or any other country I’ve been to for that matter. Should I get a car when I am in Australia?

    • It’s not so much that the US has a superior public transport system as it is just more affordable to travel there. The higher demand for flights means that the competing airlines have to keep prices reasonable. There’s very little competition in Australia, which means I sometimes pay upwards of $300 for an hour flight.

      • This sucks. Can you get an american airlines credit card? They give you 30K free miles and upon checking, they seem to charge just 7500-10k tops within australia. Looks like the best place to use your miles.

        • I’ll have to look into it. It’s criminal that I’ve been traveling so long and haven’t got any kind of rewards card for airline miles 😮

  114. Great conversational topic! It’s the cost of living that I find really harsh here in Australia. Not to mention the fact that we are geographically quite isolated so it doesn’t help when you love to travel, more so when you are a travel blogger. Hard to be a consumer here too as business market is very limited. International brands seem to go through the eye of a needle to get established.I’ve been in Australia 8 years and perhaps it’s luck( or a very thick face) but I haven’t personally experienced racism. Racism exists everywhere and if I dare say so, all nationalities will be guilty of it by varying degrees, and I don’t see Australia as being worse off than other countries.

    • I will say this – after visiting the UK, I’m not *as* stunned by how high our cost of living is. I don’t know how Brits manage to have any fun at all when beers, food, and entertainment are so bloody expensive!

      • Hey mate. Don’t know where you went but I live on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh slap bang in the middle of the town and a pint costs £3 at any local pub. Tescos across the road sells 15 packs of fosters for £9. A meal at pretty much any pub or restaurant on this street will set you back £20 per head (and that’s luxury) £10 for a 3 course pub meal, a pint of milk is 50p and a loaf of bread is a £1. I can travel anywhere in Edinburgh for £37 a month. I make £300 a week after tax which is on the lower end, working a mon – thu 9-5 and fri 9 – 12. and I have every toy you can imagine, bike, car, pc, xbox, big tv every room. BEST OF ALL THOUGH – i can fly to amsterdamn anytime I like for less than £40 return flights. £20 on a hostel for the weekend and another £20 for a little weed haha and there you have it, I could litteraly go on holiday every single weekend with my poxy 300 and still be saving money. -one word my friend – RYANIAR. Just thought id let you know how it really is for the locals an I swear im not trying to be a dick mate. Oh and entertainment, cinema ticket £7, there are 4 cinemas within 15 mins walking distance of where i live, pubs clubs etc free until midnight mostly, me an my lil bro actually went to see intersteler the other week, went straight back in and watched it again. I love this country more than anything else in the world. Were so multi cultured also. Iv bedded australians chinese dutch (lots of dutch haha) english and usa girls over. This place is incredibly cheap to live in lol, We have even started doing the black friday thing which is sad i admit a little, but at the same time . . . .YAS! haha

        • Oh and internet and phone line with unlimited download an free wknd calls – £14 per month. And of course – a big mac meal costs £4.29. We also get completly free health care. Are funded for not just one degree but 2!!! Seriously. We will get all fees and funds to study a fulltime 4 year degree as well as a full 8 year part time degree, we also get funded now to study full time masters degrees in postgrad. Its insane. My flat is stunning and costs £280 per month rent through a housing association. We look after our own, I feel lucky to have been born here. Iv been to australia twice, and as much as i like it . . . it is beautifull, i just couldnt live there. Sorry. A bit boring for me, everyones a bit to closed minded, not to mention cheecky. Damn i used think we scots were a bunch of dicks haha, need your wits about you in that place. Anyway dude, the world is awsome, every country is great in its own way – bar some horrible middle east of course korea etc. But, yeah. Over n out brother. Free the ice cubs!!

          • You’re killing me, brother! I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in Edinburgh (and quite a bit of that time on the Royal Mile, actually) but beyond beers and meals, I didn’t get to check all of those prices. Aside from McDonalds and beer in rural Australia, your prices are so much better than ours!

          • UK is horribly expensive, I went there and nearly died at the prices of simple things. a pound for a loaf of bread is so expensive, I pay like 40p in Australia for a loaf.

          • “Ride the current missus all day”??? Another reason why I hate Australian male chauvinists.

  115. start with 10- street food can be good or bad. in asia there is no Food inspector like we do in Australia. if they do, money under the table (so to speak) you get away with it. The reason is that Bacteria get on the food and people get Food poison.You got to have good immune system to eat street food. i can go on and on about this.
    9- that is in every culture.
    8- agree
    7-Our History sure its short in coming because we are a young Nation and it is ours to Write it. For the History Lover it is sad that we dont have 5000 years of History. European invasion of Aboriginal land. well its happen in other country as well our just happen to look bad.
    Im more proud of the Anzac Legend as the Rewrite the History of Australia. it was their to Write it and they Did in a Very Big Way, and we newer generation can write the new chapter.
    6- So Very True
    5- agree
    4- Lack of Patriotism, i can see why. (i think i do) if your not proud of your country History you don’t have the feel for it. I for one is Very Proud, I do show a bit of emotion when sing Advance Australia Fair, but try not to show it. And I do have a Big Flag of Australia and show it on Australia day( Wish i can have a Flag pole in my Place).
    1- Racism is everywhere. Asian just speak behind your back or speak in their language in front of you. Asain is just as very Racist. I can also go on and on about this.

    • This last point is very true, Ngoun. The number of racist comments I’ve heard during my time in South Korea and China is quite high, and obviously no better or worse than people of non-Caucasian backgrounds get in Australia.

        • The difference is that Aussie patriotism isn’t manifest in symbols or ritual. An Aussie can wave their flag in the US and Americans think it’s cool that other people love their country whereas Australians are offended by American patriotism because of their own patriotism.

          • I think those that are offended are not so much upset at flag waving and pride, but at the sense of superiority that some (by no means all) Americans express their pride in their nation.

  116. There are some shit bits, but it’s home.

    If I had my time again I would have lived in the US for some time in my 20’s, but I was too busy getting the degrees out of the way and too poor.

    Now I have done the hard yards I get to travel in style before doing the family thing… however one thing that strikes me over and over is that there is good and bad in living everywhere.

    Yes we are expensive as shit and there are way too many drongos, but it is also safe, relatively clean, the weather is great, and there is opportunity and a social contract for all. Hopefully those last few things don’t change because of the dickheads in charge now.

    Also I have realised I swear too much to live anywhere else…

    • Living in the US is definitely something I’d love to do someday, but I wouldn’t want to raise my family anywhere else but Australia.

      That said, some of the recent suggested changes to things such as university, health-care etc do make it a little less tempting. When I was dating Fallon, it was easy to pitch Australia as the place to raise a family because we had it all over the States.

      • Australia doesn’t have it all over the USA now, though. There isn’t much of a future for anyone young and enterprising here. The class and wealth divides are now obvious. Australia has gone from obscurity to overrated in 20 years and I think that a lot of people are beginning to realize it.

        There are many countries with a good environment to raise kids and considerably better job opportunities.

        • Are you kidding ,all countries are getting more expensive and our wages are higher than most countries.London is dearI don’t understand what it is but most people think overses is the best but it isn’t true.No country is the best.It is what yoiu make of your life.The USA government always cause trouble to other countries.Thankyou

  117. Good read. Definitely agree with the line “It
    got to be that I felt like I was paying for the privilege of being able
    to work 40 hours a week” and it was the single biggest reason i now
    live overseas and can see myself doing so for the rest of my life. I was
    working as a bank manager at the age of 22 in oz, yet between my
    mortgage, food and bills, transport, social beers and dinner dating
    girls i was never able to save a dollar or truely rip life up socially
    as i should have been doing in my early 20’s.

    The great aussie
    dream quickly became a very mundane existence for me and i loathed the
    thought of reaching 30 with the responsibilities of a couple of kids and
    an even bigger mortgage to tie me down for the rest of my life.
    Travelling, living a completely different lifestyle and experiencing
    regular culture shock has definitely been a positive life change for me.
    There are plenty of people who i am sure are living happily in
    Australia with a 9-5 job, kids, marriage and a mortgage but, unless
    something drastically changes, i absolutely loathe the thought of ever
    returning to Australia and slipping into that kind of existence where
    95-98%% of every dollar you earn goes to 700% marked up goods, property
    and services or some bludgers welfare cheque. I earn a little less than i did in oz, but i work only 3 hours a day and 80% of my cash goes on my social / travel expenses.

    Living abroad has
    definitely made me less patriotic about Australia as a whole but more
    fond of the things in Australia i truely do love and miss (family,
    aussie food, summer, christmas). I guess to stretch the meaning of the
    word, i’m just more patriotic about enjoying life and relationships now
    then i am my own country. I am a human being first, an Australian
    second. I have mostly nothing but good things to say about Aus to those i
    meet but there are plenty of negative reasons why we are one of the
    largest contributers to the globes expat population.

    • You and me both, brother. Bugger chasing the ‘dream’ of being poor, unhappy, and overworked. You’ve got the right idea living over there in Thailand.

    • Most of us don’t work a 9-5 job anymore, it’s more like 8-6.
      Try taking the train at 8am in Melbourne…. you’ll be lucky to even get on the train.

    • This is so well put. I have been living in Europe for 10 years now, and don’t always articulate so well, my aversion to living in Australia – its a mix of so many things. I totally agree with what you have written above – I am a tour leader and work with Australian guests, but have 4 months free every year. That would not be impossible in Australia, but given living costs and an expensive lifestyle, I would probably not enjoy the kind of life I do here. Travelling Europe for work is an endless opportunity to learn about a life so different to where I have come from, a second, or third language, different perspectives, cultures and experiences. I personally (without judging anyone else) would not feel enriched as a person without these opportunities for growth.
      And why is it, that in the same conversation, an Australian will ask me: What do you mean you don’t think you’ll live in Australia again?.. followed by: ‘Oh I wish I could do what you do, you’re so lucky’. Totally contradictory, and nothing to do with luck. It was a choice.
      The other thing that irritates me no end, is so many Australians immediately get on the back foot when you criticise their country in any way, without stopping to think if there is truth in the point that is being made. They are just so defensive, and it seems whenever life in Australia is compared to living anywhere else, it’s often compared to life in London or other big US cities – like there IS no other life elsewhere. I could agree, that I might prefer to live in some places in Australia than in London or New York or LA, but there are definitely many other places in the developed world I would live before going back to Australia.
      The challenge I have faced learning German, Italian and Spanish, and the people I have met, living for extended periods in various locations throughout Europe, has been so rewarding, and is something I could not give up. Its worth so much more to me than what Australia has to offer me, and I am sick of being called ‘Un-Australian’ because of my preference.
      It’s a blind, unreasonable and ignorant patriotism which becomes very irritating and tiresome. I also don’t think Australia is a bad place, but I do believe it is hugely overrated.

      • Very well said, mate 🙂

        A lot of people interpret this post as me hating Australia. As you can see from some of the more colourful comments, they don’t present arguments – they just make personal attacks through the very ignorant patriotism you mention.

        I love this country and it will always be ‘home’, but it’s not the be all and end all by any stretch. Those who believe it is have probably had no travel experience beyond a boozy two weeks in Bali :-p

        What took you over to Europe initially? Was it travel and then work? Or, like my Asian experiences, did work take you there?

      • See how Australians love to travel other countries to explore new cultures etc but anytime an immigrant arrives in Australia, they wish for our culture to be suppressed? Most Australians are for other culture but we are not for having our culture denied by other cultures in our own country.

        As for the privilege to work for some rich a hole and than pay it all to self serving government just so we can live makes me not want to live. Even though people say we have it all here. Working long hours just so you can live day to day is not a life. People are definitely misguided when it comes to that. The west is becoming communist regime in my opinion. Democracy is a lie.

        • I actually agree with a lot of what you say in your second paragraph here. I hate that being Australian tends to require you slip into your place into the machine of consumption and production.

  118. Chris,

    Well written mate. I agree totally on these 10 reasons to not live here (especially the dating one 😉 ). I have come to the conclusion that I am living in the wrong country! (America seems to be the go, both cost of living and dating). The history aspect is correct, ours is very tame and insignificant compared to European or American history; though I am pleased that you mentioned the heroism of our servicemen/women.

    Keep up the great articles.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article, mate. I do adore Oz, but I had to leave a couple off this list. Our dodgy internet and everything wanting to kill me, for example :-p

    • Totally agree too! Especially the dating one – I’ve dated one Australian in 12 years! I just can’t relate to the bogan Aussie thing.
      I have one more to add to your list and that’s our ‘automobile dependence’ – it seems to be getting worse too. Why can’t people embrace cleaner and healthier means of transportation? And the aggression I receive as a cyclist and sometimes even as a pedestrian from drives is just frightening.
      It makes me sad.

      • That’s an interesting one. I’ve actually never owned a car or even bothered to get my license, so it’s one I’m not as familiar with myself.

        That being said, the cost of public transport and flights is so high in Australia that it kind of becomes necessary to drive or at least have a friend who drives to really get around.

      • lol I thought you said “I’m on a boat to Australia” haha. But seriously, don’t do that or you’ll get just the worst “welcome” ever.

        • Ha! Good point, Chris. I’m surprised we’re even letting cruise ships into Sydney Harbour anymore.

      • If anything, the fact we earn more and enjoy a higher quality of life is the direct reason why the country is such an expensive prospect for tourists.

        Michael is commenting as a potential tourist, not somebody who lives here.

        Although, as somebody who lives here, the higher wages don’t equal a higher quality of life when you factor in the cost.

        • Why the hell should I pay some aussie wanker repairer or whatever over A$100 per hour such as plumber,electrician, motor mechanic,etc even .handymen try to rip you off with these rates.
          Why do these people think they are worth so much compared to all the rest of South East Asia.?
          If you are a private individual,and have work to be done at your home here in Okker l;and ,F*ck the overpriced aussies, its cheaper to fly overseas have a holiday then ,pay the air fare for a few guys ,from Cambodia or wherever to come here to do a bit of work for you. in return for their holiday.

  119. The cost of living is one of the major things that keeps me away from Australia. $9 a day for the bus? Talk about sticker shock! Even in the U.S. I’m able to do it for around $2 a day with a monthly bus pass.

    • It was actually $7 for the bus, now that I think about it again. Train would have been more cost effective, but it was a 15 minute walk as opposed to being right next to the bus stop.

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