Glamping: How to Camp in Style

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How to Camp in Style

In today’s increasingly modernised world in which high speed internet, access to good coffee, and the ability to charge a half dozen electrical appliances are seen as necessities – there’s a certain appeal to just leaving the hustle and bustle behind and getting close to nature. Pitching a tent somewhere quiet and getting away from it all is a very tempting prospect.

However, if you find the concept of camping intriguing but you’re not keen on surviving without the luxuries of 21st century life, might just be a glamper.

What’s a glamper? They’re somebody who likes glamping.

What’s glamping!?

Glamping (glamour + camping) seeks to blend the thrill and closeness to nature of traditional outdoor camping with the creature comforts that we’ve become a bit too reliant on to leave behind.

This is an increasingly popular way that families and couples alike are choosing to spend their vacation time, either overseas or close to home. There are many tour companies that are happy to help you organise your glamping experience, but if you’re wanting to do it yourself take a minute to read some tips on camping in style below.


Perhaps the most important aspect of ensuring your camping trip is a success is choosing the ideal location for you and your family, partner, or companions. If your heart is set on an international glamping voyage, be sure to invest in the extra preparation and research before setting out in order to avoid costly or unpleasant obstacles.

Many people find camping so different to everyday life that the distance from home doesn’t really matter anyway. If you’re glamping closer to home, you’ll have the additional benefit of being able to press pause and duck home if you’ve forgotten anything crucial.

While Glamping can be done anywhere that camping can be, if you’re wanting to charge your electronics and shower in a proper bathroom, you’ll obviously have to do a bit of research beforehand. Alternatively, tented lodges are becoming more and more common – doing all of the work for you!


Part of glamping is often having the freedom to drop into a restaurant for your meals.

For a more authentic camping experience, cooking your own meals on site is the better option and should at least be attempted. The best way to prepare your own meals while camping is using Australia’s favourite cooking apparatus: the barbecue! Some barbecue units are more convenient to travel with than others though, so be sure to speak with an expert, like the team at BBQ Galore, before making a purchase.

Gone are the days where you had to make do with sausages, bread rolls, and marshmallows toasted over the fire while camping. With modern refrigeration and cooking appliances geared towards portability, it’s totally feasible to prepare a good risotto over the fire.

glamping tent
Photo by Alice Crain.

Be Prepared

A benefit of glamour-camping is that a lot of the basics and even a few luxuries are provided to you by hosting sites. But that doesn’t mean you can get lazy and forget to bring your own gear. Whether it’s essentials like dry shampoo and eye masks or extra items like books to read and games for the kids, make time to write up a check-list and cover all your bases before leaving home.

The Right Mindset

Realise that, even though this is a glamorised version of camping, it’s not the same as staying at a 5-star resort. You will have to deal with nature and get by without some of the contemporary amenities you might be used to. But don’t be afraid of this – embrace it!

See your camping trip as an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, to connect honestly with your loved ones, to learn more about yourself in an unfamiliar situation. With a positive attitude and open mind, there’s no limit to how enjoyable and enlightening your experience can be.

With the appropriate planning, careful selection of destination, and realistic yet optimistic expectations, we’re sure that your camping trip will be a stylish and wonderful experience that you’ll treasure the memory of for years to come.

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