Friday’s Recommended Reads – November 11th

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We’re Ba-ack!

After a two week travel enforced hiatus, the Recommended Reads are back! I do apologize for missing out on the past two weeks worth of great reads out there.

If I’ve missed something that you feel absolutely must be here, let me know!

Where have I been? I’ve been everywhere!

I still have plenty to write about from my ten day trip through Queensland including five days and nights at beautiful Tangalooma on Moreton Island; a day exploring Dreamworld; Fright Night at Movie World; and my experiences exploring Brisbane’s hippie suburb of West End.

This past weekend saw me back on my old stomping grounds for my ten year high school reunion. Beers were had, tall tales were told, and I emerged from the weekend with a lot to think about. I’ll not only discuss the event and my feelings coming out of it later, but I’ll also put together a post about the 10 Things I Learned Planning a Reunion. Stay tuned!

And now for something completely different…

For a while now I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a Recommended Reads feature that included people that I’d never highlighted before. Over the months you might have noticed that blogs such as yTravel Blog, Man on the Lam, Man vs Clock, and Nomadic Matt feature here pretty regularly.

I’ve clearly got my favorites.

But another thing I’m learning each week is that there is no shortage of talented writers out there sharing their adventures. A week doesn’t go by without me adding another 10-20 blogs to my Google Reader.

This week I’ve decided to go ahead and showcase ten blogs that haven’t featured in these pages before. Enjoy!


The Reads


Adventures in Depression by Hyperbole and a Half

Let’s face it – you’ve all read Hyperbole and a Half before. It’s hands down one of the funniest and most well written blogs out there. And while it’s not technically about travel, I do include it amongst my absolute must reads every time there is an update. The pictures alone make it worthwhile.

It’s been a few months between drinks on the blog though, and this rather more sober entry explains why.

As somebody who has battled depression for the past fifteen years of his life, I felt my heart break and then heal just a little as I read about Allie’s struggles with the black dog. A must read for anybody who has dealt with depression in their lives.

Why It’s Important to be Flexible asĀ  Traveler by 25 Travels

I’ve spoken in the past about being flexible while traveling and have highlighted a few blogs that have done the same. Maybe I’m labouring the point, but I do love to read about people who can take it as it comes and still enjoy it.

In this post Jerick talks about how the recent flooding in Thailand threatened to ruin his holiday and the sense of perspective he gained when looking at his disappointment juxtaposed against the suffering of the Thai people. Go read!

Adventure in Angthong Marine National Park by Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Travel bloggers don’t come much more bodacious than the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler. To be perfectly honest, I’d read the blog solely for the many pictures of Alexandra rocking her bikini around the world – but there’s a bit more than eye candy to the blog.

Take this post, for example. Alexandra’s picture packed review of a visit to the Ang Thong Marine National Park in Thailand gives you one of those why have I never heard of this place!? feelings. The bucket list just keeps on growing…

Travel and a Broken Heart – How They Changed My Life Forever by Latin Abroad

I’m no stranger to heartbreak on the road. Earlier this year I said my goodbyes to a girl I at times thought I’d marry someday. Much like Maria’s experience, mine was for the best – but that didn’t stop me choking up just a little as I read the blow by blow aftermath of Maria having to part ways with somebody who mattered a lot to her.

I owe a lot of who I am today to travel, but I also owe a lot to the people I’ve traveled with. Maria does a heart-wrenching job of paying tribute to the two great influences in her (and my) life.

Tech Trippin’ by GQ Trippin’

I’ve only recently had my attention drawn to this couple blogging duo and I’m glad I did. As if I didn’t need more motivation to find myself a writing partner/squeeze and turn Aussie on the Road into a couple blog…

This week the dynamic duo highlight a few of the electrical ‘must haves’ they take with them when they’re traveling. What needs to be in your pack when you set off?

The 5 Most Expensive Destinations I Have to Visit by Living the Dream

We’ve all got our lists of places we’d like to visit and places we like to tell people about. Jeremy and Annie from Living the Dream have been to quite a few places, and they take the time this week to list off five places they’d love to visit if only they could afford to.

From mysterious Bhutan to the sun-soaked tropics of the Atlantic, there’s an eclectic and daydream inspiring mix here.

Photo Essay: Yee Peng Floating Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai by Neverending Voyage

I have a more than sneaking suspicion that I’ve included Simon and Erin before, but I couldn’t see these beautiful photos and not share them with the world.

Festivals are something I have a real thirst to experience more of, and learning a little about Yee Peng has only added to that desire. Go look and be amazed.

Thoughts on a Heart-Pumping Kayak Ride in Tarlac by We Are Sole Sisters

I’ve been reading the works of the ‘Sole Sisters’ for a while now, so it’s hard to believe that I haven’t already featured this vibrant Pinay pair – Chichi and Lois.

This is a really well written description of a white water kayak ride complete with pictures and plenty of commentary. These two have an infectious love of travel and you’ll see that as you read.

Manage Your Travel Money Without Going Insane by Twenty Something Travel

I’ve taken to this whole ‘budgeting’ thing with vigor this week. Maybe because I’ve got to somehow make $150 last a full fortnight in expensive Sydney.

Or maybe because my ten days of travel only reminded me how much I detest leading an ordinary life.

Whatever the cause, Stephanie’s post about budgeting this week was a welcome read. There’s lots of common sense tips in here, but there are also a few extras that you might have missed. A definite must read if you’re on the road on a shoestring or just pinching pennies to make it happen.

Things to do on Long Plane Trips by Seriously Whimsical

I’m lucky enough to know Jennifer in real life, although I don’t get to see her nearly as much as a sane man should. A fellow writing fanatic, Jennifer’s blog tends towards more political themes than mine – but it’s all well written and packed with the kind of wit and sarcasm that I do enjoy.

This one just so happens to be travel related. I’m sure she’d appreciate you contributing a few of your own long flight entertainment tips too.


There you have it! Another week’s worth of awesome reads for you to enjoy! Did I miss somebody? Let me know so I can add them to my Reader and include them in future editions of the column.

And now it’s back to work for me! Fiji won’t pay for itself.

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