Friday’s Recommended Reads – August 5th

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Well hi there! It’s Friday again and that means it’s time for my five recommended reads of the week. With the weekend just a few short hours away, it’s a perfect time to curl up with your laptop and live vicariously through those people lucky enough to be out adventuring right now.

Oh, didn't see you there...

Of course, if the weather where you are is anything like the sun we’re seeing here in Sydney, it might be worth hitting the beach while the sun is still shining and leaving the reads for when the cold settles back in again…

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The Reads

Hong Kong Food Trip by Nomadic Experiences

The first of two Filipino features this week, Marky’s blog has long been one of my favorites to read. Between its sleek design, fantastic photography, and quality writing – I always look forward to seeing what Marky’s latest adventures have taught him.

This entry is all about the foods of Hong Kong and his struggles trying to try as much as he can in a limited amount of time. The photos are reeking havoc on my appetite as I tap away at my desk.

Marky’s been writing for a long time (since 2007), so there’s no shortage of fascinating reads to be found here. Go look!

How Much Does it Cost to Backpack Europe? by The Aussie Nomad

I’ll preface this by saying that Chris might just have the sexiest blog layout in the travel writing community. It just makes me hungry for Vegemite.

Appetite aside, this was a really helpful entry for anybody who might be planning their own European backpacking adventure somewhere down the line. Not only does Chris break it down into a very easy to read format – but he also shows that you don’t need to fritter away a small fortune to pursue your backpacking dream. Good to know.

I Kissed a Ladybody…and I Liked It by Man on the Lam

With a title like that, how could I not click through when I first saw it on Twitter? I make my secret on my ‘crush’ (if one can define a crush by the urge to ‘wreck’) on Katy Perry, and I’ve always had an odd fascination with doing the things your average traveler wouldn’t be game to do. Two of my loves coming together in one delicious orgy of transgendered inappropriateness!

Beyond the title though, I found that Raymond has a great tongue in cheek writing style. The fact that it vaguely reminds me of my own style might have a little to do with my enjoyment of it. I’m nothing if not vain.

While I’ve yet to read many of Raymond’s other entries (and he’s shown some reluctance to embrace my suggestion that he attend a ping pong show) – I’m sure it’s going to become a regular in my reading rotation as I continue planning my SE Asian adventure for 2012.

Modern Day Hobo: Life Lessons from the Desert by Pinay Travel Junkie

Gay and I were ‘introduced’ by another great blogger (Marky from the aforementioned Nomadic Experiences) and I was very bummed to miss out on meeting her and Claire from Lakwatsera de Primera last night. Hopefully we’ll be able to hook up our own little travel blogger north shore hangout real soon though.

This entry from Gay details her experiences and the lessons she learned from her time in the deserts of the Middle East. There’s plenty of nuggets of wisdom to be found here, and venture outside of this entry to find a whole lot of travel tips and tales from the Middle East, South East Asia, and now Australia.

The Dangers of Being Culturally Defined by yTravel Blog

I know I featured Craig and Caz last week, but it’s hard to overlook them when they keep producing such high quality content! This week Caz comments on the fine line between patriotism and breeding an air of arrogant superiority. What started with a throwaway comment on her other blog (The Mojito Mother) about Australian vs. American spelling spawned a pretty fascinating read about the dangers of letting ourselves be too defined in our thinking by the place we were born and/or raised.

A very thought provoking read that has me inspired to wade into the discussion taking place in the comments. Go join in and let your voice be heard!

What’s Going On?

My new work schedule has me working Saturdays (with Sundays and Mondays off), but I’m making the most of my weekend. My Sunday will include a first ever visit to Luna Park as well as taking part in the Rocks Ghost Tour experience. I’ll be back in cahoots with my friend Heather from The Kimchi Chronicles for this. Can’t wait!

Monday might (weather pending) hold a beach visit for me. I’ve also recently joined the gym too, so you’ll be seeing a slimmer and sexier CWB in photos to come.

I’ve also got entries about the beaches of Manly (with particular focus on beautiful Shelly Beach), my spotlight on street markets, and a review of La Bodeguita – Sydney’s coolest Cuban club.

Happy weekend!

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