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During my recent trip through Thailand and Cambodia, I found myself with precious little internet time. I could live without my Facebook status updates, my Tweets, and watching my favourite shows fresh off the US production line – but not having the time to sit down and write was certainly something I found frustrating.

To that end, I spent my travel downtime huddled over my iPad frantically tapping out notes on the trip so that I’d be able to write about our adventures through Phuket, the Kohs, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap when I did have some free time (and a more sizable keyboard).

My hastily typed travel notes on my iPad
My hastily typed travel notes on my iPad

There’s no shortage of apps out there claiming to make traveling a little easier on you. A decent number of them have made brief appearances on my iPad or iPhone (may it rest in peace) over the years, only to be deleted when I realized that they really weren’t much use to me.

Enter TripRider, which I was lucky enough to be given a free chance to try out. And charitable guy that I am, I’m also going to give five of my readers a chance to win themselves a free copy as well!

The Pros

What I liked about TripRider is that it looks polished. Too many travel notepad apps look like they’ve been put together by a kid using MS Paint, so TripRider justifies its price tag of $4.99 right out of the gate by looking like it’s actually worth your money.

TripRider looking shiny
Ooh! Shiny!

As you can see, the front page gives you the option to add a new trip, look at old trips, or update your latest trip. I took the chance to play around with TripRider during my long weekend visit to Shanghai – as you can see.

It all looks very pretty, but what does it do?

TripRider does a little bit of everything. It’s part travel journal for those of us who travel a lot and want to keep notes. It’s part itinerary organiser, part budget calculator, and part important documents holder. In short – it does a bunch of things that a guy like me should do when traveling – but often forgets to do.

You do pay a premium (in my mind, $4.99 is more than I like to pay for an app) but you’re getting a far more complete product for your buck. Most other travel notebook apps I’ve found don’t do half of what TripRider does.

More shiny TripRider goodness
More shiny TripRider goodness

Without question, my favourite feature of TripRider is the budget calculator (located underneath the US dollar). It’s simple to input your budget and then use the Expenses tab (underneath the receipt) to keep track of where your money is going.

All of this is available without an internet connection as well, so there’s no need to find a WiFi hotspot while you’re on the road. It’s quick and easy, and that’s how I like both my women and my apps.

The Cons

TripRider is not perfect, but there is certainly opportunity for it to be. Somewhere down the line I’d love for them to include things such as a currency converter (edit: this has been added in the new 6.0 update), access to Google maps, and most importantly: some kind of database to go with the ‘Must See’ and ‘Location List’ tabs. Right now, these are really just notepads into which you can type your own ideas.

I’ve seen other reviews bemoan the fact you have to manually create your own packing list – but this doesn’t really phase me. I’ve never created a packing list in my life.

TripRider has a good base to start from and will only improve with continued development. When everything is in place, you’ll be able to delete the 3 or 4 apps that add up to do the same job TripRider ultimately will. And in the short term, it’s still a very easy and convenient way to document your travels.

Want to know more? Visit the TripRider website or like TripRider on Facebook.

You can also download the free (Lite) TripRider or the full TripRider for $4.99

Win a Free Copy!

$4.99 can go a long way towards a meal in Thailand, a train ticket in China, or a large bottle of Soju in South Korea. So, save your money and win a free copy right here!

I’ve got five copies to give away and all you’ve got to do is comment below and tell me about your next trip! Easy peazy, lemon squeezie.

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  1. I’m going to see New York on Tuesday. Very excited about it and definitely looking forward to leaving the continent for the first time in my life. If you still by any chance happen to have a promo code, it would be much appreciated, since I’ve just ran across this very useful app and would need to upgrade to the full version, cause my trip is going to be longer than three days.

  2. May have this wrong but can’t count 5 comments below.

    Heading up to the gulf via winton etc then back across to cairns and back down the coast with the camper trailer….

    Would love a copy to document the trip (if you have any left!!!)

  3. I’m travelling to Australia from Canada in late May. AND because I am coming half way round the world to get there (I won the trip), I have decided to take a 6 month leave of absence and head out from Sydney to explore…THis will be the first time I have travelled in such an off the cuff manner and I could really use the budgeting feature. The only commitment I have during this 6 month period is to meet up with a photography workshop in Tanzania at the end of July. Other than that I have some places I want to see (Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, Burma, Chang Mai, SIngapore) but I will plan as I go along and just try to be open to the universe.
    I have wanted to do this for such a long time now and I think winning the trip to Western Australia was the universe’s way of telling me to get on with it. So I am.
    And this app sounds like it would be mighty handy.

  4. Seems that my last comment didn’t make it through so here goes again: I’ll soon be travelling up to the Lost City, Northern Territory, Australia.

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