Six Adventurous Things to do in Split, Croatia

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Six Adventurous Things to do in Split

With the change in seasons coming up, many people are planning their upcoming vacations. One potential location is Split, one of the largest cities in Croatia. Renowned for its cathedrals and architecture, it can be difficult knowing where to get started. However, one company named Pelican Tours Split was created for the purpose of getting the client the most for their money, and they have several recommendations for exactly what activities are available at Split, Croatia.

Visit the Blue Cave

The Blue Cave tour takes visitors to several Croatian islands and visits some of the most gorgeous caves available. These include the Blue Grotto and the Monk Seal Cave. Starting with an exciting speedboat journey to Bisevo Island, there is then a one and a half-hour ride to the Blue Cave and the Monk Seal Cave. Afterward, visitors are dropped off at the luxurious Stinvia Beach and later, the Rukavac bay.

Palmizana and the Pakleni Islands are next to where lunch can be bought, with a bay for people of all ages to enjoy. Finally, visitors can go to Hvar, a local town with plenty of amenities and architecture to marvel at. This Blue Cave tour offers beverages on board, with an expert tour host to lead the way. For first-time visitors, this trip hits some of Split’s most important landmarks.

plitvice lakes croatia things to do in split
The gorgeous Plitvice Lakes.

Visit the Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes are a tourist favorite and a must-see on any trip. With over sixteen lakes to visit, it can be hard for first timers to know where to start. Taking the Plitvice Lakes Tour from Split can be a good option as they offer a specialized and knowledgeable host that leads tourists over the wooden walkways and rumbling waters.

Not only will tourists have the chance to learn about the history behind the gorgeous lakes, but they will also have a chance to go on a panoramic train ride. Afterward, they are treated to a hike on the upper lakes trail and an electric boat ride in the Kozjak lake. The visit ends with a visit to the huge, 78m high Veliki Slap, otherwise known as the Big Waterfall. With complimentary WiFi on all vehicles, they can please everyone with the tour, from small children who have short attention spans to adults, who wish to learn about Croatia and see the breathtaking sights.

Krka waterfall things to do in split
The Krka Waterfalls are undeniably gorgeous.

Visit the Krka Waterfalls

The Krka waterfalls, located in the Krka National Park, have a beauty hard to find elsewhere. The Pelican Tour will begin at Sibenik, where visitors can take in the view of the Cathedral of St. James, as well as admire the architecture of four fortresses. The first waterfall visited is the Skradinski Buk waterfall where tourists can also see the ethno village as well as water mills. It is even encouraged to take a dive under the renowned landmark as several hours are offered for families and individuals to swim under the Skradinski Buk and explore the pools.

After, there will be a trip to Skradin, a local town where a guide awaits. Tourists get an explanation of the scenery as they walk and will finish their trip by sampling wines in a traditional winery. With professional drivers and guides, visitors can be sure that they will not miss a single important landmark.

Experience Cruising

Croatia is a country with a long and varied history, and there are many small ship return cruises in Croatia that allow you to explore its many different facets. Whether you’re interested in its Roman ruins, medieval castles, or Venetian architecture, there’s a cruise that will let you experience it up close. And because Croatia is located on the Adriatic Sea, you’ll also be able to enjoy its beautiful coastline as you cruise from one port to another. Best of all, many of these small ship cruises return to the same port so you can explore even more of Croatia on your next trip.

Zipline in Split

The Zipline Split adventure has eight separate zip lines and a total length of 2100 meters. After an instructional lecture, all guests are safely guided to the wire and hooked up. Safety is guaranteed as tourists zip line over the Cetina River canyon, taking in the scenery as they do so. All equipment necessary is provided by the company, meaning that tourists have little to worry about. This exhilarating adventure is tailored for the daredevils, the risk-takers, or anyone looking to have a little more fun.

cetina river things to do in split
There is plenty to do on, around, and even above Cetina River.

Extreme Canyoning in Split

This is another exciting activity that requires a brave participant. Here, professional guides will help those interested in exploring the Cetina River and the surrounding gorges. After an instructional meeting where tourists will be given equipment, they can swim through the pools, move across the rapids, and work their way through the Cetina River. They can descend the 50-meter tall Gubavica waterfall, luckily with equipment making this risky act safe. While it takes anywhere from three to five hours, there is no previous experience required except for courage and knowing how to swim.

These services can ensure that the tourists can be genuinely excited to visit Croatia and cover some of the most majestic landmarks in Split. No matter the vacation, there will certainly be an excursion that can fit its needs and tastes. Make the most of your time and money and sign up for an excursion when planning your trip to Croatia. Tourists also have many options for Split hotels, guest houses, hostels, and more in the area.

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