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Do you have a burning desire to discover the unknown? Why not take a trip on a Middle Eastern journey and explore the mysterious country that is Jordan. Situated in the Arab world neighbouring countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Jordan has been a popular tourist destination for a number of years; and rightly so as Peregrine Adventures is now giving you the opportunity to win a trip there. The latest competition from the adventure company is for you to win one of 20 global trips for 20 consecutive days.

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Peregrine is offering you this awesome chance to win as the competition is a celebration of their employment of local leaders on the company tours for a record number of 20 years. Peregrine were the first of the adventure companies to decide to employ local leaders as they could see the advantages when compared to their Western counterparts. Not only does this provide you, the tourist with better knowledge and information it opens a local’s way of life, all in all making the trip even more special. This is no different on the Jordan explorer, as you will receive an expert friendly local guide to accompany you for the duration of your stay.

Often regarded as being the safest country in the region Jordan has a lot to offer to the intrepid traveller with its many sweeping deserts, hidden ruins and culinary delights. This Jordan Explorer trip is exactly that and takes you on a marvellous 8 day adventure through the country; your starting point will be the nation’s capital, Amman. Here you will be able to enjoy a free day to explore your surroundings before meeting up with your guide and your traveller companions before you head south to Aqaba the next morning. Upon arrival you can take in the quaint port and even explore the famous Ottoman fort that sits overlooking the town; if the weather is warm you always have the option to go for a dip in the hotel pool.  When your time in Aqaba has come to a completion you will be transported to a world of Sandstone Mountains, vast desert and ancient ruins as you visit the contrasting Wadi Rum and famous city of Petra. A justified contender for the ‘8th wonder of the world,’ iconic Petra has continued to amaze people time after time, such workmanship and human perseverance is absolutely breathtaking, you will be able to explore the ruins for the day before being offered a Turkish style bath, we highly recommend!

Petra is one of the highlights of any trip to Jordan.
Petra is one of the highlights of any trip to Jordan.

After you have experienced the wonderful Petra it is time for us to continue heading on as we pass through Amman again as we venture to the jewel of the North, Jerash. If you are a keen history lover then this is the city for you, the ancient place has ample buildings and monuments to see, there is even the opportunity to try and catch the city chariots! As they say all good things must come to an end and this will be the final city stop before we head back to Amman where the tour will conclude the next morning after breakfast.

If you have any sense make sure you are in the running to win this great prize! Further information on the competition and the other destinations can be found on the website.

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