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It’s been a big week for Aussie on the Road. Sunday’s post about my battle with depression was not only hugely successful in terms of views and social network activity, but was also received with such wonderful messages of support that it was hard to feel anything other than proud and hugely humbled for the remainder of the week.

The sheer volume of emails, texts, Facebook messages, and Tweets that the entry has drawn has been truly moving. I’m so very proud that my own story could inspire people to share their own battles with both me and their loved ones. It’s far more than I had dared to hope for.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everybody who commented on the post, Tweeted it, shared it on Facebook, or recommended a friend read it. Depression and other mental illnesses that affect a person’s ability to live life to the fullest are criminally misunderstood and this had lead to a culture of silence that makes it so much more difficult to cope with what can be a near crippling affliction.

Every one of you who helped to spread my story – however uinremarkable it may be in the grand scheme – have done a small part to help other people realize it’s perfectly ok to tell your friends and loved ones about your struggles. It’s a burden nobody should have to bear alone.


Holding Lonely Planets
You could win!

In light of this big week and as a part of my quest to share my stories with more people, I’ve decided to run a little bit of a contest. Any traveler worth his or her salt is well aware of Lonely Planet and their excellent collection of guidebooks and references. I picked up my first Lonely Planet when I headed to Korea in 2007 and have gathered small library over the intervening years to cover many areas of Asia. I’ve given Lonely Planet books as gifts and received them in return.

In short, when it comes to travel, there are few names that are more synonymous with it than Lonely Planet.

This isn’t a paid ad by any stretch. Lonely Planet are doubtless unaware of my humble blog. But I’m offering one Facebook fan a chance to win $50 to spend on any item (or items) their heart desires from the Lonely Planet Store.

I might be saving for my return to the road when I head to the United States in August, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spare a little cash for the people who read, comment on, and share my stories with their friends.

Enough talk, how do I win?

It’s easy!

1. Go ‘Like’ Aussie on the Road on Facebook.

You MUST do this step to be eligible for additional entries!

2. For an extra entry, Tweet a link to this post. Be sure to remember to mention @aussieontheroad (Hint: There’s a nifty ‘Tweet’ button at the bottom of this entry)

3. For a third entry, share this post on Facebook and tag Aussie on the Road so I know to give you an extra point.

With a few clicks of your mouse you increase your chances to win! How sweet is that?

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