Why You Should Visit Boracay – A Local’s Perspective

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I’ve made my own feelings about the fact Boracay is an overrated tourist trap in the past, but Diane from The Luggage List has a different perspective on the Philippines’ premier beach playground. 

In the spirit of showing both sides of the story, today’s guest post sees Diane highlight the reasons why she thinks Boracay is worth a visit.

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In Defense of Boracay

For a person who loves everything about tropical life, the Philippines is paradise. There are over seven thousand islands to choose from, so if you are looking for an island getaway you will be spoiled for choice.

This is why I consider myself extremely lucky to have grown up in the Philippines. My childhood summers were spent exploring different beaches and over the past three decades in this beautiful country, my own happiness has become equated with sandy toes, sun-kissed skin, and golden sunsets. Nothing more, nothing less.

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While I’ve been extremely grateful to have seen many of the country’s most popular and beautiful beaches, there is definitely one that stands out the most – Boracay island, which is also the country’s number 1 tourist destination for both local and international tourists with good reason. Boracay is also recognized within the travel industry as one of, if not the best, beaches in the world.

Boracay has been a top destination in the Philippines for a long time now. While many tourists seeking remote island destinations have shied away from the island because there are more buildings now than ever before and overdevelopment is a problem, Boracay still has a charm all its own especially when you know where to look.

Why You Should Travel To Boracay

If you haven’t visited Boracay yet, here’s why you should:

The Powdery White Sand

Boracay is a seven kilometer stretch of the finest, most powdery white sand you’ve ever seen. There is something truly spectacular about the quality of the fine white sand in this island that no other island has. Walking down most parts of the beach feels like you are walking on talcum powder instead of actual sand. You have to feel it to believe it.

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The Crystal Clear Water

The quintessential image of Boracay is one that shows off easily its most breathtaking quality: its crystal clear turquoise waters. I find it so difficult to look away from the sea especially during the dry, hotter months when the island tends to show off her beauty more than usual. It’s so peaceful to take a seat underneath a coconut tree and watch the clear waters caress the white sand, as they merge and form different shades of blue reflective of the bright, sunny sky.

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The Nightlife

It might not be for everyone, but I have to admit that the sheer choice of happy hours, cocktails, and bars on the island is one of the things I love the most about it. In Boracay, every hour is happy hour! It’s not an uncommon sight to see tourists still partying hard when the sun has come up, but if you prefer peace and quiet there are also many coves that lend tranquility away from the crowds.

Editor’s Note: Boracay’s night life is definitely a lot of fun. My brothers and I had some truly wild nights at bars like Epic, befriending local girls and partying until the wee hours of the morning.

epic nightclub boracay philippines

The Beaches and Coves

Boracay is famous for White Beach, the touristy area that attracts throngs of tourists, especially on long weekends and holidays. But that’s not all that Boracay has to offer: there are several lesser-known beaches and coves that are quieter and definitely more relaxing, but just as beautiful. These are some of my favorites when I feel like I need to get away from

  • Bulabog Beach is where all the water and kite activities are found. During certain times of the year, Bulabog Beach is the windiest part of the island and the choppy waters are dotted with kite boarders who seem to gently dart towards all directions.
  • Diniwid Beach is my personal favorite; this tiny cove offers the best sunset views in my opinion. The small beach can only accommodate a limited number of tourists, so it’s rarely ever packed.
  • Angol Beach is more rustic than other parts of the island. Here, I can enjoy a great pizza and cocktail in the middle of the afternoon and fall asleep on a hammock – that’s how quiet it can get.

Editor’s Note: There are definitely some bastions of peace and quiet in and around Boracay. We took an island hopping day trip on my first visit to Boracay and found plenty of quiet spots.

white beach boracay

The Food

If I’m not out at the beach, you’ll probably find me eating in Boracay. Many foreign nationals have decided to call Boracay home and start a restaurant, so you can be assured that the international cuisine here is authentic. You also can’t go wrong opting for local Filipino food or fresh, mouthwatering seafood cooked whichever way you like it. There are several excellent restaurants throughout the island catering to budgets of all sizes. Even backpackers on a limited budget can still enjoy delicious food at reasonable prices. While many would say that dining in Boracay costs much more than our Southeast Asian neighbors such as Thailand and Vietnam, I would agree but at the end of the day it’s worth it especially if you are in the world’s number one island.

Even backpackers on a limited budget can still enjoy delicious food at reasonable prices. While many would say that dining in Boracay costs much more than our Southeast Asian neighbors such as Thailand and Vietnam, I would agree but at the end of the day, it’s worth it especially if you are in the world’s number one island.

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Boracay has something for everyone. From solo travelers to families, the island offers a wide range of peaceful as well as exciting activities that everyone will enjoy. So pack your luggage and start looking for cheap tickets!

Have you been to Boracay island?

About the Author

Diane is the co-writer of The Luggage List and currently lives in the Philippines. Equally, in love with both tropical and mountain life, her travel plans are fueled by the obsession of finding the best possible views at sea or on mountaintops.

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