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Merry Christmas

Before I get into today’s short and sweet post, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas from idyllic Ben Lomond, Australia!

While I’m frantically helping to prepare delicious treats for tomorrow’s big Christmas lunch, I’m thinking of all of my readers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and Instagram groupies out there. I hope your Christmas is full of love, laughter, good food, and a couple of cheeky drinks.

Money on the Road

I’m a very lucky person when it comes to travel. Not only does what I do afford me a lot of wonderful opportunities to travel around the world and see extraordinary things, but I’ve also never had anything stolen while I’ve been on the road.

Touch wood >_>

A big part of that, I think, is also that I am especially careful when it comes to my money while I’m on the road. I’ll rarely carry an excess of cash with me at any given time, and I keep both my cash and my Visa card tucked into either my waterproof Adventure Underwear or my super comfy Clever Travel Companion underwear. With both pairs of underpants boasting pockets on the inside, any theft attempts made against my person are going to have an… ahem… happy ending.

While I make most of my payments in cash while traveling to avoid repeated currency conversion fees, my trusty Visa card is always there in case I’ve got an emergency or need to pay a sizable chunk all at once and can deal with having to pay it back a wee bit later.


Visa Prepaid Travelmoney Cards

While doing a bit of research after seeing the above video, I was intrigued to read more about prepaid travelmoney cards. In the scary event that I ever lose a card, I’d be horrified at the prospect of giving some nefarious individual access to my main bank account or, perhaps worse, my credit card information.

A prepaid travelmoney card, in addition to being prepaid and therefore having a set limit on it that you define yourself; is also super handy in that you can load it with multiple currencies with locked in conversion rates. Pretty handy if you’re going to be bouncing through a few countries and don’t want to be contacting your bank every few weeks to keep them appraised of your comings and goings.

When I next hit the road (hopefully in January or February), I’ll have my trusty Visa card with me and might just make the transition to a prepaid travelmoney card should I find myself hitting multiple countries in rapid succession. They sound super handy. If I do, I’ll be sure to let you know how I found the whole experience!

Your Say

Have you ever dealt with theft or the accidental loss of your wallet or cards before? How did you cope?

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