Social Media While Travelling: How Not to be an Asshole


  1. fantastic tips and I think having a journal is a great idea so you can have a great reference to put up more meaningful captions to your imagery

  2. Very true! Social media is not my friend, and all these people posting about their wonderful lives are just getting me down all the time, haha!

    It is a strange world we live in these days but one thing you say is more than true and can be applied to both the real world and the virtual world: Don’t be an asshole.

    Great post!

  3. I’m smiling as I read this. I remember when I first started blogging how jealous I felt that everyone was having such an amazing life and they really were “blessed and lucky”.
    My own mother thinks I’m a bum on a tropical island living some magical life of luxury (even though I have tried to tell her how much work goes into the ‘travel blogging’ machine). It’s such a fine line sometimes when promoting a lifestyle or destination (or one’s self) without looking like an egotistical clown. Good read, thanks!

    • I’ve had to give up on explaining. No matter how many times I point out that large chunks of my life (like today) are spent hunched over a laptop writing about things I’d rather be doing, they just go “Yeah, but you don’t have to work!”

      It’s our own fault, really. Some of our peers have painted a picture of what this is that only marginally reflects reality.

  4. Love this post! So many truths here. I also try to limit my posts to my personal page and agree with everyone else, travel didn’t just fall into our laps, we worked hard for it!

    • The phrase “You are so lucky” is one of my biggest triggers. It both undervalues the work we put in to make travel a reality, and undersells the genuinely shitty elements of the lifestyle. Missing loved ones, having to make new (generally shallow) friendships whenever you move on, having to live without creature comforts they take for granted etc.

      It’s a fantastic lifestyle, but like any lifestyle, it has its own perks and drawbacks.

  5. Whenever i go on holiday i post 3 photos on Instagram every day (Oh no i overshot the dreaded one per day limit) I feel like there’s just so much i want to share with all my friends about my travels!!!!! I don’t take selfies so my friends have been telling me that they enjoy reading my captions and descriptions 😡

    • I’m definitely guilty of posting multiple Instagram pics when I travel as well. These aren’t fed to my personal FB page though, so it’s only people who knew what they were getting into who suffer from my barrage of sunsets, delicious foods etc.

      I think it’s all about balance. If I’m only travelling for 1-2 weeks, I don’t mind over-indulging. I often travel for 4-5 months at a time though, and I reckon I’d tire my friends if I kept flooding them with all of the wonderful weirdness from the road haha.

      What’s your Instagram? I’ll give you a follow! 🙂

  6. Ah, excellent! So much truth here! Both from the don’t overshare crap (oh yeah!) but also about not being lucky. Being called lucky is one of my absolute pet hates!!

    • I *loathe* people telling me how lucky they think I am. Luck has played a part, sure, but it’s been my readiness to seize on opportunities and run with them that has kept me out on the road and living the life I want for myself.

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