Top Travel Hotspots of 2015

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While it’s sad to say that my own travels in 2015 aren’t likely to take me to the European entries on this list, I do have some very exciting news about my upcoming travels that I’ll be sharing tomorrow. While this guest post from Iona highlights a few of her travel hotspots of 2015, I’ve previously shared my own Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2015 that may interest you.

Your Next Holiday Is Sorted: Top Travel Hotspots of 2015

There’s no time like the present. No matter what you do or where you’re from there is a great wide world out there just waiting to be explored. The chance to live a life that’s full of incredible memories and unforgettable experiences. 2015 is all about exploring the road less travelled and with a wide range of exotic travel hotspots bursting onto the tourism scene, the greatest adventure you haven’t yet had, starts right here.


Long known for its rich history from medieval hot spots to World War II, this European nation is reimagining its image with experiences unlike anything you’ve seen – or heard – before.

Top Travel Tip – The Unsound Festival. This festival, held annually in Krakow, offers an incredible mixture of evolving and mutating forms of music and visual arts. Over the course of a week prepare to explore themes of expression and identity in the most unique forum. You’ll get the best of new European culture in a country rooted in its own rich history.

Beautiful Beach and Transparent Turquoise Adriatic Sea near Spli
Beautiful Beach and Transparent Turquoise Adriatic Sea near Spli


A Mediterranean marvel with sapphire waters framing a culturally and historically rich land. Well known for its vibrant and fun-filled coastal islands, there is more to this European nation than meets the eye.

Top Travel Tip – Durovic Cave. Situated directly below Dubrovnik Airport, this nearly 100,000 square foot cave combines traces of human history from the Iron and Bronze Ages with all the beauty of a natural cave system. With a naturally chilled wine cellar deep underground you have the ingredients for one of the hottest off the beaten track destinations.


East meets West culture and tradition, this travel destination has endless historical attractions, incredible cuisine and a vibe like no other.

Top Travel Tip – Istanbul Hot Air Ballooning. Well known for its architectural masterpieces from the Blue Mosque to the Hagia Sophia the real experience is taking in these stunning buildings – from the air. Float high above Istanbul as you take in the sights. The result is a WOW factor that cannot be beaten.

Ed: After my own hot air ballooning experience in Dubai, I’ve got a bit of a taste for the pastime. I’d love to get up above a city as famous as Istanbul and take it all in.

Istanbul, Turkey, View on Golden Horn bay from Galata Tower
Istanbul, Turkey, View on Golden Horn bay from Galata Tower


A vast and diverse country with an unquestionable mystique. From the Great Wall to the humble Panda, a visit to China conjures beauty across the board.

Top Travel Tip – Cruising the Yangtze River. A leisurely cruise down the Yangtze is a must. Passing picturesque gorges, towering cliffs and rural villages it is the ultimate way to see China at your own pace.

Ed: Despite living in China for over two years, I never did manage a cruise along the Yangtze. I also didn’t manage to make it to the Great Wall or Xi’an, so I guess I have some unfinished business there.

Travel trends are shifting with previously unknown locations and activities becoming the next big thing. Even the type of travel has been revolutionised with options like Cruising now unmissable experiences, a sentiment echoed by Gordy Bayne, Head of Travel for daily deals site Scoopon:

“The two issues that we (used to) have with a cruise are; Cruising is for old people and I get sea sick. A Cruise Ship is very stable with minimal movement. Even for someone like me who suffered from chronic sea sickness. A lot of us think that cruising is for the ‘blue rinse brigade’, for the traditional and a very luxury affluent type of holiday, however cruise pricing and holidays have never been more affordable. In addition, Cruising includes all of your meals with speciality restaurants allowing for a more specialised or specific cuisine if you would like to try something new.”

This is your moment. Start here and dream big when it comes to your travel goals. It’s time to take a leap of faith, eschew the status quo and blaze your own trail with 2015’s latest travel trends and hot spots. Your own slice of heaven is waiting for you out there, so go and find it!

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