Three Amazing Australian Road Trips

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Amazing Australian Road Trips You Won’t Soon Forget

Australia is a country of amazing diversity, boasting one of the most visually striking landscapes on earth.

The best way to soak up this beauty is on the open road. Motorcycle road trips are cheaper than other vacations, and they afford plenty more chances for adventure. See something you like? You can pull over and check it out. You won’t have that chance while seated on a train or airplane.

The open road is your ticket for adventure; the only question is which direction will you go?

Planning Your Australian Road Trip

It’s important that you create a detailed itinerary, but include time for spontaneity. Remember: the most important thing is that you have fun, so make sure your trip includes the activities you most enjoy (fishing, surfing, etc.) and plenty of time to see it all. Identifying the stuff you want to see and do will help you determine the best route to travel.

Editor’s Note: The one major mistake we made on the Great US Road Trip was too much planning and not enough room for spontaneity. We were restricted by our limited time, but there were definitely stops we wish we could have made.

After you’ve brainstormed what it is you’d like to do, you can set about planning what to bring. Motorcycles aren’t great for storage, so you’ll have to pack light. It’s important that you remember your documents, especially if Australia isn’t your native country.

You’ll need motorcycle insurance documents, as well as your license and passport. These items should take priority in your saddlebags, so you can easily retrieve them when you need to.

Highway 1 – The Longest Highway In the World

Well over 25,000 km, Highway 1 is the world’s longest highway. This trip is going to take a while, but it’s truly worth it if you have the time. You’ll hit seven capital cities, a number of national parks, and Queensland: home of the Great Barrier Reef. If the weather is right, you can take a snorkeling cruise.


The East Coast: Sydney to Brisbane

Australia has its own Pacific Highway and a number of “low-key beaches,” says Lonely Planet, which recommends a stop in Hunter Valley, Australia’s oldest wine region. From there head to Newcastle. “Newcastle has come into its own as a hipster beach town with some dynamic galleries, fantastic food, funky boutiques and of course, damn fine surf.”

Editor’s Note: I’m a big fan of this drive. You’ll even pass through two of my former homes – Newcastle and Coffs Harbour.

The West Coast: Perth to Albany

Like Australia’s east coast, the west has plenty of food and wine to choose from. There are more than 100 wineries! Make sure to get a room if you’re planning to drink because Australia has strict drunk driving laws, and your life is precious.

Follow the Rainbow Coast all the way to Albany where you should stop to visit The Gap and Natural Bridge. The amazing Oceanside rock formations are home to picturesque views of land and sea.


New Zealand

Although not technically Australia (Editor’s Note: Yet), you can sail or fly over the Tasman Sea to the island nation of New Zealand.

A motorcycle trip in New Zealand can start in downtown Auckland, but don’t get used to the hustle and bustle. Just three hours north of Auckland is the Bay of Islands which is subtropical and a beautiful remote area full of natural beauty. If you’re feeling extra adventurous try sandboarding or hardcore hiking.

The road is never-ending in Australia, but be careful out there. If you’re traveling near the ocean, you can never be too careful. Check road conditions, weather warnings, and always travel with a GPS. Lastly, always make sure a friend or family member is tracking your trip, so if you become lost local authorities can be notified.

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