The Best US Road Trips for Young Drivers

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While it’s been some time since I could be called young, you may notice that my bucket list expresses my desire to one day get my driving license. So while this collaboration post is aimed at young drivers, it seems relevant to me with my total of maybe an hour behind the wheel.

The Best US Road Trips for Young (or inexperienced) Drivers

If a young driver is looking for inspiration to help pass their test, then they should look no further than the ‘road trip’. This can be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with friends or family taps into a young person’s spirit of adventure and helps them explore and enjoy new places and open their horizons in a flexible and fun way. The open road beckons and there are some great ideas for young drivers to enjoy when it comes to road trips.

Younger drivers should aim to find places that broaden the horizons and also feature plenty of places to stop off – bearing in mind that a novice behind the wheel shouldn’t look to give themselves too much to do right away.

Here a few to whet your appetite…

Pacific Coast Highway, California

The Pacific Coast Highway in California, also known as PCH, is a 10-hour drive that will take you from the border of California in Oregon to San Diego. This is a good location for a road trip as a leisurely drive allows you to take in the breathtaking and varied views including forests, seaside villages, and the coast.

I pensively pose atop the cliffs of Big Sur. Such a beautiful drive.
I pensively pose atop the cliffs of Big Sur. Such a beautiful drive.

With more than 1,000 kilometers of driving, you are sure to have a road trip to remember. Of course, you can stop in different locations along the way including Santa Cruz, Monterey, Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara, Malibu, and Los Angeles – iconic stops that offer plenty to any traveller.

Blue Ridge Parkway

For an all-American adventure, go on a journey in North Carolina and Virginia via the Blue Ridge Parkway that spans 755 kilometers and goes through 29 counties in North Carolina and Virginia. The parkway is popular for its scenic route and is considered the longest linear park in America. While driving, you can pass by different locations including the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Music Center, if you’re into music.

Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Are you in for a loop? Then the Olympic Peninsula in Washington may just be the best driving experience for you if you want to have a road trip with your friends and family. While driving, you are in for a treat with views of wonderful waterfalls and stunning shorelines that can be found in Washington. You can also get some pictures of the Olympic Mountains that have peaks covered in snow. Photo opportunities like this are essential for the perfect road trip.

Columbia River Highway, Oregon

Another scenic route that is great for road trips is the Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon. The highway spans 121 kilometers, and it is known as the very first planned scenic road in the U.S. Building of the highway began in 1913, and now it is known as a National Historic Landmark where you can have majestic views of river gorges and waterfalls. This is the perfect road trip location for those who want to experience the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.

The stunning Multnomah Falls are undoubtedly a highlight of the drive.
The stunning Multnomah Falls are undoubtedly a highlight of the drive.

You’ll be wanting to see off on these amazing road trips as soon as possible and that means passing your test, and passing it as quickly as possible. There are plenty of resources online to make learning the rules of the road quicker, cheaper and easier than ever so start there and then concentrate on honing your practical skills behind the wheel. The combination of the two will help set you on your way to an amazing road trip adventure.

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