Test Drive: Mystery Rice Cakes

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Okay, so I learned my lesson last time around. Do not record direct to YouTube from your webcam!

A lot of you have emailed or Tweeted me to tell me that the video stops actually playing picture after a few seconds and you’re left with only sound. So, in possession of a perfectly serviceable HD video camera – I enlisted my friend’s Jenny and Kara to record today’s edition of ‘Test Drive’ where I’ll be trying out some Japanese style rice cakes with mysterious contents inside their doughy exterior.

Mystery abounds!

Unfamiliar with the segment? Each week I’ll sink my teeth (literally) into a new and unusual food here in China. I’ll give my live (and completely unscripted review).

Now, I realise that doesn’t sound interesting – but bear in mind that I’m a funny bastard and I’ve been entertaining live crowds since I was a five year old. This is my jam, yo.

So… yeah, go watch!

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  1. That’s hilarious. Shall I ship you over a jar of red bean paste so you can wrap it in something you like? Croissants perhaps?

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