5 Reasons to Choose Royal Caribbean for Your Family Cruise

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Hello from the US of A! As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been quite busy since arriving here a week and a half ago and that’s showing no sign of letting up. I really have got a fantastic five weeks here planned and I can say confidently after the first week that this holiday is going to be providing me with content for months to come.

While I’m busy travelling, theme park visiting, sight-seeing, and romancing my way across the US – I’ll have a few guest posts to tide you over between my own posts and updates. With cruises being such a prominent feature on here of late (and myself due to take a cruise in a few weeks) I thought this one might stand out.

5 Reasons to Choose Royal Caribbean for Your Family Cruise

With dozens of different cruise operators available, it might be difficult to select just one cruise ship for your upcoming family vacation. Thankfully, there are some companies, such as Royal Caribbean Cruises, that offer exciting family friendly amenities and events. From family dining hours to special themed cruises, Royal Caribbean offers children of all ages everything they need to have the experience of a lifetime. Here are five reasons to choose Royal Caribbean Cruises for your next family holiday.

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Family Onshore Excursions

Even the most family friendly ships need to also have plenty of great excursions suitable for children at the many destinations. Royal Caribbean Cruises offers families the choice of trips through jungles, on kayaking trips, tours through cities and plenty of shorter adventures that allow families to spend more time onshore relaxing instead of rushing through a packed itinerary.

Entertainment for All Ages

Some cruise ships have incredible nightly entertainment, but few of the shows are suitable for young children. Families onboard the various Royal Caribbean ships will have plenty of entertainment to choose from. Although schedules will vary depending on the length of your trip and your destinations, you can expect to enjoy Aquatheatre performances and West End-style musical productions that are suitable for children above the age of three.

Family Friendly Dining Facilities

Many parents avoid cruises because they are worried about formal dining with young children. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for children and parents onboard Royal Caribbean ships. Select restaurants offer casual dining throughout the day and are suitable for children of any age, and some of the more formal restaurants offer a special dining service called My Family Time Dining. Children will receive their meals within 15 minutes, and when they finish they will be escorted by staff to a special play area. Then, parents can linger over their gourmet meals at their leisure.

Adventure Ocean Youth Program

This exciting program caters to children between the ages of five and twelve and does not require parental supervision. Children will enjoy arts and crafts, themed events and fun competitions among their peers. Younger children between the ages of two and five will head to the Fisher Price Playgroup, where trained staff lead them in age appropriate activities and art projects that feature their favourite characters and cartoons.

The Dreamworks Experience

For a completely family themed cruise, consider booking one of the Royal Caribbean Cruises that includes the Dreamworks Experience. Featuring famous characters from movies like Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda, the Dreamworks Experience onboard includes parades around the deck, nightly shows starring the characters, photo opportunities for passengers and even themed dining nights that the whole family can enjoy.

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