Recommended Reads – November 2014

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They’re Back!

There was a time when these Recommended Reads columns were – if you can believe it – a weekly feature on Aussie on the Road. Alas, no longer having a desk job or infinite internet at my finger-tips has diminished my ability to spend hours lazily reading through the work of other writers.

Thankfully, I’ve recently been able to splash out on hiring a virtual assistant to help with the day to day running of the site, and that means more time for doing the things I love – reading, writing, and playing entirely too much World of WarCraft!

This week I’ve chosen a select crop of the creamiest…

Wait, that’s not coming out right.

This week I’ve selected the cream of the crop for you. Read on!

The Recommended Reads – November Edition

I’ve got a motley collection of seven posts for you this month, ranging from the practical to the inspiring, and everywhere in between.

How Much Money to Budget for a Month in Italy? by A Backpacker’s Tale

Like many people, I’ve always been under the impression that Italy – being one of the more expensive countries in Europe – was perhaps beyond my humble budget. Stephen does a wonderful job of breaking down the various expenses you can expect to encounter while in Italy, and gives you a good idea of what kind of itinerary he’d select when traveling around the country.

I’ll let you make up your own mind, but I think he’s done a great job of perhaps making a trip to Italy seem a little less daunting to those of us operating on a shoestring.

Arkaroola: Australia’s Wilderness Adventureland by Red Nomad Oz

Where the previous entry is going to inspire you with its practicality, this one is all about inspiration through illustration. The pictures in this post are going to take you very quickly from “Arkawhat?” to “I want to go to there”, and Marion does a great job of giving you all the information you’ll need to make that a reality.

I’ve not made it into South Australia’s fabulous desert region much (unless a visit to Cameron’s Corner counts?), but the Red Nomad’s posts on both this area and Australia as a whole are going to open your eyes to a whole world of adventures to be found away from Sydney, Melbourne, and the Queensland coast.

12 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit the Banaue Rice Terraces by Traveling Canucks

Sticking to a theme, Cam & Nicole from Traveling Canucks have their own little known corner of the world they’d like to inspire you to visit. I was lucky enough to visit the Philippines earlier in 2014 and I came up with 10 reasons to love the Philippines, but the Banaue Rice Terraces didn’t make it onto my whirlwind itinerary and these photos make me wish it did.

It’s not just a collection of photos that portray the vivid green of the rice terraces, but also photos that give you a glimpse into Philippines life that I find so charming. Something to add to my plans if I manage to make it back to the Philippines in 2015.

A Food Tour of Chania, Crete by Wonderful Wanderings

I may have lost 7kgs (almost 15lbs) since I came home, but it’s no secret that I love food. One of my favourite aspects of travel is most definitely trying out the local flavours, and Sofie of Wonderful Wanderings has highlighted some of the tastes she was able to find in Chania, Crete.

Her day long tour of Cretan food is not only laden with mouth-watering pictures to inspire you, but also has all of the information you’d need to recreate the adventure for yourself.

The Best Way to Juggle International Travel While Studying Full Time by Mapping Megan

I’ve tried studying full time on two occasions in my life. Once, when it was my sole focus, lead me to attaining my Bachelor’s Degree. The second, juggled with 14-30 hours of casual work in retail a week, ended up with me quitting both and fleeing to South Korea.

Mapping Megan, however, is of the belief that it’s entirely possible to juggle the competing demands of both full time study and full time travel. Meg’s helpful tips and can do attitude certainly make it seem like something achievable, although it’s ultimately going to come down to your own commitment and desire.

If you’re making excuses as to why you can’t travel, though, Megan’s definitely debunking the myth that travel and study don’t get along.

The Creative Transformation of Athens by Borders of Adventure

My friend and occasional drinking buddy, Becki has really reinvented herself since transitioning from Backpacker Becki to Borders of Adventure; and one of her biggest loves has been Greece. This post isn’t so much about travel inspiration as it is about looking at the way Athens has transformed itself following the well documented crises that struck the nation in recent years.

If you’ve been following Greece’s struggles, reading this is going to give you some insight into how things have improved and how all of this has been achieved.

Visiting Meteora: A Photographer’s Paradise by Finding the Universe

When he’s not covered in baby oil and posing languidly with chickens, Laurence is one of the finest travel photographers in the game. He’s the kind of guy whose work makes you feel entirely inadequate by comparison, but he’s so damned lovable and down to earth that you can’t hold that against him.

Meteora isn’t just the name of a Linkin Park album, and Laurence’s photos of this visually stunning region of Greece are going to have you reconsidering your own travel plans so you can squeeze in this landscape of towering stone pillars and isolated monasteries.

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