Prescription Refill: Travel

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Today’s guest post comes from the inspiring Laura Vaisman, one of the leading contenders for the #1 spot on next year’s edition of the Travel Blogging Crushes list.

When she’s not traveling the world and living an adventurous existence, she’s a life coach whose positive attitude is one I’ve found inspiring ever since we connected on Facebook. When she released her Declutter Your Soul program, I was quick to sign up and thought it was the kind of inspiring, motivational stuff that you’d all enjoy.

Prescription Refill: Travel

Depression and anxiety are common; almost too common in people nowadays. We all have passions and dreams that keep us up at night where we wonder if we can ever get what we truly love. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, reaching those goals may seem impossible.

So what’s my solution to the problem?

Travel. And travel far and as long as you can.


I suffered with anxiety for quite a few years to the point where I did not want to go out in public or leave the house. I am now the owner of my own life coach business where I coach women to overcome their fears naturally and achieve their wildest dreams; I am now a solo world traveler.

How did I get there?

I did not give up.

I didn’t care how long it took, I was not going to allow anxiety to ruin my life anymore; I wanted to be free to live my life the way I wanted to. I was going to travel the world.

Travel forces you to be outside of your comfort zone, whether you are with a partner or solo, you will be faced with challenges. Challenges keep you on your toes; it opens your soul to grow. When you are in a different country, not knowing the language, not being accustomed to the culture, food, way of life is sometimes a tough transition but when you overcome the obstacle you feel like,

“Hell yeah, I can do this!”

I encourage people to travel all the time because it opens your world to different perspectives; travel humbles you. When you are humbled, you are grateful and appreciate what you have. You gain insight that your problems are not so bad as compared to things you see along your travels.

Knowing what I learned from my travels and my journey to overcome my fears, I developed my own business and coaching program called Declutter Your Soul to coach women techniques to conquer their fears and achieve their goals. I want people to realize with my help that anxiety is not permanent it’s only temporary. It will only stay as long as you want it to.

About the Author


Laura Vaisman is a life coach who motivates and encourages women to overcome anxiety naturally to be able to achieve their dreams and travel the world. After overcoming her own struggles with anxiety, she now is a solo world traveler living out her wildest dreams.

For more information to download my free program, ‘Declutter Your Soul’ click here !

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