Guest Post: The Beauty of the Pacific Northwest

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When asked what I love best about the United States, the Pacific Northwest inevitably comes to mind. Maybe it’s the region’s similarity to the green, cool, and wet region of Australia I call home, but there’s something very appealing about Oregon, Washington State, and even northern Idaho.

My recent hikes in Yosemite National Park have reminded me just how refreshing it can be to experience nature’s beauty up close and personal, and reading this guest post – I’m beginning to wish I’d found more time to spend with nature while in Oregon and Washington State late last month.

The post below makes a few suggestions, but I’d nominate the beautiful Oregon Coast (Seaside, Astoria, and Tillamook being particular favourites) and Multnomah Falls just outside of Portland as honorable mentions as well. In my eyes, the Pacific Northwest is a truly underrated gem in a country with an abundance of natural beauty.

Multnomah Falls
Beautiful Multnomah Falls outside of Portland is one of my absolute favourite spots in the United States.

The Beauty of the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is the perfect place to escape from it all whilst reveling in the beauty of the great outdoors. The various hiking trails that can be found in this beautiful corner of the world will take you through a diverse array of landscapes ranging from cascading mountains to raging river gorges.

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With so many incredible hiking trails available to take advantage of, it can be hard to know which one to choose. If you are staying in the area for an extended period, then why not opt to explore more than one?

The Coast

Floras Lake Beach – This beautiful beach hiking trail will take you along the coast giving you the opportunity to witness the spectacular 100ft high cliff lines. After that you can follow on the trail to enjoy the plentiful sand dunes and picturesque Floras Lakes during this 6 mile round trip. For all those adrenaline junkies out there the Floras Lake Beach also offers a number of water sports, including windsurfing.

Floras Lake Beach
Floras Lake Beach boasts fantastic wind-surfing, as does much of windy Oregon. Photo source.

The Columbia River Gorge

Coyote Wall – Coyote Wall is little known by tourists, but this columnar basalt ridge that rises across the river is truly stunning, as are the surrounding views. The hike features an abundance of native wildflower, flora and fauna. It is moderately difficulty due to the 1,700ft gain, but this can be avoided if you double back and return on the same path after viewing the gorge.

Coyote Wall
Hikers tackle the Coyote Wall in Oregon. Image source.

The Mountains

Mount Rainier- Starting out at the Sunrise Lodge, this hiking trail meanders 6,400ft atop the mountains paths. Guiding you past Frozen Lake to a breathtaking point at which you can almost reach out and touch the peak’s biggest glaciers; Emmons and Winthrop. This trail is best enjoyed during summer due to heavy snowfall in the winter months. It is a 10 mile round trip and is only for the most experienced hikers.

Mount Ranier
Probably the most iconic natural sight in Washington State, Mount Rainier looks ominously beautiful all year round. Image source.

I’ve given you three options above, but there is no shortage of stunning vistas and hidden hiking trails throughout Canada’s Pacific Northwest. If the above have whet your appetite, do a little Googling and you’ll find a wealth of places to explore.

Your Say

The Pacific Northwest of the United States (particularly Portland and the Oregon coast) is probably my favourite region in the United States, so I’m itching to check out more of the Pacific Northwest sometime.

Have you been? What would you recommend when it comes to exploring the USA or Canada’s great outdoors?

Oregon beach
A beach near Tillamook looking absolutely stunning on a warm summer afternoon during my recent US trip.

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