On Safari in Namibia – A Journey in Pictures

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On Safari in Namibia – Etosha National Park

Like many countries in Africa, Namibia is famous as a safari destination. While it may not boast the sheer variety of parks that Tanzania or Kenya might, Namibia is still home to a number of fantastic safari parks.

Of these parks, Etosha is the flagship. Located just a few hours north of Windhoek, the park is incredibly accessible and surrounded by a number of accommodation options.

Whether you’re with a tour group or doing a self-drive safari, Etosha maintains strict security including curfews and spraying your vehicle for pests. It’s a slick operation and left us feeling that the animals within the park were in good hands.


While there are a number of places to stay within the park, we would be calling the beautiful Etosha Safari Lodge our home for the duration of the visit.

Each ‘room’ is a separate chalet with a balcony located a short walk from the lodge itself, there’s a real sense of serenity. Aside from the rattling of air conditioners, the only sounds are the noises o f the savannah itself.

My little slice of paradise for two nights.
My little slice of paradise for two nights.

The lodge also had amazing food, featuring a mix of game meats, vegetarian-friendly deliciousness, and some stellar desserts as well. Enjoying your meal out on the terrace that overlooks Etosha at sunset is something special, and the outdoor firepit and sundowner lounge was a popular place for our motley crew to hang out at day’s end.

My delicious Namibia Sunrise enjoyed by the pool.
My delicious Namibia Sunrise enjoyed by the pool.

Another nice touch was the elevated pool. With a stunning view of the surrounding land, it was a really good place to relax. It was winter in Namibia when we visited, but that didn’t stop me from taking a rather brisk dip.

etosha safari lodge pool

On Safari in Namibia

We were lucky enough to pay two visits to Etosha National Park – one in the afternoon and one at dawn the following day.

Rather than give you a blow by blow of the entire sordid tale, I thought it would be better to instead take you on a safari in pictures.

Etosha isn’t as verdant as Ngorongoro or as famous as the Serengeti, but its dry and dusty plains had a stark beauty all of their own, and I was surprised by how many animals we spotted. Eleven lions wandering the road, five rhinoceroses, and plenty of kudu & oryx were definitely highlights.

Alright, shutup Chris. Let your photos do the talking.


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  1. Looks amazing! I’m pretty jealous. I actually planned a trip to Namibia once but then broke up with the guy I was going with, so he went without me!!

  2. I love the photos of the lions – great shots!! Etosha will always have a special place in my heart because it was my very first safari experience.

    Quick question- where exactly in the park were your accommodations? I stayed at the Okaukeujo campsite for 2 nights and the Halali campsite for 1 night.

    • We didn’t stay inside the park, but about a 5 minute drive from the gate at the Etosha Safari Lodge. There’s Etosha Safari Camp on the same property, which is geared more towards the backpacker set.

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