15 Iconic Things to See and Do in Las Vegas

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I’ve written about Las Vegas a great many times – from the totally debauched boys’ weekend in Las Vegas to describing the things to do in Vegas aside from gamble and drink.

Today, I’ve highlight fifteen unique things to see and do in Sin City. Read on to find out what you should keep an eye out for on your next trip to The Vegas.

The 15 Things You Have To See In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is both one of the easiest and most difficult tourist destinations to enjoy. On the one hand, all you need to do is walk down a popular street such as The Strip or Fremont Street to be immersed in entertainment and visual attractions. On the other, there’s so much Vegas lore, and so many things to do, that you can easily feel like you’re missing out the whole time you’re there.

Because of this, you may find that it pays off to have a checklist of things to do and places to see in Vegas before you actually make your way to America’s Playground. Accordingly, and without further ado, here’s my list of 15 things you absolutely have to see (and enjoy) if you get the chance to visit.

#15 – The Eiffel Tower

Vegas is great at putting up replicas of awesome landmarks from around the world. So naturally, the Paris Las Vegas hotel has a towering imitation of the Eiffel Tower. But it’s not exactly a miniature version. It’s actually nearly 500 feet tall (just a bit shorter than the Washington Monument) and you can dine on its 11th floor with a great view of the city.


#14 – The Shops At Crystals

This is effectively a mall, but it’s a pretty glorious one. Shopping is a major draw in Las Vegas, and if it’s part of what you’re hoping to enjoy in town make sure you stop by this sprawling area attached to the ARIA resort.

#13 – Hoover Dam

This isn’t exactly a Las Vegas attraction, but it’s commonly featured as an activity associated with the city, and I get it. Hoover Dam is only about 30 miles from Vegas, built to contain Lake Mead, and it’s stunning to see in person. It’s the sort of thing you can take for granted until you see it yourself, at which point it looks like an absolute wonder of creativity and engineering.

Hoover Dam Vegas

#12 – Mandarin Bar

It’s a great bar, but it’s also appeared on a list of bars with the best views in Vegas, which ought to be enough reason to check it out. There’s really nothing like sipping a cocktail over this particular city.

#11 – The Shark Reef

Mandalay Bay is one of the more unique resorts at Vegas. It’s got its own wave pool, an artificial beach, and its own shopping area as well. But the best attraction at the resort is the shark reef aquarium, which you can essentially walk through as you get a close-up look at beautiful (and sometimes terrifying) aquatic creatures.

#10 – Caesar’s Palace

I’m trying not to simply point out resorts on this list, because truth be told all the resorts in Vegas are sightseeing attractions. That’s why one of the best activities in town is just walking up and down the Strip and taking it all in. But Caesar’s Palace—a massive imitation of Roman architecture complete with columns and sculptures, etc—is definitely one to make sure you get a good look at.


#9 – The Stratosphere

Basically, you get to jump off a 108th floor platform. It made it into my previous post on extreme Las Vegas attractions for a reason.

#8 – The Volcano

This is an attraction at The Mirage, and while it doesn’t exactly look realistic, it still makes for a fun show. Head to the resort during a scheduled eruption and enjoy the party.


#7 – The Venetian Game Floor

When you think of casino gaming, it’s probably poker and blackjack that first come to mind. But the truth of the matter is that slots (or “pokies” as some call them) are some of the most popular and alluring offerings from casinos, whether in person or online. And while you’ll find them all over the place, The Venetian has one of the biggest selections of slot machines in the world. It’s amazing just to look at.

#6 – Cirque du Soleil

It doesn’t matter which show you see—there are several in town—but do yourself a favor and grab a ticket for Cirque du Soleil. It’s an incredible display of artistry and athleticism, and something about seeing it in Vegas heightens the experience.

#5 – Fremont Street

Once a little run down, Fremont Street is now a popular alternative to the Strip. It has restaurants and casinos along its length, but it’s dominated mostly by the “Fremont Street Experience,” which is an amazing light show. It’s a fun place to hang out for a different pace and atmosphere.

#4 – Lago

This has to be one of the coolest restaurants in a city full of choices. It made it onto at least one list of romantic places to eat in Vegas, and with good reason. The menu was done by famous chef Julian Serrano, the décor is dream-like, and with the right seat you’ll have a view of many of the city’s best attractions—including the #1 item featured on this very list.

#3 – Hakkasan

This is the nightclub at the MGM Grand, and it’s an explosion of light and enthusiasm on any given night. There are a lot of pulsing, elaborate and spectacular clubs in Vegas. This is perhaps the best one to sit back and soak in. It also features one of the city’s best restaurants if you’re in the mood for dim sum.

#2 – The Venetian Canals

Sure, they’re a little bit cheesy in theory. But The Venetian’s artificial canals top other city-based attractions like New York-New York’s fake Manhattan, The Paris’s Eiffel Tower, and even the Roman baths at Caesars. They’re actually quite charming, particularly if you’re hanging out with a date.

#1 – The Bellagio Fountains

Yeah, I’m going with a cliché for the last one. The Bellagio fountains are probably the top tourist attraction in Vegas, and you may as well just see them shooting off as you wander around. But trust me, you want to go full Ocean’s 11 on this one. That is to say, gather whomever you’re with, line up with a good vantage point, and gaze at the wonder of the fountains erupting into the glitzy night sky. The Bellagio president has actually given that 2001 movie credit for increasing the allure of the fountains, but in all seriousness, it’s an awe-inspiring attraction.


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