Guest Post: A Guide to Going Out Downunder

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This guest post comes from the cool cats at eHarmony Australia. Over the past year I’ve been a member of (I only closed my profile last week) and it’s a service that I’ve derived a lot of positive experiences from. Online dating definitely has its place in the hustle and bustle of the modern dating scene.

I’ve met over a dozen girls, had a few first kisses, a lot of memorable dates, and even made a good friend out of it all. While I never did end up meeting the girl of my dreams, it was a fun experiment and I daresay I might have had more lucky had I not been so focused on being anywhere but Australia.

So, without further ado, here’s a piece from the people at eHarmony on the dating scene in the land downunder.

A Guide to Going Out Downunder

We Aussies have a pretty decent reputation for enjoying a good night out. Or a good night out that runs into the next morning. (I’ve had a few of those.) When you look at what’s on offer, though, you can understand why this might be – there’s something for every taste.

Whether you like a slightly grimy, laid-back pub to meet up with friends over a cold one, a suave bar to test the waters with the local talent, an eclectic nightclub for a memorable first date, or a club for a proper evening of hardcore dancing, you’ll find something for a great night out.

Unlike chilly European nights, for instance, in the summer months it often stays warm enough at night that you want to be outside enjoying it. And you’ll find most places will have an indoor/outdoor option – whether it’s a beer garden, a rooftop swimming pool or a courtyard, there’s plenty of space to enjoy the weather as well as the atmosphere.


sydney skiyline
Photo by Malcolm Tredinnick

Everyone knows Sydney town – Australia’s truly international city. It’s all about new experiences. What’s on the agenda? Exploring the city, partying hard and having a great time. Big club and pubs like Ivy on George St or the Argyle in The Rocks tend to attract huge crowds, and Oxford Street is the hub of all partying, with plenty of mainstream and alternative clubs pumping out tunes all night long.


The most “European” feeling of the Aussie capital cities, Melbourne has underground and secret bars galore. If you’re going out with someone new you met at work or through online dating Melbourne offers some places sure to impress. For a touch of class you could go to Gin Palace, or if Astroturf and garden furniture tickles your fancy, Madame Brussels also does great cocktails. Section 8 is a bar in a shipping container, and my personal favourite, 1806, has the history of every cocktail it serves on the menu.


It’s pretty hard to find a club open beyond 1 or 2am in Adelaide, which is maybe a little more refined, but you will find some ace wine, oyster and champagne bars in both the middle of town and the suburbs, as well as some proper Aussie pubs, like the Grace Emily, which does a lot of live music and cheap beer. With lots of vineyards within an hour’s drive of the city, there’s a great wine culture, and boy do they love their food.


Brisbane has come a long way recently, particularly with its riverside precinct. It’s got some great restaurants and pubs, not to mention a thriving club scene.

Whether it’s a geeky gamer/cocktail bar like Mana Bar or the upscale class of Cloudland Bar, Brisbane is fast developing into a city with a night life to rival the other Aussie state capitals.

Friends sometimes complain that it’s not the easiest to meet people looking for relationships in Aussie clubs, but they’re tried and tested locations to hold first dates. For those who met either through friends or a dating website, Australia has a plenty of low-key places to go on the first few dates – and then you can start hitting the clubs!


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