Guest Post: Skiing – Better for you than you might realise?

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Skiing: Better for you than you might realise?

It’s well-known that for anyone looking to get into shape, there are few things better than taking up sport. It could involve being part of a team or just you doing whatever you fancy at your own accord, but as long as it’s physically challenging, it’s the right thing to do. In summer, there are plenty of options if you’re struggling to pick one, but what about winter?

While it might be harder to take up something like football or cross-country running when the ground is covered in snow and black ice, there are some sports which use the wintry climate to their advantage. Arguably the best of all winter sports is skiing, which is popular throughout the mountainous regions of Europe and North America, but can it keep you fit?

Slaloming towards slimness?

Skiing is ideal in a resort located somewhere like the Alps, Pyrenees or even somewhere in northern Scandinavia where the weather is reliably snowy from November to March. The slopes make it easier for you to ski, while some resorts offer further opportunities to get fit, detoxify and relax – Inghams have a range of resorts which have on-site or nearby spas where you can get all that done.

Skiing isn't just a lot of fun, it's also remarkably good for you.
Skiing isn’t just a lot of fun, it’s also remarkably good for you. Photo by fiction300

If you decide to take up skiing, you might be surprised to learn of how it can benefit your health, especially if you’re intent on losing weight after piling on the pounds at Christmas. When skiing, your entire body is working, but most of the movement is around the abdominal area, which dictates the movement of your limbs. This extra work could lead to a flatter stomach as a result of weight loss.

Setting the tone

Another positive effect of skiing a few hours or so every day is that it can also help to make your physique look a little bit more toned. This is because many of the muscles in the body are being used regularly, which means that as they become accustomed to skiing on a regular basis, they become leaner and stronger, which will make you look much better than you did prior to hitting the slopes.

A toned, slim body will also help to boost flexibility. As your body becomes used to working around the contours of the mountainside, it will help to make movement less of a problem, especially as your skiing skills become that little bit more advanced. Cross-country skiing is perfect for you if it’s something more challenging you’re after.

Cross country skiing is some damned intensive cardio
Cross country skiing is some damned intensive cardio. Photo by propagandalf

On top of that, going on a skiing break, even if it’s just for a week, may help you to feel that little bit more relaxed. Being able to head back to the hotel, a spa, Jacuzzi or cabin and put your feet up will help the body to recover, preparing you for your next skiing session and helping you to make the most of your break.

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Have you done much skiing in your life? What effects have you noticed on your own physique?

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