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I’m somewhat embarassed to admit that I’ve never made the trek across to Perth, but it’s long been a city in Australia I’ve had a soft spot for. Even since the rise and inglorious fall of the Western Reds, Perth’s been a place I’ve wanted to visit and, someday, live in. Nick has been kind enough to put together his thoughts on what to do on a day in Perth. Enjoy!

One Day in Perth

There is so much more to Australia than the outdated clichés of kangaroos and koala bears. One of the many perks to heading down under is the highly varied landscape, which leaves so much to explore no matter how long you spend. Even if you have just a day to spare in one of the more metropolitan cities like Perth, expect to be entertained and amazed for every minute of it.

Fun for Foodies

If you are a foodie, no trip is complete unless you have had your fill of a few of the locals’ favorite eats. Here is a way to make your meal even better – have an early breakfast at Kings Park. This scenic walk boasts stunning views of Swan River from Mount Eliza. Check out Fraser’s or Zafferano at King’s Park for good eats with great views. Zafferano offers Italian food whereas Fraser’s is the place to go if you are craving a mouthful of Australian flavors.


Arts and Culture

Do not forget the legendary variety of Australia’s flora and fauna. Each city has its own unique ecosystem as well as cultural history. To get a grasp of the city you are passing through, spend some time at the Pert Cultural Center. Learn about the biodiversity of the region as well as the history of the Aboriginal people at the WA Museum. Do not miss the Art Gallery of WA, home to Australia’s largest collection of Aboriginal art.

Ocean Views

Some people love the sight of the ocean so much they classify all vacations as either a “beach vacation” or “not a beach vacation.” If the sight of the sun’s rays reflecting over a blue horizon is enough to make you giddy, pencil in a few hours of beach time for when you go to Perth.

Cottesloe CrownPerth

This is one thing Perth has in common with Southern California – the beaches to the left and the desert to the right. However, in this case, it is not the Pacific, it is the Indian Ocean. The sands are a clean white and the water is a cool crystal blue, making this one of the world’s most beautiful Oceanside destinations. If you are spending the night, splurge for a room with a waterside view. There is nothing like being lulled to sleep by the sound of gently crashing waves.

More Beach Lovin’

Those who love the good, clean thrill of adventure will find plenty to do at the beach. Pick the beach you will be spending time at according to the activity you love most. To see and be seen amongst tanned beach bodies, head to Scarborough Beach, which comes alive at night because of its many pubs and clubs. If seeing the city come alive at night gets your pulse racing, also check out the bars and restaurants at Crown Perth. If you love exploring the depths of the ocean by snorkeling, head to The Basin at Rottnest Island. This blue lagoon is famous for being home to colorful varieties of fish. Surfers have laid claim to Cottesloe and Trigg, which is known for its high quality waves.


Your Say

Have you ever been to Perth? What would you recommend somebody do if they just had the one day in Perth?

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