Guest Post: Saving 101 – Tips for the Frugal Traveler

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This isn’t the first time I’ve featured budget travel on Aussie on the Road. As somebody criminally incapable of making or sticking to a budget, I like to remind myself from time to time that there are ways to travel without sending my credit card bill sky-rocketing.

You can read my own Quick and Dirty Budget Tips, but here are some more great nuggets of wisdom that ought to help out with your upcoming adventures.

Saving 101: Tips for the Frugal Traveler

Holidays can be costly, but it is possible to have a fantastic holiday in an amazing location while sticking to a budget. Here are some easy money-saving tips for the frugal traveler.


Don’t book during peak seasons
An easy way to save money is to book at off-peak time. Generally tourists will be heading to holiday destinations in the summer months or during the Christmas holidays, so if you are able to, you should take a trip in October or February instead. By booking at off-peak times you will get much cheaper flights as well as discounted prices on accommodation. Also, when booking flights you will find it is generally cheaper to book mid-week, as there won’t be as many people flying out.


Book your trip at the last minute
If you are flexible on your destination or are happy to take an impromptu trip, you can get great last minute travel deals. You can find plenty of package deals online offering cut price deals for the last minute traveller. Booking a holiday this way also takes the hassle out of planning, as a lot of packages are all-inclusive.


Choose a less touristy destination
Instead of heading to famous destinations like New York, Milan or Barcelona, which are expensive and filled with tourists, choose a destination which is less touristy. Prices will be significantly lower and you will be able to explore a destination surrounded by locals instead of battling through crowds of sightseers.


Find cheaper ways to get to your destination
Air fares are getting more and more expensive and often you can get very cheap prices on bus tickets if you book in advance. Obviously you have to be prepared for significantly longer journey times, but the money saved in your budget will make the extra hours spent travelling worth it.
Bus travel is cheap
It’s not a bad idea to look at bus or train travel when time isn’t an issue. It’s often much cheaper than taking a plane. Photo by sludgeulper
Book your travel tickets in advance
If you are taking the bus or train to your destination, or if you plan on travelling around the country you are visiting, then it is worth booking your travel tickets in advance. Planning ahead will help you with planning your budget, as well as ensuring you get the cheapest prices possible on your fares.


Save money on food
One of the quickest ways to drain your budget is by eating at expensive restaurants. When booking accommodation choose a self-catered option so that you can cook your own meals. When you go out sight-seeing for the day take a packed lunch or stop off at a park and have a picnic. If you are going to eat out opt for a big lunch instead of dinner, as restaurants often have great lunch deals. Keep your eye out for local deals and coupons which will give you a discount on your food bill.
Eating in the park
It might not be as elegant, but a picnic in the park is a fantastic way to save some money and do a bit of people watching. Photo by bensonkua
Make the most of free attractions
Wherever you decide to go your destination is sure to have plenty of free attractions. If you are heading to a city then pick up a guide or have a look online for any free events. Take a self-guided tour of the city’s attractions and admire the architecture and parks along the way.


The best way to save money is to spend time researching your destination in advance so that you are aware of the best deals on accommodation, transport and food, as well as finding out all the great free things your destination has to offer. Follow these simple tips and you will find easy ways to stick to your budget and save money on your travels.


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