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Another week and yet more fantastic posts from the travel blogging community. This week I’ve had to expand the list to a whopping ten entries. Y’all are generating great reads faster than I can read them all!

What’s going on in my world? I’m afraid that all work and no play are making this particular Aussie a dull boy. A date with a pretty girl, a few birthday beers with old friends at the Bavarian Bier Cafe, and lots of pimping my company’s Fetch TV in order to secure a few extra dollars for my upcoming trip to Brisbane, Moreton Island, and the Gold Coast.

With so little excitement going on in my life this past week, the ten reads that make up this week’s Recommended Reads were just what the doctor ordered for a little vicarious living. You’ll soon see what I’m talking about.

The Reads

New Zealand Smackdown – North Island vs South Island by A Dangerous Business

Amanda from A Dangerous Business is probably the first person I go to when I’m wanting to do a little research or reading about a visit to New Zealand. While she’s an American gal, Amanda’s love of all things shaky isles is obvious in every post she puts together about the land of the long white cloud.

This past week saw her weighing in on the age old north island vs south island debate and reluctantly providing her winner. She covers a lot of key criteria along the way and I won’t spoil the answer for you. Go read!

Melting Pot Food Tours in Pasadena by Bucket List Nation

There are a few food related posts in the Recommended Reads this week and I am pretty certain that (in addition to being awesome reads) my current state of hunger is weighing into that.

Kalyn from Bucket List Nation recently took what sounds like a fascinating and filling walking tour of Pasadena to discover the many different cultural foods and drinks on offer in Pasadena. It’s not just food porn either – there’s some great photos of the city and a few non food related stops along the way as well. I’ll definitely be looking into it if my travels ever take me to Pasadena.

How to Accurately Calculate How Many Calories You Just Burned Sight-Seeing by Fox Nomad

I think I just got carpal tunnel typing out that title…

Travel and a healthier lifestyle tend to go hand in hand these days and Anil at Fox Nomad has come up with a really useful post on how to keep track of the calories you’re burning while you’re trekking around on vacation. While it’s easy to keep up with your calorie intake by being aware of what you’re putting in your mouth, it can sometimes be difficult to accurately gauge how many calories you’re burning when you’re out taking photos and meeting new people.

Anil takes the guess work out of it with a few useful tips and apps that make it easy to monitor without taking too much time out of your daily activities. A very helpful post indeed.

Behind the Scenes on the Huayhuash Trek by Jack and Jill Travel

Hiking isn’t really my cup of tea, but I couldn’t help but read every word of this great article from Jack and Jill. Answering a lot of questions about their arduous trek while keeping it light with some hilarious anecdotes.

While I usually focus on posts that are helpful, I couldn’t not include such an interesting and unique post from this week’s reads. I guarantee you’ll get a few laughs and learn a few things about long haul hikes as well.

An Inconvenient Death by Man on the Lam

This one’s a story of an entirely different type. Where Jack & Jill’s adventures were an amusing read, this was a really sad and thought provoking one from a guy I usually turn to for laugh out loud stuff.

Dealing with death on the road is something I’ve been lucky enough to avoid, but Raymond had a close brush with it while in Vietnam and tells the story of his experience here. A look at a less glamorous side of travel.

5 Life Lessons Learned from Climbing Mt. Fuji by Pinay on the Move

My experience black water rafting in Waitomo last year taught me the vital value of confronting one’s fears in pursuit of a dream, and Grace from Pinay on the Move really highlights this in her inspirational article about her experience climbing Mount Fuji.

I am a big believer in travel as a means of self improvement and this is an entry that demonstrates that wonderfully. Brooke from Brooke vs the World commented on just this concept in her own recent entry on the subject.

My Favorite Place in Iceland: Reynisfara Beach by Seattle’s Travels

Seattle always takes such breathtaking photos and Iceland is certainly providing her with plenty of fodder. While this particular beach isn’t the white sand and crystal clear waters you’d usually look for in your coastal holiday destinations, Seattle’s photos might just convince you that there’s more to a beach than sandcastles and pretty ladies in bikinis.

And it’s a tad unrelated, but Seattle’s Travels might be the best designed travel blog out there. It’s right up there with The Aussie Nomad‘s fantastic design. I daydream about someday having a similarly gorgeous site.

Pollo en Cazuela – Chicken Stew for Comfort Food Abroad by Kaypacha Travels

If you’re not feeling just a tad hungry by the time you’re reading this entry, you’ve either just eaten a massive meal or you’re a harder man (or woman) to please than I.

Mica gives you a detailed recipe (complete with pictures) on how to make this delicious Peruvian dish right in your own home. I think I know what I’ll be making for dinner tomorrow night…

This isn’t the only salivation inducing recipe on her site either. Browse around and you’ll find all manner of culinary delights to keep you in your kitchen for the foreseeable future.

A Day at the Races: A Traditional Aussie Day Out by yTravel Blog

It was hard to choose just one of Caz and Craig’s entries this week. While Craig was throwing himself out of a plane across the ditch in New Zealand, Caz took a moment to highlight the proud Aussie tradition of donning your Sunday best and heading out to the races.

I’m ashamed to confess that it’s not an Aussie tradition I’ve managed to partake in just yet, but reading her post and looking at the pictures of pretty girls in pretty dresses might just have made a believer out of me.

If you’re in Oz over Spring and Summer, a day at the races is a truly Aussie experience that needs to be tried.

Jazz Age Lawn Party in New York by Bucket List Nation

So I’ve included two entries from Bucket List Nation this week, but in my defense, they were both written by different people. This one’s a guest post from Natalie at The SoHo and tickled the gentleman in me just a little too much to exclude it.

Swing dancing (or my own poor attempt at it) has been directly responsible for wooing two of the four long term girlfriends I’ve had in my life. It’s also been almost entirely responsible for a few of the shorter (one night) ones as well. That’s perhaps not so gentlemanly…

Regardless, the opportunity to swing dance and dress in 1920s style to experience a real old fashioned lawn party. The photos really do capture just what a unique experience it must have been. Very jealous!

What’s Going On?

Not a whole hell of a lot!

I had originally planned to spend this coming Monday (my scheduled day off) on the beach with Jessalyn from Diary of a Wandering Student but the weather is conspiring against us and decided to be miserable for the two days that comprise my weekend. We’ll have to rain-check.

The big October trip continues to pick up speed and I purchased my tickets to the Fright Night at Movie World this pay. I’ve also got my 10 year high school reunion in November followed by the wedding of an old friend the next week. That’ll give me a chance to get up and see a bit more of beautiful Newcastle too.

As far as articles in the pipeline go, I’ve got a few really good ones. Not only will I post part two of my Top 10 Best Kept Australian secrets, but I’ll also have an interview with Nicole from Bitten by the Travel Bug for your reading pleasure. We met up last week for some delicious Korean BBQ and I took the chance to ask her a few questions about travel and travel writing.

There’s also a sponsored post about Tenerife (I promise to make it interesting and useful) and a little something about my first encounter with the United States way back in 2008.

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