Extreme Las Vegas Attractions

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I swear to God, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write enough about the tribute to hedonism and decadence that is Las Vegas. This time, however, I’ve got the delightful Hilary from The Nomad Grad stepping in to give it a try herself. And given the fact she lives there, I daresay she’ll be able to provide more insight than my own four day visit to sin city was able to.

When I first approached Hilary about guest posting for me, her idea to talk about extreme Las Vegas attractions grabbed me immediately. I love me some adrenaline charged silliness and you just know Vegas will provide it with as little regard for convention (or class) as possible.

But enough from me. Take it away, Hilary.

Extreme Las Vegas Attractions

Hey adventurers! Hilary here from NomadGrad.com, bringing you the juicy and exclusive down low on my hometown, Las Vegas.

You seem like the type of people that want once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Aussie on the Road has asked and I’m delivering, bringing you what I consider the best and most memorable attractions of Sin City. Plus, I figure these are better investments
than putting your money down at the craps tables.

I’m counting down my Top 5 Extreme Las Vegas Attractions. Your mission? Add a little danger to your next Vegas visit and try out one of my bold choices! I promise the risk will be well worth the reward.

5. Channel Your Inner Cirque Performer

Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. Every visit to Mystere, O, Love, or Ka leaves you enchanted. I know you’ve ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ over their skilled performers, watching them balance on tight ropes and contort their bodies from silks on high. While your brain in trying to take in all their awesomeness, you’re asking your friend, “How do they do that?” Well now’s your chance to find out.
Shine Alternative Fitness
I don’t think I’ve got what it takes, but it looks like it’d be fun. Photo courtesy of Hilary Billings.
Shine Alternative Fitness offers a wide arrange of workouts and courses, but what’s unique to them are their Aerial Silks classes. Professional Cirque du Soleil and acrobatic performers are finally in one location to bring the opportunity to try out your mad (or not so mad) Cirque skills. Jump in one of their beginner Aerial Silks classes to find out just how much strength and technique is involved in these performer’s daily jobs. Make sure you register online; classes book up fast!

4. Jump Off The Stratosphere

Bungee jumping is popular worldwide, but how many places can you safely jump off the side of a hotel? Only in Vegas will you find the opportunity to scale 108 floors and then merrily step off The Stratosphere without fear of falling to your death. Well, maybe just a little fear…

You’ll get a unique and rarely seen view of The Strip and the bragging rights that go with your adventure. I mean, how many people can say they admired the view while falling 885 feet? Plus, now any time someone asks, “If everyone else jumped off a building, would you jump too?” You can proudly say, “Been there, got the t-shirt.”

Book now: Skyjump Vegas

3. Be a Fighter Pilot For A Day

Flying your own plane and taking part in a sky battle sounds awesome, but also kind of deadly (well, except if your last name is Bond). If your inner adrenaline junky is still itching to try a dangerous and insane flight mission, Vegas now offers that, too.

Sky Combat Ace offers you the chance to reenact your favorite Top Gun moments. Ride along while the pilots fly and flip and tumble. Take part in a simulated air-to-air dogfight against your pal or one of their instructors. If you’re really brave, they’ll even let you take over the controllers and fly the plane yourself (no experience necessary). You can end your flight with a scenic tour of the Vegas mountain ranges and perform an attack mission against a ground target. You know, just for funsies.

Book now: Sky Combat Ace

2. Skydive- Indoors

Vegas Indoor Skydiving has been simulating the free-fall aspect of skydiving since the 1980s. It’s the first of its kind in America, allowing you to get all the benefits of skydiving without having to leave a perfectly good plane or place your life in the hands of a potentially malfunctioning parachute. Plus, you get to wear a cool jumper suit. Safe, sporty, AND it comes with an outfit? That’s what I call a triple win.

1. Train Lions

You read that right; the owner of the African lions previously seen at The MGM is now opening his private ranch to the public. This is THE experience for those wild childs and true lion lovers. You will learn what it’s like to work with these big cats, taking part in their Trainer 4 A Day program. You will spend time bathing lions, cleaning cages, feeding lions, and then working with the large cats in a training ring. It’s an experience unparalleled in Vegas and most of the world. You can even purchase video packages so you can replay your bravery and exotic animal handling skills to your friends for years to come. Plus, it’s educational. So go in the name of learning!

Training lions in Las Vegas
You can train lions in Vegas!? What the hell was I doing wandering Fremont Street in a drunken stupor? Photo courtesy of Hilary Billings.
There you have you daredevils and Las Vegas enthusiasts! Now it’s your turn to hold up your end of the bargain. Pick your favorite Extreme Adventure, swallow your fears, and go for it! Oh, and be sure to send me photos of your screaming and totally stoked faces.

Happy Adventuring!

About the Author

Hilary is Las Vegas local and world traveler. When she’s not at home working on productions or taming lions, you can find her boarding down volcanoes and living in villages.

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