Does Traveling to New Zealand from Australia Require a Visa?

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New Zealand, the setting for the acclaimed “Lord of the Rings” films, is a location of magnificent middle-earth beauty that inspired the films. Falling water, deep fjords, hot water springs, scalding geysers, untamed wilds, clean beaches, and dazzling glaciers are only the beginning of Iceland’s breath-taking narrative. 

However, many individuals will want more than simply a plane ticket and a passport to go to New Zealand these days. Therefore, it is quite beneficial to learn about visa requirements in advance.

You may not be expected to submit for and be issued a Visitor Visa before traveling to New Zealand for a short trip, depending on where you are coming from. However, you will be required to have an Electronic Travel Authority (‘ETA’) if you are going for a more extended period.

A valid ETA is required before traveling to New Zealand for all inhabitants of the 60 New Visa countries as well as all cruise passengers at the current time. Ones made using mobile apps cost NZD 9.00, while requests made through web browsers cost NZD 12.00.

ETA holders will not be authorized to stay in New Zealand for more than two years at a time, even though the country has a two-year residency requirement. The maximum number of days that you may spend in a single visit will vary depending on the nation of citizenship.

But if you are wondering that, does traveling to New Zealand from Australia require a visa?


New Zealand Passport Holders Information

Under the bilateral Trans-Tasman travel agreement, holders of Australian passports who go to New Zealand do not need to obtain a visa.

As a result of this arrangement, Australians are assumed to have obtained resident status in New Zealand upon arrival. As a result, individuals get permitted to visit, reside, and work in New Zealand without the need for a visa.

Australian citizens who are legal citizens of New Zealand do not require a visa to go to Australia in the same manner. In exchange, Australian permanent residents are permitted to go to New Zealand without a visa, irrespective of race. However, they must first apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

Yes, you heard it right now. You can explore the beautiful destination of New Zealand without a passport.

If you are traveling to New Zealand from Australia and are not an Australian citizen, whether or not you need a visa depends on several variables.

The fact that you got issued an Australian visa is not sufficient justification for removing the visa regulations for New Zealand.

Depending on the visitor’s nationality and residency status, as well as the duration and purpose of their journey to New Zealand, the following fees may apply.


Will my Australian tourist visa be valid for travel to New Zealand?

Traveling across New Zealand is a snap from a strategic standpoint. It is common to go on self-drive holidays, and the country’s different lodgings vary from modest homestays inns and environment-friendly stays to some of the world’s most luxury hotels. Visitors entering New Zealand on a tourist visa do not need a visa if they hold a valid permanent residence permit in Australia.

However, Australian people with a foreign passport have been required to pre-register an eTA before visiting New Zealand at the beginning of October 2019. Their exemption from paying the corresponding tourist charge is, on the other hand, a relief.

Whether they are transit passengers on their way to a third-country destination or visitors to New Zealand for tourism or business, registering with the NZeTA is a requirement for everyone. This means that they’ll need to apply for a digital permit before departing Australia for New Zealand, irrespective of whether they have a valid Australian visa at the time of leaving Australia.

Now you know that you need to apply for NZeTA before traveling to New Zealand if you are dependent on a tourist visa. So, let’s check out how you can apply for this document.

Is it possible for me to apply for an NZeTA if I am a permanent resident of Australia?

Foreign nationals with permanent residence in Australia must apply for an NZeTA visa waiver before traveling to New Zealand, and the process is straightforward and may be completed online.

Travelers must fill out the form with their basic personal information, passport information, and itinerary information.

It is important to have the following documents to submit an NZeTA registration as an Australian legal citizen:

  • To enter New Zealand, a passport with a minimum validity of at least 2 months from the anticipated date of arrival is required.
  • a recent picture in passport format
  • To pay the eTA processing charge, you must use a valid credit or debit card.
  • An up-to-date email address to which you would want to receive the authorized NZeTA
  • After entering all of the relevant information on the application form, the traveler will be required to answer a few questions on health and security issues before submitting their application.

In most cases, an NZeTA request is accepted swiftly, and once authorized, it is electronically connected to the same passport that you used to complete the online passport application process. Once in New Zealand, the traveler will need to display the eTA-linked passport at an immigration control checkpoint to gain entry.

We hope that your question- Does traveling to New Zealand from Australia require a visa has solved your problem so that you can enjoy your vacation in New Zealand without any hurdles. If you have any doubts, you can comment below, and we will get back to you. Happy Holidays!

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