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It’s been a long while since I’ve published a Bite with a Blogger article, which is a bit criminal given how many bloggers I’ve crossed paths with over the two years I spent living in China. Not only did I get to sit down with Talon and Tigger of 1 Dad, 1 Kid last year in Koh Samui, but I also gorged on baked goods in Chiang Mai with World Flavor, hosted Backpacker Becki (now Borders of Adventure) in my Nanjing apartment, partied with Edna of Expat Edna on two separate occasions, snogged Wandering Dragon Heart, and had yet another ‘fancy lunch’ with Tony from It’s Good Overseas.

The Venue

Nomadic American and I were spending a few lazy days on Koh Samui when Talon and Tigger breezed into town. With us staying at the wonderful Penzy Guesthouse and being close to the main drag, we opted to meet at the nearby Otaru Sushi Restaurant for a change from the delicious Thai street food that had largely been our diet since we’d arrived.

While I’ve been lucky enough to interview some pretty amazing bloggers in my time, I’ll admit to being just a little starstruck when Talon and Tigger walked in. I’ve been reading 1 Dad 1 Kid for almost as long as I’ve been blogging, and Talon’s an inspiration to me not only as a travel blogger, but as somebody who has lived with depression.

We settled down for a good meal of sushi and tempura, with Tigger and Talon both pitching in to make it a really fun night. We discussed everything from racism to video games, from his story to history, and everything in between.

Tigger is every bit as personable as his gregarious Dad.
Tigger is every bit as personable as his gregarious Dad.

I wish I remembered the conversation better, but in the interim, here’s the shiny new Bite with a Blogger interview.

The Interview

1. How long have you been travel blogging?
In a couple of months, I’ll be hitting my 4th blogversary.

2. What made you start a travel blog?
We were leaving on an indefinite adventure. I saw it as an opportunity to share our travels and experiences with my friends and possibly to help inspire other people to (a) travel and (b) live their dreams.


3. How did you choose your blog’s name?
I’m a single dad traveling with my son, so 1 Dad, 1 Kid was succinct and memorable.


4. Where have your travels taken you so far?
So far we’ve been on 6 continents and to almost 30 countries, many of them multiple times.


5. Gun to your head: What has been your favourite country?


6. What’s your favourite travel experience so far?
I’d say shark diving with my son in Honduras.


Editor’s Note: Talon is a certified Scuba instructor, and was kind enough to give the nervous Nomadic American some tips on how to overcome her fears of removing her mask underwater.
You're a braver man than me, Talon...
You’re a braver man than me, Talon…
7. What about the worst?
Traveling from Guatemala to La Ceiba, Honduras. Travel day from hell.


8. Where are you headed next?
We’re heading back to the US for at least a few months. My son is now a teenager and wanting a bit more stability, and we’re both craving community. We’re trying to decide where our long-term base will be. We’ll still travel, but it will be less often and/or for shorter durations.


9. What is the scariest/most exciting thing you’ve done while traveling?
Scariest thing was having a possible pedo follow us in KL. It got close to possible violence from my end. Most exciting would probably be the shark dive.


10. Had any travel romances? Share a story!
I WISH! I’m going on a 3-1/2-year drought. It ain’t fun!


EDITOR’S NOTE: I hear you there, brother! It’s been a month for me, but I don’t foresee any romances in my time here in sleepy Ben Lomond…


11. What’s the best travel lesson you’ve learned?
That we live in a culture of fear which is total bullshit and that the number of good people far outnumber the jerks.


12. What has travel given or taught you?
I’ve learned a lot about myself, my real needs, how to be happy, and have developed a super tight relationship with my son that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Where to Find Talon (& Tigger)

Talon writes on two sites. 1 Dad, 1 Kid and Travels 4 Yum.


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