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Preparations for next week’s Great US Road Trip continue to move along, with a few new partners joining the party including Park Lane Guest House in Austin coming to the party as an accommodation host and New York City tourism offering to show me the sights with a pair of complimentary CityPASS tickets. Looks like I’ll be seeing the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the 9-11 Memorial after all!

I’ve also been stocking up on random travel crap. Y’know – new selfie stick, SD cards, travel toiletry kit, 14 pairs of shiny new underwear, peanut butter Tim Tams for Where is Kait etc. etc.

The usual.

I’m sure I had something more interesting to talk about…

What was it?

Oh, right!

Aussie on the Road is an app now!

Aussie on the Road now has an app!

You can download the Aussie on the Road app at the iTunes Store or on Google Play.

aussie on the road app itunes google play
Shiny app! Shiny app!

That’s right, you can now read the latest Aussie on the Road post, comment, follow the action of Twitter, or watch my YouTube channel right from your iOS or Android mobile!

aussie on the road app menu


  • Up to date posts straight from the site. Read, comment, and share from your phone!
  • Live Twitter feed to keep up with my inane rambling!
  • In app access to my YouTube channel just in time for all of my US road trip adventures!
aussie on the road app youtube
All of my Dubai adventures are there to see, and the US ones will be coming soon!

If you enjoy reading Aussie on the Road on the go, but perhaps don’t have the patience to load it up in your browser – you can now just open the app and see the latest.

The price? Free, of course!

Big thanks to Boom for making it happen.

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I’d love your thoughts on the app so I can improve your user experience!

Let me know what you love, hate, or don’t see the point of!

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