7 Different Things to do in Perth

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Perth skyline
Photo by Ole Relder Johanson

A few years ago, I started a ‘Different Things to do In…’ series, highlighting the more off the beaten path things to do in popular cities and countries around the world.

I’m of the belief that to do a city justice you need to attack it from both angles.

When you’re in Sydney, of course you want to see the Blue Mountains and the Harbour Bridge – but you don’t get the full picture until you do some of the less touristy stuff as well.

Exactly a year after I wrote my Different Things to do in London, I found myself spending 24 hours in London.

In hopes that will happen again here, I’ve put together a list of Different Things to do in Perth. Let’s see if the trend finds me in sunny Perth in April of 2016.

Different Things to do in Perth

While it’s not quite as popular with the backpacker set as Melbourne, Sydney, or certain areas of the Queensland coast – Australia’s westernmost capital is fast developing a reputation as a worthy addition on any itinerary.

Famous for its beaches and the beauty of the surrounding land, there’s also no shortage of museums, galleries, or shopping opportunities in the Western Australian capital.

With an eye towards highlighting a few different things to do in Perth, I’ve put together the following list.

I’ve yet to make it there myself, so I’ve relied on my own research here. If you’ve got some of your own suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Try Your Hand at Supa Golf

Supa Golf is a variant of golf that is easier to play without being quite as silly and irreverent as an old fashioned game of mini golf.

Incidentally, Oasis Supa Golf & Adventure Putt offers both bastardised forms of the game.

Using larger balls, larger holes, and clubs with larger heads – the game is aimed at being more accessible than the popular Scottish sport that some have described as ‘a good walk ruined’.

For a golfing disaster such as myself, the opportunity to play a few holes without feeling quite so thoroughly emasculated would be pretty awesome.

Pay a Visit to Crown Perth

I’ve written before about Australia’s gambling culture and how, bizarrely, casinos don’t play nearly as big a part in it as they do elsewhere in the world.

While the masses choose to play the pokies, play online casino games, and bet on sports, casinos have become something for those wanting something a little fancier along with their flutter.

Places like Crown Perth give people an excuse to dress to the nines, eat at some of Australia’s premier eateries, and catch a show. Disney’s Lion King stage musical is headed there this year, and that’s one I’d thoroughly recommend to fans of the film or musical theatre.

Photo courtesy of Crown Perth.
Photo courtesy of Crown Perth.

Catch a Perth Glory game

AFL might be the state’s favourite sport, but if you’re looking for something a little different, why not join the fans in ‘The Shed’ and catch the Perth Glory playing in the nation’s national football competition, the A-League?

Photo courtesy of NIB Stadium.
Photo courtesy of NIB Stadium.

With players such as Robbie Fowler, Alessandro Del Piero, Emile Heskey, Dwight Yorke, Romario, David Villa, and Benito Carbone having graced the fields over the last year years, it’s a fun way to catch legends of the international game playing against Australia’s rising stars.

The A-League runs from September/October through until April/May of each year.

Ride a Rail Trail

I first tried my hand at rail trail riding when my ex-girlfriend and I tackled the Route of the Hiawatha in northern Idaho back in 2009.

Rail trails are former railway lines that have been converted into cycling routes, and Western Australia’s status as a mining state means there are quite a few to be found.

The most intriguing of these is the aptly named Zig Zag, a 3km long switchback climb (or descent) that offers up some pretty stunning views.

Riding the Route of the Hiawatha, a famous rail trail in Idaho.
Riding the Route of the Hiawatha, a famous rail trail in Idaho.

Take a Tour of Little Creatures Brewery

One of Australia’s finest emerging small scale breweries, Little Creatures is a Western Australian brand that is producing some great beers.

While it’s not quite as cool as saying you’ve toured an iconic brewery like that of Tooheys or XXXX, you’re going to be sampling some infinitely superior beers.

Take an Underground Prison Tour

Located in nearby Fremantle, the Fremantle Prison offers up a tour with a difference.

Rather than simply looking at dusty cells and administration blocks (although you can do that there too), the Fremantle Prison offers a spooky tour of a network of underground tunnels beneath the prison.

The highlight? Taking a raft through the dank, dark water as part of your tour!

Photo courtesy of Fremantle Tourism.
Photo courtesy of Visit Fremantle.

Ghost tour in York

On the subject of the macabre, the nearby town of York is purported to be one of Australia’s most haunted spots.

Whether you’re checking it out for the colonial architecture or are hoping to do a little ghost-hunting within the town’s abandoned streets, you’re bound to find it an intriguing day trip away from the modern city.

Your Say

Have you been to Perth? What would your recommendations be for less orthodox things for people to do?


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