Guest Post: Planning Your RTW Trip

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Planning Your Round the World Trip

It can be a dream come true for many people – the Big Trip that you’ve planned your whole life for. You’ve included places that others have told you about, places you have seen on television or in the movies, and places you’ve fantasised about seeing since childhood. What goes into organising a round the word trip? Just what do you need to remember?Woman with a suitcase pointing on a globe

The first would be arranging time off work to coincide with the trip. There’s little point booking your holiday only to discover that all annual leave is cancelled for that period. Take time to plan when you can take holidays during the time you wish to travel, and that you actually have enough annual leave accrued. Submit the appropriate leave requests and double check that everything is in order. If you don’t have annual leave (for example, if you’re a casual employee) then plan to save money for when you get back – there’s nothing worse than coming home from the holiday of a lifetime to a mountain of bills and no income.

What do you plan to do with your home/pets/plants/pool? You can arrange to have someone house-sit for you. This is great security, as someone is ‘home’ while you’re away and your plants and animals will still be cared for. You can arrange to ‘house swap’, where someone stays in your house while you stay in a house while you’re away. Or, you could ask a trusted friend or relative.

How much do you plan to take with you? You could travel light, packing the bare essentials and buy as you need it; or pack only a few outfits and wash every few days. Or, you could pack all your older clothes and throw them out as you use them. This is great to make room for the souvenirs you’ll end up bringing home. Be aware of plane limits for things like liquids and aerosols. You may want to freshen up after a long flight but you don’t need two litres of body wash and a full can of deodorant.

What countries do you plan to visit? You’ll need currency in the form of cash or travellers’ cheques. Travellers’ cheques might be safer as they can be replaced if lost or stolen, whereas cash won’t be; keep a record of their serial numbers separate from the cheques. Also look into how much cash you can take into a country – there may be limits. A credit card is handy, but only if it’s accepted overseas and remember there may be charges. A prepaid card might be better as it offers the security of a PIN but the ability to access cash when needed. Scouring the web for forums might give you some idea as to the best form of currency to carryi.

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Bear in mind local customs – bikinis are great for the beach on a tropical island, but not the temples. In some countries you may need to wear the local dress or at least cover up. Also, how will you communicate? Can you speak the language if it’s not English?

Are you taking a mobile phone or computer? Think about including them in your travel insurance, and double check that you’ll have reception. You might need to contact your service provider about global roaming.

The most important thing to plan – and plan carefully – is the trip itself. Are you going to purchase a round the world trip, or single flights from one place to the next? If you decide on the former, are the flights in and out of the same place or do you need to travel to another location to fly out? Packaged trips may limit your choices but it’s all done for you. Planning separate trips gives you more options, but it’s a lot of work, for either you or a travel agent.

A round the world trip needs to be planned carefully – you don’t want to remember your holiday of a lifetime for all the wrong reasons. That’s why making sure you have the right travel insurance is incredibly important. One of Australia’s most reputable insurance companies was the winner of Large General Insurance Company of the Year Award (2012, 2011, 2009); Allianz (   They offer budget travel insurance, comprehensive travel insurance, frequent traveller insurance and Australia only travel insurance.


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