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  2. Hello! My name’s Emily and I was one of the writers/actors in the last Nexpats show – just wanted to say I hope you can go far with it, looks like you guys have made some real progress! I remember some hard days shooting… my my it was tough! Good luck!

    • Thanks for getting in touch. Fan mentioned having chatted with you quite a bit about it last year (at least I think it was you he mentioned). We were all relieved that it wasn’t just us losing our patience from time to time, haha

      I’ve actually backed right out of the planning side of things. I was afraid I’d do poor Tian harm otherwise haha.

      Whereabouts are you these days?

  3. Love your style and choice of photos (with comments) ^_^ I found ys in findingmore interesting info on the karakoram death roads,… Pretty wow that they call sites like these travel blogs, thought yours is quite unique

    Im in New Zealand,.. A kiwi tourist myself. Been over here?

    P.S Voted for YaH!, Happy, Safe Travels

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  5. Hi Chris!

    G’day from Sydney!!!!

    Love your website, its great and wonderful.
    BTW, are you still teaching English in Korea?? I have some questions as I am thinking to teach English in Korea.
    How is the condition over there and is there many English teacher from Ausie in Korea??
    Could you please give me some hints/advice??

    Cheers Mate!!!


    • Glad you like the website, mate 🙂 I am currently in Busan in South Korea – so feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Check out my contacts page and shoot me a message or email sometime. What is your Bachelor’s in?

  6. Hey there,
    A little slow on the uptake given the silly season but just thought I should send you a note as I just posted one of your great accounts of your NZ trip on our Facebook pages


    Thanks for the mention and glad you loved the place that we love so much.

    Trent, Ziptrek Ecotours GM

  7. Hi!!
    Nice website you have, and very helpful for travelers.
    I need your advice, I´m planning to visit Autralia with my family (that includes children) on february (about 3 weeks). Can you give me some tips about the places that must be seen? I am thinking about rentinga a car, does it sound reasonable to you? I´ve heard about Cairns, Sydney, Ulru, Melbourne, and I´m trying to figure an itinerary but it is a huge country, and I don´t know wich is best.
    Thank you very much for your time!!!!

    • Renting a car might be a good idea, but it’s a big country and driving around it is likely to eat up a lot of your time. There are a few cheaper domestic airlines that might be worth looking into such as Virgin Blue and Jetstar.

      You’ve named some pretty key places on there. A few others I’d recommend are Newcastle (just above Sydney), Canberra (about four hours below Sydney), the Great Ocean Road (near Melbourne), Perth, and Kakadu in the Northern Territory. There’a also some amazing gorges and desert in Western Australia and the Northern Territory that might be worth checking out.

      The Gold Coast (southern Queensland) has theme parks and great beaches, so it might be worth a look for your kids. The Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney, are spectacular and a nice change from the hustle and bustle. You can search the website for any of the places I’ve mentioned and see if I’ve written about them. Most of the NSW/QLD ones have something written about them.

      • HI!
        Thanks a lot for your response!!!. I will try to fix the trip arround your tips, nice to know about the theme parks for the kids.
        What do you think about visiting Uluru-Kata park? is it to “out of the road” for the first time in Australia?
        Thanks again,

        • Uluru is obviously one of the Australian must see sights (although I’ve not been myself). It’s definitely a bit out of the way compared to the east coast destinations, especially when you’re here for a relatively short time. I guess it’s a matter of prioritizing and figuring out where you’d most like to be and what you’d most like to see.

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