The Search for Sydney’s Best Thai

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I’ve got a confession to make.

I’m addicted to Thai.

But that’s not the confession. My confession is that I didn’t lose by Thai virginity (henceforth known as Thaiginity) until I was 26 years old.

“26!?” I hear you cry.

It’s sad but true. And worse than that – my first experience with Thai food wasn’t in Thailand. It wasn’t even in a Thai restaurant. It was in my then girlfriend’s apartment in South Korea. That’s not meant to belittle her cooking at all. In fact, her Pad Thai is probably the second or third best I’ve ever had. I can’t imagine how good it might have been had she not been operating with the very limited grocery options on hand in flavor deprived South Korea.

Pad Thai at Chat Thai on Campbell Street. Battling it out with Thai Face for the 'Best Pad Thai' award as we speak.

Since that first scrumptious bite of home-made Pad Thai, I’ve fallen in love with the world of flavors that combine to make Thai food. The sweetness of coconut milk, the bitter zest of lemongrass and lime, and the spicy kick of chili all blending together in this head-spinning dance of tastes….

Excuse me a moment while I wipe the drool off of my keyboard.

Australians, or at least Sydneysiders, are lucky enough to have access to a huge selection of Thai restaurants. Thai is almost as prevalent as sushi and Chinese food in the harbour city, and you’re just as likely to find a good Padang in a food court as you are a good kebab.

The Search…

Now that I’m back in Sydney full time and earning a wage again, I’ve decided to make 2011 the year that I find Sydney’s best Thai food. By the time the fireworks are done and the smoke clears on New Year’s Eve, I want to have savored Sydney’s finest Padang curry and its sweetest Khanom mo kaeng.

The Challenge

A rich and fragrant Padang Curry from Hotel Sweeney's in the CBD

How can you help? By telling me where the best Thai is! If you name the place, I’ll make the effort to get out there and try whatever dishes you tell me I need to try. At every restaurant I’ll also try their Pad Thai. I’m of the firm belief that the best indication of a good Thai restaurant is their ability to make a good Pad Thai.

Once I’ve been, I’ll come back and update this entry with my thoughts as well as posting a brief update to review the restaurant itself.

It’s that easy! Got a favorite restaurant? Let me know! Run a Thai restaurant? Let me know!

At the end of the year I’ll announce my choice for the best Thai restaurant in Sydney as well as individual awards for taste, atmosphere, and a few others that I’ll decide upon later.

The Contenders

So far I’ve only been to a handful of Thai restaurants in Sydney. This list will expand over the next six months. I’ll also link to individual restaurant reviews where applicable so that this can become a one stop shop for all of your Sydney Thai needs.

Spring rolls from Hotel Sweeney's. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Game On!

So, the list above isn’t so impressive. I need your help to fill it! Shoot me your recommendations via comment, email, Tweet, or on Facebook and I’ll get to your recommendation as soon as time and money allows.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed for all of the latest travel news, Thai reviews, and crazy stories.

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  • Ooh, me love Pad Thai too! We got a couple of weeks in Sydney and hopefully we get to find a kickass Thai resto as well.

    • Chris Walker-Bush

      I can definitely give you a couple of recommendations 🙂

      Or if you guys like, we could all go and check out a new one as part of my search!

  • Alice

    In The Mood For Thai – Parramatta!

  • House Thai northeast street food — on Elizabeth St, near the intersection with Campbell St, and just between Big Hostel and a pub. Everything I’ve had there is good (went with my parents and then again with Adam) and the BTS (“better than sex”) dessert is a yummy brioche, pandan ice cream, and sauce.

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