Video: Lion Dancers at the Night Noodle Markets

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I’ve got an entry proper on my experience at Sydney’s annual Night Noodle Markets last night in the pipe line, but in the meantime here’s a little bit of video showing the wonderful melting pot of cultures on display.

If you’re really curious about the event, you can also read my entry about my experiences at the Night Noodle Market in 2010.

While Chinese traditional dance is obviously most prominent in this clip, you’ll also catch glimpses of the many different cultural foods available to those at the Night Noodle Markets.

Would love some feedback on this new video feature. I’ve borrowed a little inspiration from Nomadic Samuel’s fantastic blog, and will be hopefully introducing much more video content to my site in future.

Any other Sydneysiders get out to the Night Noodle Markets last night?

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  1. Love the video idea! Been thinking of adding some in mine as well because of Samuel. I love creating slideshows and i have too much pics here from my trips that i cannot post in a single entry. Also, I just ate  the birthday noodles here at home from a Chinese restaurant. Just in time! 😀

    • I read somewhere that they think 80 or 90% of online browsing will be video related in ten years. Getting started early 😉

  2. BTW add I’ll add a link into my Street performers blog!

  3. Video content is the way to go. Sure does bring action and excitement up close on a blog. I’ll be sure tto check out the Night Market next time across the ditch!

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