Guest Post: Popular Chicken Dishes in Chinese Cuisine

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5 Popular Chicken Dishes in Chinese Cuisine

When you think of Chinese food, you generally picture dishes made from mostly rice, noodles, vegetables and perhaps lots of pork. While it’s true that all these things are familiar staples in Chinese cuisines, there are also some other types of meats that are commonly used in preparing Chinese dishes as well.

Fried rice is perhaps the most well known Chinese dish.
Fried rice is perhaps the most well known Chinese dish.

One of those is chicken. We all know that chicken is a versatile choice for just about any type of cooking, but when it comes to Chinese cuisine, you can really make some amazing dishes out of it. We’re going to highlight five of the most popular chicken dishes in Chinese cuisine to show you just how truly versatile chicken can be when it comes to Chinese cooking.

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken is the chicken dish with the funny name, but it tastes really good. It’s a stir fry dish made with chili peppers, peanuts, chicken and vegetables. The degree of spiciness will vary depending on personal preference or how you order it, if you get it from a restaurant. It is a very popular dish in almost all of China.

Kung Pao Chicken is popular both at home and abroad.
Kung Pao Chicken is popular both at home and abroad.

Although its name suggests it came from the kick of the spiciness of the chili peppers used in creating the dish, “Kung Pao” actually means “palace guardian” and has nothing to do with the contents of the dish itself, as most Westerners believe. Check out Kung Pao Chicken delivery in Australia at Eat Now.

Cashew Chicken

Cashew Chicken is another stir fry type dish made with, you guessed it – cashews. The chicken can be deep fried, but it’s usually stir fried in a heavy sauce made from oyster sauce, chicken broth and soy sauce. Generally it’s served alone, but can be served over rice if you prefer.

Sesame Chicken

Sesame Chicken is another Chinese chicken dish whose name gives a clue to the ingredients. The base of the dish is boneless chicken that has been battered and fried that’s glazed with a thick sauce made from wine, vinegar, sugar and cornstarch. The chicken is then topped with sesame seeds for an added crunch. It can be served alone, over rice or with vegetables on the side.

Moo Goo Chicken

Moo Goo Chicken is an interesting mix whose name kind of makes you wonder what’s in it. Like most Chinese dishes, it’s a stir fry using white meat chicken blended and cooked with mushrooms, pea pods, bamboo shoots, and Chinese cabbage and then served over white rice.

String Bean Chicken Breast

String Bean Chicken Breasts is one of those Chinese dishes that’s best cooked in a traditional wok. The base of it is seared boneless skinless chicken breast pieces that are stir fried in a thick and hearty ginger sauce along with onions and string beans. This dish can be served over rice as well, but is also great as a standalone entree.

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