5 Ideas for an Aussie Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

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Ah, the bachelor party; otherwise known as the buck’s or stag’s.

Or, if you’re of the internal genitalia persuasion, the hen’s night.

Regardless of what you call it, the bachelor/bachelorette party is a time-honoured tradition in which a soon-to-be-married person’s friends and siblings get together to send them off with one last (almost certainly boozy) hurrah.

I’m no stranger to bachelor parties myself, having been on a debaucherous day long buck’s a time or five. Hell, I even organised the buck’s party for my best friend last year when it came time for him to take the plunge.

Recently, my brother and his lovely girlfriend welcomed an adorable baby boy into the world, and it seems that they’ll be tying the knot sooner rather than later. While I might have missed the birth of nephew #2, there’s no way in hell I’d miss my baby brother getting hitched.

Or getting him absolutely shit-faced one last time before he gets busy being all grown up.

While my adventures on safari here in Africa continue, that hasn’t stopped me from day-dreaming about a few potential bachelor party ideas for his big day.

#5 – The Pub Crawl

A good old-fashioned pub crawl is one of life’s simple pleasures, and Australia is certainly not short of pub crawl friendly cities just begging to be explored on foot.

Last August I arranged the farewell of my dear friend Magro with a pricey but enjoyable pub crawl through Sydney’s trendy Rocks district with its many historic pubs and craft beer bars, and cities like Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and even Newcastle are no less suited to a walkabout bar tour.

Bucks party madness
This one is from a 2011 bucks, but it’s the best I’ve got <_<

While our sleepy little hometown doesn’t boast a whole lot of bar variety for this kind of event, I’m sure we could make something work in Sydney or Brisbane should the need arise.

#4 – A High Roller’s Weekend

If you’ve ever seen Swingers or (more likely) The Hangover, you’ll know that Vegas has become synonymous with a weekend that you won’t soon forget.

Except for the parts you can’t remember.

While it’s true that Australia does not boast a city of sin that can compare to Las Vegas or even Atlantic City, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to book a suite, don some suits (or fancy frocks), and take your chances with Lady Luck on the felt.

Most of Australia’s capital cities boast casinos with world class dining facilities, entertainment, and gambling facilities. Whether you’re trying your luck at The Star on Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Jupiter’s on the glitzy Gold Coast, or hitting up The Crown in the arts and cafe capital that is Melbourne, you’re not short of options for a high-flying casino weekend in Australia.

And should you win big? Well, your wedding present is already sorted!

Of course, you always have options…



Aussie casinos don’t get a lot of international recognition, but there’s a lot you didn’t know about the Australian casino scene.

#3 – The Beach Weekender

It wouldn’t be an Australian celebration without somehow involving one of the country’s countless world-class beaches.

We Aussies have managed to find a way to sandwich Santa’s undoubtedly hot outfit onto Bondi Beach every Christmas, so you best believe that we can make a bachelor or bachelorette party work in the same setting.

tea gardens beach
Posing at beautiful Dark Point near Tea Gardens

Using sites such as AirBnB, it’s easier than ever to find an affordable beachside apartment or house to turn into your temporary den of iniquity and launching point for raids on the local beaches and bar scene.

If you’re feeling like that isn’t enough bonding for you (or you’re just afraid of losing your security deposit when your idiot friend vomits spaghetti all over the carpet), there’s also the option to pitch a few tents and really rough it.

Just don’t forget to pack food and toilet paper while you’re cramming every last bottle of Tooheys New into your luggage.

#2 – Terribly Refined Wine Weekend

A bachelor party doesn’t have to be about consuming litres of alcohol and competing stupid challenges, and one of my favourite ideas for my own bachelor party would be a terribly refined weekend away in wine country.

Australia is truly blessed with some world-class wine regions such as the Hunter Valley, Margaret River, and Barossa Valley, and I’ll always have a soft spot for Broke Fordwich after it took my wine virginity in late 2014.

Myself and Roaming Required on a wine tour in Broke Fordwich. Photo by A Wine Tour in Broke.
Myself and Roaming Required on a wine tour in Broke Fordwich. Photo by A Wine Tour in Broke.

Renting a cheap cottage, hiring a bus to handle the designated driver duties, and spending a few days out in wine country with some good friends and some good grapes is a much more grown-up way to bid your friend a fond farewell.

#1 – Destination Buck’s

I wouldn’t be a traveler worth a damn if a destination bachelor party wasn’t something I’d love to someday arrange. I’ve written about where to do a debauched boys weekend at length before, so I’ll let that article do my talking for you.

I'm sure they've missed me as much as I've missed them.
I’m sure they’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed them.

What happens in Vegas/Bangkok/Macau/NYC/Amsterdam stays in Vegas/Bangkok/Macau/NYC/Amsterdam, am I right?

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